DJI Mavic Pro | Review

Check out the Mavic Pro here:
Austin and Alex review a production model of the brand new DJI Mavic Pro drone ahead of its release!
To help give you an accurate picture of the Mavic’s capabilities, we rated on performance, portability, camera, features and the controller.

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Ivan Beram says:

Hey everyone. I just got the DJI MAVIC PRO!! Check out my channel to see me first flight with it. It is amazing!! Ps. I’m subbing back to anyone who subscribes to my channel ! 🙂

Notice Studios says:

great review ! i love using the mavic for our videos

trier4952 says:


Driver 81 says:

I made a video on my first flight please take a look here

outdoor fun says:

I have a Mavic Pro. It was a waste of money! Don’t get it. DJI is a great company but lost my loyalty with the Mavic Pro. The remote easily loses contact with the aircraft even at short distances. Even at 10 away I lost full control. Another time when landing I lost control and the Mavic pro tried to fly away and went up into a tree.

RaDDx1993 says:

Probably not a great idea to be flying your drone through a flock of Seaguls over the water….If just one bird hits it, down she goes in the water……..:O

P Money says:

What is better this or the bebop 2 ?

E Tech says:

Great video! Hey guys if you want to see some flight modes head over to my channel! I’ll be glad to answer any questions aswell✌️✌️

One Maui says:


Andrew Thompson says:

will the controller work with iphone?

Jason Powell says:

And a lot of you probably already know this but when you buy DJI you’re getting a quality quadcopter that they put some time into it and they make it pretty durable

robert cozma says:

GREAT VID. location… Philippines… lets go to palawan and take some more breath taking vids.

Rodrigo Malutta says:

I have a doubt before buying it: the mavic pro was launched in 2016, but i’m thinking about buying this drone in 2018. The doubt if: Will i still have support and will it still be working as it should be in 2020, for example? will i still have the same functionality in the DJI APP, or old drones stop working? Please someone help me.

fadly A. Rahman says:

Man 1 “Mavic Pro is too expensive. i can’t afford it. I think I’ll buy the made in China one”

Man 2 “But dude. Mavic pro is made in China”

Vee TV says:

Great video! Thanks for all the info! I just recently purchased my Mavic and made a video on my channel on my first flight too

FrozenLightz GT says:

What is the app name???

Marky Buk says:

Published october 2016 ! what would be a new review or Drone today January 2018 please 🙂

Mustafa Khan says:

3:00 U can see their Jeep hiding first tree to the right

JuricTV Gabriel says:

i like the shades. what brand?

DeviouS says:

You company’s are crazy! Not one drone on the market regardless of brand or quality is worth more than 150.00 not even the GPS ones! Now to sell these toys at 1000.00 – 16,000.00 you need to be shot!

priya mani says:

Can you send me a drone I have always wanted one it is one of my wish so if you can send me one I would be really happy

Koen Dekoning says:

Dude, when they send the product to you for free its is paid for media exposure. When you buy it yourself or get the use of the product and have to give it back you can claim “not paid for”.

Sangita Chaudhary says:


ko apinant says:

Mavic proรีวิว

LINUS2.0 SeMAT says:

yi erida drone has longer flying time and can fly faster.

Thaqib Damani says:

SALA Gareeb Drone

Guilio McEwan's Space says:

hello can anyone help me. I want to get a new sd card but if I go for a 128gb would this be to much for the drone to take.
please help.

Jason Powell says:

So I’m basically giving DJI $3,500 and I don’t regret it

John scott says:

Wow guys! Awesome review! Thank you so much! This just gave me the answers to all my questions about the mavic pro. I found this ad on Ebay, do you guys think it is a good buy?

Cesar Sandoval says:


Radek Rokita says:

Great review! Thanks guys!

Aravind Sundarraj says:

Which is the best drone to shoot movies?

FliteTest says:

Check out our DJI Goggle Review!

Calvin Sanders says:

Anytime you get a free product, the review is absolutely skewed. There’s no way to be unbiased unless you’ve spent your own hard-earned money. Because problems are much more frustrating and you’re less likely to forgive.

Brad Peniston says:

great video. You can get your mavic for a great price hear

AleApple96 says:

If you like drones, have a look on my channel and subscribe 🙂

TheStraightTurn says:

Is it paid promotion?

Jitter Flicks says:

Awesome video, love the Mavic Pro. We just got one ourselves and are learning to fly it.


Wow Wadsworth, Ohio! I’m from right next door in Medina! I know that stadium very well. Nice Video!

MrKmill7777 says:

Check out the new DJI Mavic AIR. They really set the bar high with this one!!!

Jason Powell says:

I have the Phantom 4 Pro before and ended up crashing at trying to rescue a small cheap inexpensive drone why won’t make that mistake again

Eric Thivierge says:

Great review guys!

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