Karma or Mavic Pro?! What drone do I get!!!
Well, for those of you who are wondering what drone to buy, this video is for you. It’s informative, compact, quick and to the point, and comprehensive. If you have any questions, leave em in the comments- I will answer!

Two Industry Leaders, DJI & GoPro have plunged into battle in a drone war.
GoPro’s newly released Karma drone seemed to top the market with folding arms and a removable gimbal. Until yesterday: DJI released the Mavic Pro, which seemed at first glance to put Karma to shame: But does it really?
Which is better?

Footage from DJI and GoPro.

Leave your feedback!!! I am very open to feedback 🙂 Thanks for watching

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Music by ‘Boifrenz’

Other mentions: DJI transmitter- from trusted friends, it feels “amazing” in your hands. Also, the latency on the goggles is 130ms!! So it will be an issue for fast flying/racing

UPDATE: CAM- Is it on par with P4? Apparently the soft footage is due to not being focused. But.. We’ll see, for sure, soon. Also, the mavic has a satchel bag if you buy it.

GoPro also has slight fisheye but less than previous models- DJI mavic has no audio 🙂

Sensor: 1/2.3” (CMOS), Effective pixels:12.35 M (Total pixels:12.71M)
FOV: 78.8 degree 28 mm (35 mm format equivalent) f2.2
Distortion- less than 1.5% Focus from 0.5 m to infinty
ISO: 100-3200 (video) / 100-1600 (photo)
Shutter: 8s -1/8000s
Recording modes:
C4K: 4096×2160 24p
4K: 3840×2160 24/25/30p
2.7K: 2704×1520 24/25/30p
FHD: 1920×1080 24/25/30/48/50/60/96p
HD: 1280×720 24/25/30/48/50/60/
No audio.

Stereo Audio
Exposure control
More data coming, specs not fully released


Corey Williams says:

I’m not a hobbyist, but I am an aspiring videographer so this helped. I still may go with gopro since my mind is in video mode. How long and how far aren’t that important at this moment.

Hawky Talky says:

very helpful Video !!!
thank you 🙂

让我的狗 操烂Dulan9 他妈的逼! says:

DJI it’s the ultimate leader in the drone industry

M. C. says:

You want waterproof drone with follow me check out the

DarthSmartt says:

Mavic can double as a stabilized gimble when folded up. Dji is better period!

Tobs Way says:

The plastic cover is removable thick head

edward nagina says:

if u get the mavic. a ipad mini. a gimble. a small action cam. a backpack. u are looking at close to $2500 so double the price of karma package. for that all u get is a drone thats a bit better. not worth it if u want full package and versatility. karma is for land,air and water

Massimiliano Arrigo says:

great video nice !!

Julian warren says:

your doing a review without ever touching either drone?

Big Hamma Slamma says:

Seriously people? The mavic can’t focus on its own, you have to tap the screen, which is a serious problem when trying to capture that perfect cinematic shot you want. Atleast the gopro can focus on its own.

Capt Eric Bergeron says:

Well done video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

吴叫兽 says:


Diego gonzalez says:

I want to go, GoPro but it’s that one feature it’s have

Armandster 1031 says:

the plastic thing is removable dumbass

Christopher Dounis says:

Great review… well balanced and informative.

jamesmcintoshjr says:

I completely agree with you on the karma over the mavic. I saw the mavic the other day at the profusion event in toronto, and it’s tiny and awesome and so smartly designed, but the karma just has so much flexibility with the removable gimbal and grip, not to mention having the best gopro ever made included in the bundle for about $100 more than a mavic with the remote. We’re definitely spoiled for choice, that’s for sure.

mazin kamil says:

thank you!❤

jpthsd says:

very dedicated young man! broken arm didn’t interrupt his review work 🙂 keep it up young man!

Scott Sturek says:

I didn’t read all the commits but there is a waterproof drone on the market….Splashdrone from SwellPro.  Seems to work well and is used by Rick Moore on YouTube.

Dovid Schulhof says:

Does it work with the session 4

Marcelo Campi says:

thanks for your review! HERO 5 optic lens point blur on karma drone
It is notorious a time 23:30 in the Official video gopro
image to video

I think that this DJI, put lens 87 degrees in mavic, so that the image was clean without optical luminosities, something I did not consider GOPRO

Edward LIAN says:

DJI Mavic Pro!!! It looks better

Joel Owers says:

What I find silly is how

Noob Gamer says:

But the karma is way cheaper

Joe Gagnon says:

Good video but, a lot of info a bit too fast .. although I agree to long of a YouTube video is not a good idea, too fast make it difficult to follow .. and it may have just been the edits that made it harder to follow so, maybe consider a slower crossfade.

Stratos H D says:

Karma was a flop, globally recalled

Andre Anderson says:


Erick j Ramirez says:

man thats a really nice mavic pro ill get the mavic i got a solo 3d robotic already n iris pus

Benny46drift says:

So you don’t have either or have used either drone?

ArmondoAG says:

i cant get over how shit the gopro karma is also the hero is shit to

kim preap says:

go pro homer

Mel Hyde says:

does it work with gopro hero 3+?

Benny46drift says:

The globe is for transportation

Augustin Song says:

Do you know/think if GoPro would add in a Follow Me mode in future software updates? The only reason I’m probably not gonna get the GoPro Karma is for that special mode.

Born 6th says:

The plastic globe can be removed. Actually DJI recommends it only for protection. Remove before flight.

Bennett Ackman says:

I have never gotten a drone before and I’m new, I have a GoPro hero 4 black. What would be a good starting drone?

THY BCX says:

DJI is screwing people over FYI, they’re sending out dead failing to charge batteries to people and their customer service and RMA process is a joke. I’m a month and a half in on getting my batteries replaced. I constantly have to keep following up with these scammers. It’s almost like they want me to forget about it. They tell me they will email me with updates and that hasn’t onced happend in the entire process. They then telling me they’ve to check their inventories and it’s going through inventories and it’s getting shipped. 3 weeks later, no movement same story.

Just recently they tell me they’re shipping it out, that was a week ago and they said 3-4 days. Now I followed up with them recently and it’s back to start that they’re checking inventories. They’re robbing people and I’m really surprised nobody is catching on to this.

I’ve logged every conversation with DJI and myself and I’m completely lost what to do other then just keep being persistant.

I would highly recommend not to buy into a DJI.

Thomas Jr. says:

I’ve watched at least 40 videos on these and other drones and your presentation gave me more of the type information that I was looking for.

Rayaan Chaudhry says:

Get a phantom remove the logs and put the gimbal at the front. Bam GoPro karma

TheFloorBoys says:

Good job, kid. Subbed.

Jarren Wong says:

im just saying but you sound like a GoPro Fanboy.


I respect both drones. we all know which is better. I respect karma because it’s a good start for go pro. we all know mavic raped karma so hard, but it’s a good leap for go pro.

Eduardo Frade says:

why this boy is talking so fast!! this video should be made to give some insights to take a decision, but talking this way, only americans can understand 100%!! think about

tqrecords says:

The way I see it, DJI has been in the drone business for 10 years and GoPro has just scratched the surface. The karma grip is an awesome feature. GoPro has really intended to make an all around solution for filming. The ability for the Mavic to follow you however, is by far one of the best features in drone technology. Drone users have been asking for this feature for years and now we can finally have it! I am probably gonna get the Mavic!

Hugh Jafro says:

You can’t go wrong with either one. Just put yourself back 5 years and you’d kill for these options. Amazing stuff, can’t wait to see what comes out 5 years from today!

Alejandro Hernandez says:

honestly the best and most informative video I’ve seen yet

Lucen Leong says:


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