DJI Phantom 3 Standard Review – Best Drone Under $500?

Here we review the DJI Phantom 3 Standard 2.7k Drone. Find out if its the best All-In-One quadcopter for the price.

More info on Phantom 3 Standard:

Other Drones from DJI

Phantom 3 Advanced:

Phantom 3 Professional:

Inspire 1:

Watch our Full review Of the Phantom 3 Professional:

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UAV Photography says:

Very good review, Answered all my questions

Chinook Productions says:

Pretty darn good!

luis bmx Ortega says:

I bet made in China

Tom T says:

Love mine is my first, about 6 months in. Only complaint not enough time to fly. Would like a nicer one when I get skills & $.

Jesuscastro .15 says:

I have a phantom 3 standard video on my channel if you would like to see the quality of the video .. cinematic-ish type video

Aodhan Kelly says:

Do I need wifi to fly the drone

Mark Hutto says:

phantom 4s acttauly better buts over 1000 pounds

jembo says:

do you need wifi to operate this? im traveling to iceland and i plan on getting this

atvkid0805 says:

Is this a purpose built quad copter for shooting video or can it also be fast and fun when you want?

M walton says:

Do you know if the advanced version is worth the extra £300 or so than the standard?


What is the price of this product ???

FakeCaptainGabriel Pilot says:

முமும்மைமைமைமைமெமெம்மெமெமெமைமைமெம்மெமெதணச்சசநீநீரீங உடுபுலுபஙைபைஉநிஞ்ஞிஞிந்துரோபோபுலூலுஎஎஔகீள்ளீடீமீர. இடலகசணேஊ

Kevin Browne says:

a great short video overview that has really got me interested in one
I’m gonna check out your Bebob 2 review if it’s up by now, but I strongly suspect it is no where near as good as the DJI because I think the Bebops are fatally flawed with battery life and dropped connections

YoutubeOnMobile - Awesome Mobile Games says:

How do I upgrade for higher range?

Its Cathal says:

do you need wifi to fly it?

PAPA Texas says:

Good review, I am trying to decide to buy this or not.

FakeCaptainGabriel Pilot says:


Christian Jordan says:

It’s not under 500. without tax it is

J Diez says:

What happen if you flying and you go out of range, the RTH will activate automatically ?

William Prichard says:

Is it possible to attach cargo to this drone and if so how much do you think it could efficiently carry?

If the remote range is 1km why is the maximum altitude set at 120m? Is it possible to change that?


jman_jd10 says:

Does it have headless

Walt Moore says:

and use a lot a data $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

The SlashingSceptile574 says:

I might get one of these one day. Is it still worth it? Or is the 4 standard worth the price increase?

The 50 character limit is a very stupid thing!!!!! says:

This guys is creepy

sloozya ! says:

It says it’s under 500 but it 499

Exploring India !!! says:

GoPro KARMA giveaway

rallysoob says:

P3 standard are only 300-350$ on ebay or craigslist all day.. fyi

Offbrand brand Bleach says:

getting one for christmas

NobodyImportant3 says:

I got one on Black Friday for $370 best deal ever

Brinestone says:

Is that a safe wed sight

FakeCaptainGabriel Pilot says:


Skyblue says:

This costs €550 (600$) in europe

Brinestone says:

It says $750 for me

david Lima says:

Wow..that is a great description..well done !

Transtar 3000 says:


Raed YouTube Channel says:

hello there can dji phantom 3 standard use without wifi ??

Mat Pinato says:

how far will it go from the user not necessarily in height. Say if i want to see over several hundred acres is this possible ?

Gábor Kiss says:

So this camera doesn`t have a fish eye effect?
Cool vid though

rallysoob says:

A used Phantom 3 Advanced for 400-500$ is the best deal out there… pass on the standard. The advanced has twice the range!

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