DJI Phantom 3 Professional Review – Is It The Perfect Drone?

Here is finally our full review of the remarkable DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

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Steve LaPenta says:

You did a great job and very informative, thanks!

Beav3r says:

Do they work with the iPhone 5 now?

bimmer audi says:

Excellent review. I purchased one a few days ago and i’m loving it.

Guy Owen says:

Very good video. I learned alot. Thanks

Ed Ruttledge says:

Excellent review – thank you.

Just bought one of these units as it was on sale for $799 US.  Currently have the 3 Standard and will continue to use that for the more risky assignments.

batuhan nereli says:

Can you get its position coordinates through the map whenever you want?


Hi, like your video. Would like to know how hard is it to update firmware. Please help, thanks

ChronikTV - Fat Cap Entertainment says:

watching the video like I know these parks wtf I hike there……naw it can’t be…..white rock pops up hahaha!

sick review man cheers

veteq101 says:

Great video and you featured one of my favourite places in Canada – White Rock. Keep up the good work.



Jake Taz says:

hey MW Tech, im a new subscriber. I am considering getting this as birthday gift, and was wondering if its still relevant… Is it still worth it to buy this model? i know both the 4 and mavic is out now. Should i just wait until this or the newer models drop in price? Im thinking about some other stuff instead, but if i do get a drone this one was about as much as my wallet (and my moms too) could handle currently. i found a phantom 3 pro from b & h for 799. if not, ill get something else and wait till next year. thanks!

testdos says:

dis is wat i like to say real real information., tank u brother., u r truly awesome

techfan says:

I think I’m getting it from Geekbuying, it’s the cheapest I could find online at $799.

wokbok43 says:

Are you a DJI Stooge?

mstrm3 says:

Is the phone necessary? My phone is really wrecked (from damage) and dont want to attach the phone to the controller. This is obviously a minor concern but it still is essential to me.

lewis simmonds says:

does the phantom 3 have headless mode??

Andrew Andron Droneguy says:

At around 8:00, you mention that you can take a picture while recording. My p3p pauses the video when I shoot a still.

jedburgh01 says:

Jeez dude you know your stuff

Luca D'Ambrosi says:

How did you edit this?

Hannah H says:

great video.

Teemu Matilainen says:

Should i buy !!!!!????

Peter Foster says:

I’ve flown this thing before. It was truly indescribably wonderful! A great friend knew of somebody who owned one of these. She talked to him, and It was scheduled for a Tuesday, but two days before, the procedure occured. Ya see, the weather was GREAT, but hot that day, and I’d just gotten back from Church, and got on my ventilator, and was about to lie down to sleep, but then I got a call, and within an hour, I was on my way to the drone flight operation site. I took the drone through two flights, using two batteries up, and IT WAS EPIC!! says:

Thanks for the great review. The Phantom 3 Professional has proved to be an incredible filmmaking tool. Even with the release of the Phantom 4 the Phantom 3 is still useful and now even more affordable.



Ashutosh Singh says:

Does the box include camera ????

Steve Olson says:

Purchased a Phantom 3 Professional about a year ago. I have maybe 3 hours of flight time and at least 30 hours of support time. Hours on forums, support chat, and even sent it in for repair. Biggest lemon I’ve ever owned. 🙁

Brandon Niedert says:

4K likes 4K camera lol

DroneWolf Media says:

Great review! I picked up my Phantom 3 Professional last Friday and I couldn’t be happier.

fiveonomo says:

Great video, thanks!

Will Smith says:

Nice review, learnt a lot of the minor details that are so important in choosing the right model.

Dulcie Overcash says:

Well, there is a way to buy this amazing drone for under $500. I just found this answer on quora:
Best thing – Shipping is free worldwide!

Rezeda says:

Hi!)посмотрела видео , и хочу вот ,что сказать: тоже недавно открыла канал -может поглядите?-интересно мнение !стараюсь)

Kimon Noel says:

i wanna get this thing since im heavy into flight sims but it terms of weather conditions. slightly strong winds and light rain would not be a very nice combo with the phantom 3 huh?

كل معلومه جديده تجدها لدينا says:

هل يمكنك اضافة ترجمه للغه العربيه اخي العزيز شكرا لك

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