DJI Phantom 4 Drone “Real World Review”

This is a “Real World Review” of the DJI Phantom 4 Drone. Is it worth it, are the new features as good as they say they are?

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You are very responsible drone operator 🙂

Cactus Tweeter says:

Excellent review. Thanks for the details.

GivesAMinute says:

Just picked one of these up for my vlog, so far I’m pretty damn impressed. Agree with the 2nd battery mission tho.

prawy85 says:

Damn man… you make great videos. I had just bought my first SLR and i learn a lot from your channel. It’s nice that you share your knowledge willingly. Cheers from Poland. See ya!

drlivert says:

How many times does he say “safetytown”?

Hazard Man says:

Were you using the cellular iPad for the smart modes

Our Lens To Yours says:

Badass Jared my hats off to you for this review. Thanks this is probably the most comprehensive and well informed video tutorial of the Phantom4 on youtube. Thanks Bro!

ColoBeauPhotog says:

Great video. Have been learning with my new PH4. Need to get out and fly, thanks fro.

KBDProductionsTV says:

I need to get my hands one one of these!
Thanks for the excellent review 😀

Tom Marshall says:

Jared, where is raw talk???

Tactical _ Bushcraft says:

awesome channel my friend love it. also great job on the video well done and nice editing skills. I subscribed to your channel would love to have you as a subscriber as well. keep em coming. ill be catching up on your videos. thanks again for sharing.

Mike Gilroy says:

What shade cover did you have?

Greg Paradi - Gergely Paradi says:

Great review ! What was the other drone filming the P4 ? Probably an Inspire 1 with X5 camera ? 😉 Looks so much better… 😀

Fly Radio says:

Thank you for posting this video !

I notice that when I change from video to picture at the dji go app, the image resolution is not so good. Did you notice the same ?

Foe example, if I am flying with video camera selected at the app, the image received is cristal clear, but if I change to Picture camera at the tablet, the live video received is a little bluried.

Is it the same with you P4 ?

Thank you man !

p51bombay says:

FYI: the Navy does not operate B-2 bombers

Chris Howard says:

That was one of the best reviews you guys have done! You got some very creative shots and love the audioblocks choices

leif says:

do you need data for live stream?

Lucas Ahlgren says:

Hehe, a continuity issue (Tip from the video editing guide), Jared is wearing both a black and a red sweater 😛

Az Photo Video says:

Nice.. I use this Phantom for aerial shots ALL the time.

Petkovski says:

pleasure to watch your videos!

Cason Chalker says:

Where was the clip of you falling? That was the best part.

optimustait says:

Is there an alternative to active tracking (a wearable beacon)? From
watching different reviews it seems like active track is nice on paper
but useless in reality compared to the drone following an actual GPS
signal instead of relying on weak image tracking that constantly loses
the followed object.

hkistreet says:

nice and informative review, thank you

R.Derrick Thomas says:

Where were you guys shooting? Living in DC it’s tough to find spaces to fly without driving an hour away from the city or away from other restricted areas.

Dirt Farmer says:

I haven’t seen any good stills from the Phantom 4 on Fliker or anywhere else.
The shots are soft and smudgy looking.

Mirror Mirror Make-up says:

hi just found your channel love it thumbs up 🙂 if you have time and would like to check out my channel i would love that xxxx

lee bartlam says:

You might want to tell Casey Neistat about the whole ‘Populated Area’ thing. Actually skip that, his drone shots are awesome.

Brian Mazzarella says:

Feel like this could’ve been cut down a bit, but great video nonetheless!

Bloshky Tibia says:

the x5 zenmuse its so sharppp ….

Nice Drone Videos says:

Cool drone shots from above!

will meyers says:

poor drone chasing you around 🙁

Howie Au says:

Name of music pls?

Skate Ska says:

2:40 you can see a plane… how did you fly it next to a airport?

BlueSmokeGamer says:

So tempted to get one these but waiting for one that can do 4k@ 60p.

Anggita Harahap says:

That’s my toy

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