DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone Review (vs Mavic, Phantom 4)

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Heppy Face says:

Ну и кто был лучше? Нихуя не понял)

Dj Allen says:

Very informative – you both are awesome at what you do! Ty

Worlds Vehicles says:

Great Movie!

Matthew White says:

if I want a camera drone that has interchangeable lenses?

ohary says:

Appreciate the review. Will be my 6th DJI lol. But I use it more for professional use, so I’m not leaning towards the P4P. Thanks!

Matthew White says:

Ok thanks
Man so many great choices
The 4 pro really is better if u can stand size
Nit for travel

High Flyer says:

I have a major concern with the P4P, I took delivery of my Phantom 4 pro
but returned it after finding it impossible to successfully calibrate
the IMU’s. IMU 1 failed every attempt with an error code 22, but IMU 2
always calibrated successfully. Before I took the replacement unit away I
asked DJI to make sure that this one would calibrate both IMU’s. It
wouldn’t which concerned them to the point of them wondering if they had
faulty stock. Researching the Internet seems to show that there are
masses of people with faulty IMU’s. Can I ask as to your experience with
this ?

BriLila Minecraft says:

why would you want to bring a drone on a plane?

Michael Stewart says:

No 1 photography book IN THE WORLD – wow!!! Guess this is like the “World” Series in which only 2 countries compete… And why would you make the comment “no nd filters yet” without mentioning one of the most important aspects of the new Pro… the adjustable iris that works all the way up to a ND 16 AND mechanical shutter combined with the much larger sensor makes this a no brainer for serious photographers. And flying inside a home… why not just hand hold it if you don’t have an Osmo… actually there is a bracket you can buy that attaches to the props with a handle so you can handle the Phantom comfortably.

I like your on air personalities though and enjoy your videos… please accept this as constructive critique and not a jab… Mahalo and if you are ever in Hawaii drop me a text will show you some amazing places to fly… (Just ordered my P4Pro)

Ty Game says:

Thanks for making this video, it’s super helpful! I was torn between the three but I’m sure I’m going with the Phantom Pro 4, solely because I don’t have any issue travelling with it (which it seems that’s the only benefit of the Mavic), and the user experience compared to the Phantom 4 Standard just seems FAR better.

Michael Oliver says:

Can you program the cameras on the Phantom 4 / Phantom 4 Pro / Mavic to take stills at 30 or 60 second intervals while shooting video in flight?

bauhaus says:

How do you guys deal with the aliasing on the Mavic at 1080/60fps? Just shoot those shots with a P4/Pro? Wondering if there’s a FinalCut/Premier way to correct this. Good honest review. Thanks!

Evan Patten says:

hey why are my P4P RAW images shooting at 960×540???? My JPEG shoot at 5600×3800. Anyone else have this issue?

Manjula Katkuri says:

phantom 4 pro is awesome

Gregory Quinn says:

they recon by DJI that the pro did not bring in the propellers in the video

Mark Lowe says:

I’ve got the Inspire1 Pro, and am using it for real estate photography but having focusing & exposure issues with the X5 camera. I’m looking at selling it and getting the Mavic for its small size and portability, but wondering if I will have the same focusing issues since it appears to use the same software. Thoughts?

AJ Alvarez says:

DJi it’s probably going to come out Mavic pro plus or phantom 5

Paragon DrugScreening says:

Thanks for the tip on altitude loss in sport mode. Will definitely keep that in mind.

Nilz4FR says:

I want the Mavic with the Image Quality of my little Sony RX100V – Come on DJI – I’ll drop $2000 for that.

Frederick Dunn says:

What?!! You guys are in New London Connecticut? (‘;’)… x wife from East Lyme….. I used to do research at SAIC… small world. 🙂 Excellent video as always, I’m leaning towards the P4Pro for the better image quality, it’s the best size/performance value in my opinion. I agree that the focus features need some touchups. Thumbs up all the way for another excellent video you two! OH, and one more thing, with the object avoidance front, sides, back, when you’re flying commercially, not crashing along with image quality is at the top of my list, insurance is ridiculously expensive. Ok, that’s it. 🙂

curt248 says:

How important are ND filters for video to get that recommended 2x fps?

Nate Klein says:

How is the video moire in comparison to the reg p4? Because the p4 is reeeeeaaally bad even with sharpness and contrast turned all the way down.

Zombie Shooter says:

I just bought the mavic on 11/15 and got it on 11/30. I wish i would of waited to get the phantom 4 pro instead.I got mine via i got from a forumn. Should i sell my mavic for the phantom 4?

Logan J Reynolds says:

why you ditch the pro last name of the mavic Pro. is well known that it isn’t quite as good as the Phantom 4 pro. but its a pro drone too. surpassing a lot of drones of his range. by the way really awesome review and comparison. excellent footage

Jason Swaynghame says:

How about in windy conditions, wind speeds around 20-35mph

SpaDoodles says:

can some one explain noisier?

Drone Nerd says:

my phantom 4 pro arrived last night!!!!

DarthSmartt says:

Screw the faa they are guidelines

Sweence says:

ND Filters- “Unfortunately your video will look less sharp.” The motion blur from a 1/30th shutter will appear more natural. I’m Plus, an ND filter with polarization will always make your sunny day scenes look better by eliminating the glare. ND filters are a must for these drones.

Alex K says:

are you out of your mind to suggest that these should be flown inside a house?!

Capt Eric Bergeron says:

We like your video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

pensrud says:

so stoked you made this. Looking to buy one of these now. considered inspire for the 20MP camera. but will try this route.

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