DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone Review: Tap Fly

This is the third in a series of demonstration flights that examine the features and capabilities of the Phantom 4 Pro. Buy it here and use coupon DJI4Pa to get it for $1461.98 . This particular flight focuses on demonstration of Tap Fly Intelligent Flight Mode.

The below short list of pros and cons are limited to the features demonstrated or discussed in this video. Follow-on videos will expound on additional features and limitations of this quadcopter.

– The Phantom 4 can fly to or away from any object viewed on screen of the DJI Go 4 app. Simply tap on the viewed object on the screen to initiate, and select Go. It’s that easy. This enables interesting aerial video shots such as zoom in or zoom out crane shots.
– Tap Fly has three different variants including Forward, Backward, Free. Forward and Backward allow zooming in and zooming out shots respectively. In both of these variants, the camera is locked in the direction of travel. Tap Fly Free allows yawing the quadcopter to view away from the direction of travel.

– Tap Fly free does not incorporate obstacle avoidance.
– Wind can cause the quadcopter to drift from the desired direction.

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Bill Somrak says:

I saw that you had an update waiting when you were in the initial systems check. Always check to be sure you have all quad/TX (RC) updates installed prior to a flight session. I’m also hoping that you DID NOT allow the Nvidia Shield K1 to update to Android 7.0, code name Nougat. There are known issues with Nougat on the Shield K1 tablet (I talked to both Nvidia and DJI .. they are both aware of it). I’d never had a problem using the Shield tablet .. until I let it update to Nougat .. then this past week, on a shoot, the app crashed when I landed (after flying out over a creek over 1000 ft.). So, I rolled back my Nvidia Shield K1 back to Android 6.0.1, which is stable with both DJI GO and DJI GO 4 (you should be using the latter). Rolling back from Nougat is a little “geeky”, but not impossible to do. I think I’m going to keep my Shield at 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) even if “OREO” (android 8.0) comes out this June. There is a bit of a learning curve on all those flight modes, so keep working at it. Fortunately, there are YT vids online which demo all the “intelligent flight modes”, which can be of help (depending on which one you watch). Nice scenery on your shoot. Cheers.

Abdulrahm 112 says:

Epic Bro

Universal Video says:

can u give a review of feilun fx 120 hexacopter

Sun Network says:


Lucho Martell says:

this is one of the best drone in the market ,I want to see you with the Mavic pro or the isnpire one Im going to show you my drone soon

Brian Gonzalez says:

Keep flying Quad101 !

Soulcommander says:

Dont buy this at Gearbest! Best Buy has a way better price! Surprisingly you fan get it cheaper in the states. Nice vid!

Stretch 9x says:

What screen recorder are you using?

Quadcopter 101 says:

Buy it here and *use coupon DJI4Pa* to get it for $1461.98

Vinny Toth says:

You should review the autel x star

Jeffrey Shubert says:

I noticed you were in beginner mode. Could that be the reason draw did not work as expected. I don’t have the 4, I have the 3 which does not have the upgraded features. Anyway, been a fan for several years, great video as always. Thanks for all you do….

MxRider 7777 says:

Awesome review. Can’t go wrong with that drone.

Steve Smith says:

Great video, cool landing.

Drone lovers Luís Costa Pereira says:

Great vid with a great quad, keep up the god work man… hug from Portugal

REMIX Town says:

do a giveaway

Pieter Ravensburg says:

It’s just like jap watch 3 button 100 function don it have follow them bickers UP CLOSE ;-)))))))))

backyardbasher says:

Looks like nothing but trouble, app keeps going wrong
bestter to get a quad that doesnt rely on them

george aura says:

is there a way to make the second overlaying screen slightly more transparent from the main?

Josh V says:

Do the Mavic Pro please

Fausto Murillo says:

Nice review. Great pilot.

KILLKING110 says:

California is very restrictive just look up some of there dumb laws

Vanessa Beloia says:

I love your videos and how you talk.

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