DJI Phantom 3 Standard REVIEW (in the hands of a drone novice!)

More info on Phantom 3 Standard from Amazon here:

I’ve had a few days to play with the DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone, not to be confused with the Phantom Advanced or Phantom Professional.

But this thing packs in some amazing features and quality at a price point that can’t be beat, including GPS stabilization, a 2.7K camera and gimbal, and intelligent flight modes that allow you to capture amazing pictures and video.

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George Hulley says:

Is the footage in this video the footage you gathered from your drone? All except the DJI owned footage of course – thanks

TheSHOvideo says:

Thank you very much for this concise video.

Tom Krauska says:

Great review – easy to understand.

Reuben Tamlyn says:

If you fly with GPS does it wast the battery faster

TheKeithvidz says:

hey, it capable of streaming to fb etc?

Rares Unofficial says:

Is it a good drone

jason thomas says:

check my video guys

Emmett R says:

Nice review!

Stuart Thomas Media says:

Great video! I lost my first drone to the wind! (the smallest cheapest FPV drone I could find)! After watching this, I think I might invest in a phantom 3! 😀

Mr pratt says:

how for does it go like can it go a kilometer away from you

Misel Misel says:

Hi! I plan to buy p3 standard. What are your experiences with samsung s4?

Jeremy Smith says:

your video is one of the best I’ve seen of it’s kind. thanks for the conciseness, relevant information, awesome shots, and absence of a really annoying voice. congratulations. very professional video.

its_mitch_m8 1 says:

very amaze. such doge. many wow. many wow. many amaze. so excite. so amaze. much amaze. so amaze. many doge. very wow. very amaze. such doge. such doge. much wow. much doge. so excite.

Kevin Morajda says:

it costs now just 500€ :0


I’m trying to earn enough money to buy grams apiece, Vietnam is very scenic, I want to go introduce dep farming due to people everywhere is now known ,,,

jorge Ovejas Monguilot says:


Troy Pointer Photography says:

Hi can you Record Video without an app and phone ? if yes how ? contact me troy

Joseph Caywood says:

I got mine for 500 bucks

Jεε¥☯ñG says:

Did you use Lightbridge or wi fi?

FaZe Loams says:

I got is for 300 something

Scotty says:

When using this drone I’m guessing with wifi it will run off data from my phone or do I have to carry a portable wifi?

I know with my normal phone I have wifi at home and when I walk far enough out the door it drops out and runs into my Telstra data.

Eddie lawn equipment says:

Great review and video thanks

Jesuscastro .15 says:

I have a phantom 3 standard video on my channel if you would like to see the quality of the video

Cameron Macleod says:

Would you consider this to be a good tool for filmmaking?

Morgan Wells says:

Great video! One thing I noticed was that you said it had a 2 axis gimbal, however it actually has 3

Roberto R says:

Nice review. Thinking about getting one. Thanks.

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