DJI SPARK DRONE in depth REVIEW, (includes the “secret hack” everyone is talking about)

Full review on the DJI Spark drone fly more bundle. Colin Smith tests the different flight controllers, photo and video test, tips, hacks and features reviews.

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Anthony Dawson says:

Great video, hope you get another Spark and post more content. One question I have about the Spark is about slowing down the gimbal and yaw, is it possible without going into Tripod mode?

Andrew Devonshire says:

Thanks for the vid….this is a cool little drone.
BTW, love the hat….go Team NZ!!!

Lem Fillyaw says:

I have been using it in the Mobile device mode and have been getting it way past the maximum range you showed. (95.1 ft H, 83.7 ft distance) It may have something to do with phone or interference though. I was in a park with an iPhone 6splus.

Luke Vlogs says:

Can you control the camera while in flight like the phantom 3??

Kevin Barnard says:

Thanks for this report and excellent demo. Are you able to connect the Spark Remote Controller to your iPhone via USB? I’m wondering if I can use a standard microUSB-to-USB cable plugged to an Apple lightning-to-USB Camera Adapter to go between the Controller and the iPhone.

dcvshambhu says:

poor battery life spoil everything

Tom Piotrowski says:

Do you know that Spark camera switches to low res pictures mode 1440 x 1080 pixels when launched from the palm of your hand. This is a nasty little “feature”. When operating Spark with your smartphone as controller you need to take off using on-screen button for photos to be retain 3968 x 2976 pixels size

Rob Fozney Adventures says:

It’s DJI not DGI. You said “Dee Gee Eye” But it’s pronounced “Dee Jay Eye”.

Not Enrique says:

What city is that? You’ve done all your reviews at that beach. Loved your p4p low light review you did a few months ago. Beautiful shots.

Dave Butler says:

In sport mode, it looked like the upper right and left corners showed the rotors – was it because of the angle?

David Cross says:

Brilliant that Colin cheers pal

Neale Robert says:

love your hat

Not Enrique says:

Congrats on getting on shutterbug mate.

Not Enrique says:

Isn’t connections via USB instead of wifi better overall? Mainly saves your phone battery. Wifi tends to drain it faster.

Ali Sabet says:

great review!! thank u

William Pealer says:

what hack?

ReabowRotors says:

he he i cannot believe how prolific the otg discovery has been , i was the one who discovered it and made the videos on it.

Роман says:

A plenty nervous vlog – as for taking off the drone from palm, so for showing up the devices at home. It’s nice to watch many of Spark reviews, but not like this one.

Not Enrique says:

That little drone is fast in sport mode! So fast the gimbal can’t cope with the speed.

Jaroslaw Taranski says:

5 seconds footage of sport mode? Is it that bad?

Miles Productions says:

I recently ordered a drone but I’m wondering if I’ll be able to fly it behind my house at a park . I live by 2 airports one is about 5 miles away and the other is 2-3 miles. If I fly under 100 feet just to practice flying do I need to contact the control tower every time I want to fly ?

Matthew Williams says:

dude i got bored watching this review as im only interested in this “hack” so where do I jump to in your video to hear about the hack? I gave up… sorry. Its a good reveiw, but the lure was HACK… and i dont see any hack.

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