DJI Phantom 4 In-Depth Review – Best Drone ever?

Here is our full in depth review for the DJI Phantom 4 drone.

More info on Phantom 4:

DJI Phantom 4 vs DJI Phantom 3 Professional/4k:

Watch our Flight Test:

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Ken Heron says:

Great video, but for the love of all that’s HOLY… It’s D-J-I. Not D-G-I.
Kind of ruins your credibility when you can’t be bothered to correctly say the name of the company you’re reviewing.

GamingGadget 13 says:

How much?

Donald Roberts says:

I am heading to Namibia In April 2017. I am looking for the most suitable drone. Any advice would be good on make and model.

Powlo says:

Another great review, it does look very nice

Vicente Ayala says:

Which one do you recommend?? For best quality, 3DR+HERO 4 or DJI??

Nikon D3200 says:

Avoid DJI . They are good at taking your money . But very unhelpful to fix your drone If it crashes with signal lost and rth fails . avoid .

Max Reznik says:

if you want drone racing, get the 3dr solo, it goes 55mph

ALL IN ONE says:



Literally one of the best and most unbiased tech reviewers on YouTube. Great work as always.



Rowlet says:

You didn’t mention the fatter looking body.

Kevin LANGDON says:

Are you aware that DJI offers a HDMI output module?  its 99 bucks on their website…  Would love to see a review of it!

Daniel R. says:

I like it. Very tempted to order one. Wish they gave you options for cameras so you could choose camera quality, would like better night shooting and am not a big fan of the camera picking up the spinning blades in the shot from time to time. That is a very big turnoff. Still a very good drone though, lots to think about.

Bradval411 says:


CFCninja says:

superb review. subscribed 🙂

Dirt Farmer says:

How are the still pictures compared to a Nikon D810 on a tripod?

Gol D Roger says:

nice brother

excellent review.

Rice Cooker says:

u live in surrey?

EYECON says:

Where is that area at 2:05?

paul truong says:

If i go for a run around the block and leave the controller at home, will it still follow me even if it loses connection to the remote?

speedgame4u aviation says:

Casey Neistat crashed it 😀

Kauaiuphi Aerial Photography says:

I got my phantom 4 up to 53.4 mph

Doug Kinney says:

Excellent review of the DJI Phantom 4

The Internetwanderer says:

Thumbs down for not including Canadian pricing, however typical.

Ibrahim Hammed says:

Informative video. Thanks.

Elia Daccache says:

hello please can you linked me your video about raid 10 configuration I can’t find :/ sorry about this comment here

Tom Williams says:

Nice review & awesome views. What city is it?

Ricardo Valmyr says:

great stuff

yellowaces says:

FYI: unfortunately DJI does not support newer phones like the galaxy S7 Edge phones..

Major Motion Pictures says:

Wow u lost so much weight. I thought u were two different people. Congratulations man.

Ninad Sathe says:

Excellent Review bro! You could be a great director! 🙂

Irv Fabeetz says:

Buy it if you want to lose it.

mine flew away, possibly into a pond (my conclusion after 100km on foot looking for ate.the last visual account of the drone) that was 500m from home. Another pond search after 100km of serious snake country in Australia didn’t find the

José Luis Escobedo says:

Nice video! What do you think about the 3dr Solo? Have you already reviewed it?

William Yang says:

Very nice overall review! love your videos, keep up the good work

MOHAMMAD TalHa says:

how high this thing can go?

Mark Holtze says:

Nice review, kind of torn between getting a 3 pro or the 4. 3 Pro plus extra battery is $899 right now at B&H whilst the 4 is $1349….just not sure if the extra price and features are worth it.

Anyway nice review.

bluevelvet333 says:

Which would you recommend to buy for a beginner user like me? Phantom 3 Pro or Phantom 4? I’m considering Phantom 3 Pro but it has not obstacle sensor. So I’m kinda nervous about that. But Phantom 4 is a bit more expensive. Help me!

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