DJI Phantom 4 PRO DRONE HANDS-ON review Pt 2 (2nd edition)

DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone review and flight test. The new DJI Phantom 4 Professional Drone review. See the specs, the camera settings and the sense and avoid in action. Read the full review here:

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Phantom Sage – The Light [NCS Release]

Phantom Sage


Quadcopter Man says:

you mean p4pp

Daytona 6263 says:

On order – can’t wait! Great review!

petya0980 says:

Hey, love watching your vids! You were the reason I ordered mine online. Had a quick question. I just got mine today and flu it a little bit and I pressed full throttle in normal mode the copter jerked a little bit and I could tell with the propeller noise it was doing it too, it was a bit windy but still , also similar thing happened when I was lowering the drone the copter seemed to be jerky. This is my first drone so I wasnt sure if this is normal or not. Thanks!

Paul Rathgeb says:

The automatic backup feature only works when flying in Active Track, at least on my P4Pro.

Willy Santiago says:

how does the obstacle avoidance perform on a post wire?

Alexandru Ciornei says:

Thank you ! Greetings from Romania.

PollenFever CANA says:

Why not do the mavic drone?

Laurence Whited says:

Can you hand catch the p4p? Do you have to turn off sensors? Which sensors?

Chris Twirbutt says:

Great videos! Does the P4 Pro have auto-focus like the P3 Pro in video mode ?

Michael Floyd says:

I think I would love the bright screen, but I have unlimited data for live streaming on my cell phone, is there a work around for that? Thanks

peter thung says:

hey do we need to calibrate the drone before flying it?

isadore adger says:

Hey Colin, just subscribed to your YouTube channel. Love your videos and tutorials because they are so well done, concise, explicit. and easy to comprehend. I’ve learned a great deal as a result of watching them. I currently have a PHANTOM 3 PRO, however, I’m upgrading to the PHANTOM 4 PRO. Thanks to your review of the P-4 PRO, I’m ready to tackle this baby!! Please keep up the fantastic work, I’ve become an avid fan!!!

Nilz4FR says:

Does it still have the “click” function for the card? On my DJI 3 they often got stuck since the click mechanism didn’t work after a few weeks. I like to use a card reader so I take out the card after each flight.

Gabriel Espinosa says:

Got my P4P today. Piece of shit. Will not update no matter whether on PC or MAC or iPad. Update Fail. Tried every configuration.

Controller will not connect to Phantom and I tried both ways of connecting. C1+C2 etc, and through the DJI Go software on the iPad.


Martina O Brien says:

i reall want this one for photogharp

Dylan Panes says:

+PhotoshopCAFE when you walked toward the drone how did U get it to back up cause mine just stays there it will let me walk into it even though obstacle avoidance is on please help

Robert Rodriguez says:

P4 PRO is a beast, excellent video… Congratulations!!!

geoffers77 says:

Thanks Colin Brilliant video mate , and I have subscribed, cheers, Seriously considering bying this drone/quadcopter

Jose Luna says:

Great video!!!!! Thank you for the great info!

lo gamer says:

make it hover and try putting something in front of the sensor

Drone Pusher says:

Did not notice the Mavic until you mentioned it.

Jsfilmz says:

tried avoidance it just beeps the drone doesnt back up

The West is Big! Travel Guides says:

i catch my current phantom, how do you catch tne 4 pro? can I turn off obstical avoidance easily?

Dean Boland says:

Thanks very much for the information

brianfindsall says:

wow brilliant bit of kit…also it is very usefull to teach amatures all about how iso, apatures and f stops work in real time action..thats cool……must get me one of these..just need to wait until the price comes down nearer to the working class pocket ……But wow wow wow.yaya what a cool flying camera…..i just love it…it makes my fc40 look very old tek indeed….Thankyou for the vid my friend..really enjoyed and learned from it

Rikrik Ng says:

hi, do you ever test the obstacle from 2 side? front and rear or right and left?

Drone King says:

I am a Dji Promoter. Use this link to purchase the Dji Phantom 4 Pro here

Tyler Williams says:

what is the Phantom 4 pro’s maximum hight?

Thomas Luna says:

Hey thanks for posting on skypixel. Since you’ve had it for a bit now, what are the CONS of the new p4p?

НКХ hi - tech says:

Hi guys you can buy from here :

Musaab Afridi says:

hi i have to ask about dji p4p i have heard that the video shakes when drone is over 100 meters in the air and specially the camera drops when you take a high back movement shot.

Barry Kirkland says:

Nice presentation easy to understand…..must say great All Black Hat #New Zealand

Bud M says:

Great video, thank you.

Thomas Luna says:

Hey this might be a long shot, but will you sell me your p4p? 🙂

Bardhok Ndoji says:

Nice video but….
Why do all test the obstetrical avoidance facing it to a wall or a human body? Why not fly among trees…. and see how it works? And why not test the side IR sensors? Why no one does a comprehensive test how all these sensors work together in an environment full of obstacles? Like going through tight spaces, etc. That’s what I would like to see,

manfredteh says:

love this!! my phantom 4 is old now, i think it’s time to get a new one! looks like it’s all about the phantom 4 pro! i will be posting some more stuff on top of what i have now soon! hopefully it will be as good as expected

R M says:

360 degree sensors sounded great originally, but when I found out they only work in 2 modes, I was so bummed out. Thats one of the main reasons I traded in my P4 for the pro. I’ve emailed DJI, and I imagine alot more folks will as well. I hope a software fix can make those sensors work in all modes, just not beginner or tripod. Nice video, BTW

Misael David says:

did you say that the phantom 4 batteries will work for the phantom 4 PRO with no issues?

Tom Hornstein says:

Could you tell me if 3rd party apps, like Litchi, can be loaded on the plus’ monitor? Thank you

android4cg says:

At about 6:10 you mention that it’s possible to load also 3rd party android apps. Based on the FAQ for the P4P+ display it’s not possible to load 3rd party android apps on the Pro+ display. Also DJI support confirmed that it’s not possible/allowed.

Micheal Uerata says:

yehh cool hat bro go the All blacks

Gabriel Photography says:

Colin, what can you recommend for screen recording software… it doesn’t have to be free.. Id rater pay for something that is safe and has full privileges… I have a PC!   Thanks!!

MIKE venziano says:


Garrett Kryptonite says:

Well done – Thank You.

francisco jose garcia morcillo says:

can u connect and ios device or intall a 3rd party app?

george aronis says:

Great review.. Hope you can answer a few ?.. Have you experienced any glitches with the built in android screen.. I’ve heard with previous models that IOS is much more reliable .. Are you also able to connect with another larger tablet for clients to see.. thanks

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