DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone Review: Active Tracking

The many capabilities of this advanced quadcopter are much more than can be demonstrated in a single video. Buy it here . This is the second in a series of demonstration flights that examine the features and capabilities of the Phantom 4 Pro. This particular flight focuses on demonstration of Active Tracking Intelligent Flight Mode.

The below short list of pros and cons are limited to the features demonstrated or discussed in this video. Follow-on videos will expound on additional features and limitations of this quadcopter.

– Most quadcopters with follow-me tracking require the use of a second GPS system that must be carried by the object to be tracked. This Phantom 4 Pro does not require such. Active tracking is solely achieved through optical lock-on of just about any target. This means that just about any reasonable sized moving object can be tracked. You want it to keep track of your dog or kids? This drone can do it, and it seems to do it very well. It’s very easy to apply. Just select active tracking, and on your tablet screen swipe your finger diagonally over the object to be tracked to define its tracking box.
– At altitudes less than 10 meters above the ground, the Phantom 4 Pro apparently senses the ground beneath it using its acoustic sensors, and adjusts its altitude to maintain a relatively constant height above the ground while in Active Tracking mode. This is applied when active tracking is used at altitudes less than 10 meters. Not sure if this is still true if active tracking is applied at greater than 10 meter height above ground, where acoustic sensor input is not applied?

– Although the quadcopter and its camera can be entirely manually controlled via its controller, advanced features and telemetry information require use of the “DJI Go 4” app.
– DJI Go 4 app requires the use of tablets or phones with high end processors. It’s very likely that you will need to also invest in a new tablet with this drone. However, there are some lower cost (~$200) tablets that work very well with the Phantom 4. In this video I use the NVidia Shield K1 (find it here on Amazon

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triumphrider says:

I’m watching this video on the very tablet you are using. it’s the best tablet on the market for the money, easily better than some of the higher end models. only downside is the crap battery life.

Luyi Wang says:

Gotta try the Sport Mode next time Mr. 101!

Donnie johnson says:

why is he surprised that the phantom 4 is good dji is the best money can buy in the drone world.

Anees Mehdi says:

please review Mavic as well.

John Cuppi says:

Now, that was a good demo of the P4. Well done sir!

Raptor50aus says:

Does the P4 pro radio have HDMI out? or can you install the HDMI backplate like the P4 or P3 ??

David Who says:

I looked at that tablet on Amazon, but it has a ton of poor reviews. How long have you had it? Maybe do a review of it after a month or so of use?

J. G. Valenzuela says:

Sounds pretty quiet. How high/far away could you hear it? Thanks. Nice shirt 🙂

Greatest Ever says:

If you used googles for that then it would be like real life third person.

Google Plus Blows Chunks says:

Am I the only one that wanted to see him jam that thing 2000 feet up in the sky?

Richard Masci says:

That is awesome video! One of these days I’ll get a Phantom 4.

Alan Vega says:

Enjoy your reviews. I think it is too early for flowers at the elevation you were flying. DJI really has their act together!

bridgebolt51 says:

can you review the vertical studio app for dji.. thanks

joe nodden says:

what’s the April fool’s joke?

princess Mo says:

Tulog na siya

James Alexander says:

galaxy j7 from metro pcs has 5.5 inch screen , also an outdoor setting that gives a really bright screen . I’ve used on my phantom 3 pro , mavic pro and my phantom 4 non pro and not once had a problem dropping the app. only 99 dollars

RCFun says:

Quadcopter 101, this is a bit off subject but I am trying to find the smallest 1080p camera drone.. know of any minis with full 1080? thanks as always.

vashon100 says:

nice the atv did not dust you.

Harshad Mhatre says:

qaudcopter 101
nice video
thanks !!!

KennyLee NYC says:

LOL, i stump too when i try to say DJI quick lol. I bet p4p is the drone you ever had now? lol

Matice Den Ouden says:

can hou make a video about the parrot Bebop. Its a kind of combination with the high class drones like dji and the stunt drone, the cheaper ones.

Roy Nelson says:

that was a cool video boss man

Ron Brown says:

I don’t think you mentioned that the PH4 Pro will also work with most recent top of line cell phones as well. A tablet is preferred because of screen real estate but many times I just use my iPhone 7 which is still a 5.5 inch high quality screen with a faster processor than almost any tablet on the market. So you do have some options beside buying a dedicated tablet.

TheAarowsmith says:

Wow’, only $2,000 for DJI 4 Pro. And it has cons? I think I’ll save my money & buy a used car. Thats just me though. But I have to say your video here is the most buttery smooth and sharpest camera I’ve ever seen on a Phantom Quadcopter. Really Good video footage here & thanks’. Keep up the hard work. Awesome camera footage ! Movie quality good & I mean it.

Quadcopter 101 says:

You can get the *Phantom 4 Pro* here
and the *NVIDIA Shield K1* here

Another Drone Addict says:

Hi thanks quadcopter 101 another fab video enjoyed by us. Keep them coming as there’s so much to learn on one of these high drones. BTW I believe DJI now offer a ‘plus’ version where they supply a tablet with the drone. Looks nice and sunny in CA. Not so sunny here in the UK.

Sean Brooks says:

Super Tie-Dye your wearing today.

Rich T says:

Apple devices work best with go app my iPhone 6s Plus works perfectly

Parth Patel says:

So many people agree the dji go app works best on 2year old or newer iOS devices work best ofc

Almost Serious says:

I have 30 hours on LOS beginner drones while saving up. I can’t wait to go FPV when I get my Phantom3 now that 4/Inspire/mavic are out, and when the mavic 2 comes out I will get the mavic one! Yay!…

Jim O'Callaghan says:

Great job, as always…

Nicholas Hylton says:

Ugh… It’s like hearing a professional driver critique his experience driving a Ferrari. (SOOOO jealous.)

Casper Lind Hansen says:

Q101 i have a question for you, would you recomend the dji phantom 3 standard for a kinda new drone pilot that whants to film areal videos?

Alan Savage says:

Excellent footage!!

big fish says:

good vids

Katalyzt says:

You seem surprised by it features… Do you not not read the PDF manuals?


Bill Somrak says:

I’ve been using the NVidia Shield K1 with my DJI P3 Advanced for over a year, and have recommended it to several other guys, as it works very well (and its only $200 .. about 1/3 of an Apple product). Warning: If you have polarized sunglasses, they will block the screen! Get yourself (or make yourself) a sun shield, at least a foot long (away from the screen). That should help you in bright light. Yes, the built in recorder works well, and I use that as well as an app called Mobizen. I noticed that you had your camera in MANUAL FOCUS for the entire flight, thus it was not as sharp as it could have been. You can set up on of the back buttons (C1 or C2) to focus on the center of your screen using Auto focus, or you can use the “tap to focus” function. Both will give you superior video. I have to say, once you become used to the features and reliability of the DJI products, its hard to fly other quads, but I still do, just for fun. Another thing you mentioned was incorrect about the goggles. Many of the goggles have a HDMI input. You can get (as an option) a module which replaces the current output module on the back of the TX, which does have a HDMI output. By using that, you can fly with goggles, should you desire to do so (an in your bright sunny desert area, it might make sense.) Enjoy flying your P4 Pro … it is an AMAZING craft, and the Nvidia will serve you well. Cheers.

hoggif says:

I don’t like two things on DJIs: 1) you need a tablet/smart phone 2) You cannot use your “normal” 5.8GHz screens/goggles. If those were not the case, I would have probably got one.

James Alexander says:

galaxy j7 from metro pcs has 5.5 inch screen , also an outdoor setting that gives a really bright screen . I’ve used on my phantom 3 pro , mavic pro and my phantom 4 non pro and not once had a problem dropping the app. only 99 dollars

Kim says:

Your addicted to that Phantom now lol  great video

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