DJI Phantom 4 Drone Review! Is it worth the upgrade from the Phantom 3?!

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This is the brand new, DJI Phantom 4! It’s packed with a ton of cool new features, like ActiveTrack (live object tracking), TapFly (just tap on the screen and it will smoothly fly in the direction), Object Avoidance (will auto prevent crashing into objects with forward facing sensors), and my favorite: Sport Mode! It feels like a jet fighter, I’ve been able to go over 50mph!
Overall design has been improved, more sleek, shiny, and sexier. A great simple design improvement are the new Push-and-Release propellers. Very quick and easy to place on or off. It also has built-in redundancies, with dual compass modules and dual IMUs, allowing much safer flight. Any “incorrect data can be isolated and ignored without ever affecting your flight.”
The larger battery, is 5350mAh, with flight times up to around 28 minutes!
The included gray styrofoam is a great carrying case, with rubberized handle, locking mechanism, and everything fits tight and snug for safe transportation.
The camera module is the same as the Phantom 3 Professional, but they upgrade the lens/glass, plus the gimbal has been improved with greater stability. I can still capture 4K UHD at 30fps, but as a new feature, I can capture 120FPS at 1080p! Ultra slow-motion which looks awesome. Max video bitrate is 60Mbps, and RAW DNG stills at 12MP.

My top two favorite features:
1. Subject Tracking. With a simple tap or outline the subject on the screen, the Phantom 4 will automatically track and follow the subject, no GPS wrist-strap or remote control needed. In my tests this worked awesome! As an added bonus, if I strafe left or right on the right stick, the Phantom 4 will orbit/rotate around the subject while keeping the video centered on the person/object.

2. Sport/Speed Mode. They rate it up to 45mph (72kph), but I was able to go even faster, around 51 miles per hour! It’s crazy fast, and a ton of fun. I can’t wait to get my FPV goggles hooked up, this makes a perfect introduction into the FPV Drone Racing world.

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Kristin Wiberg says:

Very helpful review. Thank you!

AHMAD K says:

which quad is best for film making?

sulaimon mukaila says:

if you are in a place where there is no GPS or internet connection . I don’t know if this drone will still work perfectly

Plazma Playz says:

can u please send me one?

Focus Pixel says:

Nice video, great analysis! I am going to buy one dji4 and i do not know if i can control the camera while i am flying. I have experience only with rc cars do you think that i can fly this thing?? Thank you.

Chaz Clemons says:

cool video man

Rian says:

Can the Phantom 4 use 2 goggles one person is pilot and other person do a video shot? This will avoid the blind spot from crashing into the tree?

Sam Gar says:

Enjoyed your video, very professional. I was going to get the P4 but wow the price! I say check your surroundings and you become the crash avoidance system. Just found a new P3 PRO for under $800 in Ebay. I’ll just start with that and just get another drone for sport racing for $300 or less, seems like they’re expected to crash at that speed anyway. I would hate to crash a $1400 camera drone and obliterate it @ 45+mph and then you have to get another one or go back to P3. Nice marketing DJI!

Storm says:

Casey Neistat uses this for his vlogs!

Saran Farß says:

Does it avoid and follow again when in active track mode

dev2034 says:

so ive got the p2, base model but have gone through all the effort to upgrade it myself and ad the h3 gimbal and etc.
i have recently come across some gimbal issues with the wire from the gimbal to the go pro. so my question is, in a matter of opinion. would it be worth my while to upgrade to a new drone? and if you think yes, which one? most of my filming is of scenery and some automotive, i also prefer being able to take it a long distance from me. im on the fence of the 3 pro or the 4 and im not sure if its worth the extra money.

Will Martin says:

How much would you give me for my pro 3 drone ?

chicken fajita says:

apple actually bought the company DJI

shawnie designz says:

While doing active-track At about 20ft high, would it avoid obstacles automatically by going above the 20ft to pass over them and go back to 20 when it’s clear in front?

calvin crane says:

Great video I have p2 which is serving me well but I see that I would love a lot of the new features. Until my 2 dies though it is good enough for what I want.

Kaleb Wirtzfeld says:

This video is very informative

Oleg Covian says:


Karl Olson says:

So I want a drone that’s cheap but still a good quality it would be cool if it had a cam but doesn’t need one,I’m new to droning and want something easier,any suggestions?

Almighty Blasian says:

Ben Schmanke : What would happen if someone called me while in the app?

Ben Schmanke : Do i need to buy modes in the app or the app itself?

I owned a yuneec 4k as my first drone in looking to team switch to dji lol 🙂 Buying from best buy, hope it has a sale before i buy.

Thanks if you answer bro it means alot,

Peter Nugent says:

Just a real bad ca,era I think. I love the way it handles and looks. But the camera is annoying

MrBigT says:

Great video as always, im thinking about buying my first proper drone but cant afford the DJI4 im looking at the new dji 3 4K do you think as a beginner this would be ok

N0Guilt says:

Hi, thanks for the review…I have a question, is there any drone on the market with a removable gimbal and camera that you can use besides the new gopro karma? Thanks

faze dab dab says:

how can u move the camera plzzzzz help

Michael Botha says:

Can you please do a dji phantom 4 vs dji aspire 1 v2 video

Danial ADH says:

do u have phantom 3

Tristan long says:

Hi, how do you move the camera gimbal?

Eddy M says:

can you remove the camera

alan drake says:

do you have to buy ipad or can you use any tablet e.g my teclast plus tablet?

Andrew Gurney says:

Great video, I have a Mavic on order, but seriously thinking of canceling and going for a P4

Gran's Stuff says:

The problem with the signal loss can be a bug in the app. I can recall when apple rolled out a new firmware for the ipad, I lost signal all the time, but then dji fixed it with their app. 🙂

Almighty Blasian says:

Oh yeah i had to come back and like. Keep the likes going up you guys!!! No dislikes so far 🙂

Peter Nugent says:

I just bought the phantom 4 today. The camera is terrible….. Is there a way I can send you an example? It blurs every 3-4 sec, pixilated, just bad

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