DJI Phantom 4 drone review and unboxing!!!!

Unboxing and testing out the new DJI Phantom 4 drone!
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William Tarr says:

You da bomb Justine

Raditya's Production says:

youre so stupid

Rosie Baird says:

i did this yesterday and spend like an hour doing what you did trying to open it hahahahaha

Dhylan San Pedro says:

wtf thit is not an unboxing video you must explain everything to everyone you didn’t even show us how to use the GPS etc. and everything else I’m tell you it is not an unboxing video and you didn’t even know how to open the box of the phantom 4 right no offense but you look like a retired while forcing it to open.

הגיע הזמן לשנות שם says:

תגידי לה.. לא בתולה!

Wolverine Logan says:

Perfect place to fly a drone

Gamer god says:

Sunset u mean sun rise

Paulo Parker says:

You are so so so so so love, marry me!

java guy says:

it never worked out like this for me. I kept getting stupid errors like poor signal and no satellite. returned the money sink the next day.

Leo Wells says:

I almost spit my coffee out watching you try to open that box. Bravo!

Gamer god says:

2:51 pause it her face is funny

nik31J7 says:

WOW that thing has a big range!! WOW

Old, bald fat man says:

Thanks for the video as I’m looking at buying one of these…..and at least now I know how to open the box and of course, READ the instructions!

Alfred Koller says:

iJustine Lustig , Originel , unterhaltsam , Schöne Frau !!!!!

大强 says:

made in China ?

fredachine6877 says:

Do u still have your phantom 3

Iz Ikram says:

Am i the only one that repeat the unboxing so many times ,to see how funny it is ,sitting on the table trying hard to open the ‘case’ lmao

Messaoudi Karim says:

stupid girl

Irshad Ali says:


Number1HockeyPlaya says:

Can the P4 actually record the blade noise or did you add that?

Lucas Kemp says:

where did you get that case

Bro Awesome says:

I want one so bad but their expensive

trelikardia83 says:

for how long have you been trying to open this? lol

Däni says:

Holyshit that cable is long. Maybe a shorter one next time lol

Bail Bond's Agent Jones says:

you’re one hottie

Dason Stalnaker says:

Did anyone else get pissed off during this video?

leslie sitbon says:

Please don’t stop doing videos I know you never said that but still your my favorite YouTube good job doing videos there so funny and cool also amazing your the best YouTuber in the world

LennySitbon says:

Can I have your drone

out_doorboy56 says:

I need some phantom 3 batteries

Travel and Gaming says:

Great Video, Merry Chirstmas.

Smelo Emil says:

What a beautiful, beautiful …………………………….girl and a big knife. 🙂

N0w3lly says:

The previous phantom 4 batteries do work with the pro model and you do not need to sell them 😉

Irandeep Grewal says:

she is so rich thats a thousand dollar drone

Mike Mota says:

I wish I had money.

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