DJI Phantom 4 Review: The Drone Lord Ascendant

DJI released the latest iteration in their Phantom line of drones, and it’s so good, an idiot could get beautiful looking shots with it. So that’s what we did.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Jack Sui
Writer: Anthony Chow
Editor: Barret Murdock


M3TR0P0LiS Media says:

Drones are cool

Raka Aditya S. says:

Check Neistat’s videos! The drone video mostly filmed by this drone

Renzel Ferriol says:

things that i cant afford no. 1223

Maimed Gaming says:

Please let me win the giveaway I love this channel ;-;

32lilbruce says:

Great video man! what are your thoughts on commercial usage and whose using them for what business?

Karl Taok says:

Looks like a new trailer for a music festival. xD

Noam Hofshi says:

Let Keys fly in the studio!!

darkdancerman says:

yea just get the phantom 3 for $470

i- Lemuel says:

NCIX Tech tips Best channel on Youtube! Thanks guys for your efforts producing and researching.

darkdancerman says:

yea just get the phantom 3 for $470

Tom Su says:

Won’t they just stop flying in restricted air spaces?

paradoxdesigns says:

great review, I’m tempted to get one, but the prices are supposed to come down to the $300’ish point for decent quadcopters very soon.

Double D says:

Actually the most talked about consumer drone would the Typhoon H by Yuneec. Blows the Phantom 4 out of the water. It offers all the phantom 4 and the Inspire 1 for less then the price of the Phantom 4. This video was a couple months to late. now that the Typhoon H is out and tested… it is with out a doubt the best drone on the market. but DJI Phantom 4 owners will say otherwise lol

Irfan Comot says:

the future of filming

neophoys says:



Yousef Mansy says:

This is only the beginning

hunter moore says:


Jarb2104 says:

The lord of drones.

kballwoof says:

I was just messing with one of these. It is amazing, if you have the money to spend i would recommend it 100%, i have a video of it being majestic on my channel.

Cremo_06 says:

Not first!

Luciano almeida filho says:


satish krishna says:

I’m addicted to NCIX Tech Tips :O

Martin Smolko says:

That comment about birds XD

Official.Tacos says:


gameflux says:

Cool !

Courtney Bennett says:


xJosé says:


Remy Cajallena says:


Michael T says:

can you give me the drone or Phantom name with Camera on it, please? Thanks.

HyperGamers - Games and Tech says:

What’s the difference between UHS-1 and Class 10?

Udit Mathur says:

Xiaomi drone 4k is much better than phantom 4

NightMare Dark Angel says:

I thing it’s awesome…

SwedishGamer322 says:

It’s got a “sport” mode?? What’s it trying to be, the Porsche of drones?! XD

Also at 6:09 What’s that song? I seem to recognize it…

Dwayne Baker says:

xstar is just as good, If not better for $500 cheaper with a nicer case.

Jenova says:

Google Eagle trained to take down illegal drones

Peter Nugent says:

Best drone. Great quality

Ahmed Karim says:

I want that! Really

Joshua Basco says:


Jorge Escobar says:

Yes she is a sweet spot!!

reaper 1242 says:


Roshadrimi MJ says:


ZW Teo says:

dji the best

onesimpleclik says:

you need to shape that beard dude

Palvinder Sander says:

when r u guys getting ur hands on a gtx 1080?

Reginald Sharma says:


headhunter1027 says:

Dat Quadcopter doe

Herman Mcpootus says:


Cesar Arciniega says:

mechanical keyboard please?

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