DJI Phantom 3 Professional Review | 4K Video Drone Quadcopter Review

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Review | 4K Video Drone Quadcopter Review

Hey techies! Here’s my full review of the DJI phantom 3 professional. I had this drone for at least 5 months (since release date). This is my first drone and I’ve a huge fan of it! It’s a blast to fly, but at the same time there are also a bunch of practical uses as well.

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DJI Phantom 3 Professional Unboxing:
4K Test Video Link:

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Camera equipment:
Manfrotto 502 fluid head –
Manfrotto Tripod –
Konova K2 Slider –
Panasonic GH4 –
18-55 Lens –
Sony FDR-A100 –

Desk Setup
Ikea desk –
Drawers/Cabinet –
Drawers/Cabinet w. wheels –
Computer Stand/Cabinet –
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supper steven's sss says:

please my dream is to have i phone please



Brian Levy says:

Great video but flying above 400 feet is dangerous!

Harpreet Kaur says:

Wow!! So cool

Knight Templar says:

i have a question . like this drone is going to work with android system devises?

Harry Dearden says:

Looks quality

Jake Taz says:

hey jr, im a new subscriber. I am considering getting this as birthday gift, and was wondering if its still relevant… Is it still worth it to buy this model? i know both the 4 and mavic is out now. Should i just wait until this or the newer models drop in price? Im thinking about some other stuff instead, but if i do get a drone this one was about as much as my wallet (and my moms too) could handle currently. i found a phantom 3 pro from b & h for 799. if not, ill get something else and wait till next year. thanks!

shkelqim bytyqi says:

I love you’re vids

Kriss987 says:

Someone please buy my phantom 3 standard (antenna modded) i live in the UK

logischer alex says:

nice Video

ghostpictures says:

Chi-Town! <3


Get the carbon fiber blades for it. It will fly better.

Stay Hippay mayne says:

Why do you talk through you’re nose?

mason Cannon says:

you wat up

Khurramkhan Khan says:


Phantom Slayer says:


Manjul Saini says:

Amazing. This is a shot of Chicago

Bowman Jr. says:

does it tell you the battery life on the app?

FuturePhotoMediaTM Atlanta says:


Mohammad Adil Ahsan says:

Love u ur videos are soo helpful

Abigail Mayorga says:

I want the plus

ilay balanero says:

thank you, great video.

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Jhay Tubera says:

Came here just for the giveaway. Just being honest. :3

Allyza Guillermo says:

Awsome videos well i dont think i can use that hahaha love your videos keep it up

Moh. Ali-Khanaphia Sharief says:

Does this drone have auto wall detect, so it will be able to fly indoors?

Cherryblossomsquish Fun says:

Love ur vids!

heerak navik says:

Lovely video..Keep up the good work.

Jones Tom says:

Just checked out your video and it’s fantastic love it thanks JrTech

Lucas Florsheim says:

What’s the range for it?

Abigail Mayorga says:

I want the iphone 7 plus

Joe Riviera says:

I have one my self,
highly recommend

lý hùng says:

bao nhiêu tiền đây?

Allan Rey Tato says:

Thats a pretty cool drone

Ganssirius says:

I bought here. Very good product.

Akron Ohio says:

Okay I have a dumb question. How do I view my photos and video in 4k? I am shooting it in 4k but when I view it on my phone or upload it to FB it doesn’t look even close to 4k. someone please answer with a solid response. This is for my brother.

Hogan O'Hara says:

Big fan

Tamás Győri says:

Get the DJI Phantom 3 professional with discount:

Tom Dunn says:

Good vid man

DaRk TuRtLeS says:

Dam. This drone is sick dog

Knight Templar says:

greatest rew. ever

Ayen Kito says:

phantom 3 4k vs professional 4k video test

Ali Ehtisham says:

This was the quickest tutorial yet covering pretty much all the details in around 7 minutes. Thanks for the intro to this machine, would definitely help take the first flight! (Y)

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