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DJI Mavic Pro Drone Review! We’ve been waiting a long time to review this bad boy and it’s absolutely awesome. The combination of design, performance, sensors and media quality is hard to beat – It definitely makes the list for Best Drone 2016. The DJI Mavic Pro can fold up to be incredibly small/compact – makes it the perfect drone for traveling. It is also incredibly easy to set up and use – the Mavic is packed with all kinds of sensors so it automatically avoids obstacles making it almost impossible to crash. In terms of media quality, the Mavic Pro records up to 4K at 30 FPS as well as 1080P60 and 12MP stills. Further, the stabilization gimble makes every shot extremely smooth even in 20-30 mph wind. In terms of battery life, the stated max flight time is 27 minutes but we found it to be more like 22 minutes. It also has GPS and GLONASS so it can automatically fly back to its starting point if needed. Overall, the DJI Mavic Pro is the real deal – it will probably be the most popular consumer drone out there and for good reason. You’ll will be seeing it on the list for Best RC Drone 2016 / Best Quadcopter 2016 / Best Drones With Cameras 2016.

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Ricardo Z says:

I ordered mine 45 days ago and I’m still not getting answer of when it’s gonna be shipped.

Luc Skywalkr says:

Hard to maneuver in 8 mph winds? ur kidding right Worried about flying 2 far? U must have missed the Smart return 2 home section in the manual Need Ur phone 2 fly? Missed that section also Trades offs for its size? I missed that part R u really reviewing the Mavic or maybe it’s the parrot bebop lol

Max decent says:

do just fitnes

William Edmonds says:

I’m brand new to drones, but I watched a ton of videos about the Mavic and just had to get one. Now I got my Mavic in the mail yesterday, and I’m afraid to fly it.

DarthSmartt says:

I got one too best drone ever

Life with Landri says:

Great video. My school is getting this drone for sports

Ricky Oropeza says:

Very confusing information… somebody in the comments already cleared up you can use it with just the remote, but you also mention that “the obstacle avoidance sensors are nuts, even in sports mode.” I had the understanding the obstacle avoidance sensors are disabled on sports mode?!

ThomasDrijusl14 says:

what camera settings (Style, sharpness, contrast, saturation, 2.7k, 4k…) would you recommend for the mavic when you don’t want to process the footage in post



littleAZN248 says:

What places are there to fly these in Sacramento?

Michael Speziale says:

Some false info. You can fly with just the controller, just a phone, or both.

Jean- Christophe says:

Impressive drone! Thanks for the review .

alrestauro says:

Awesome review! Now I have to have patience to wait for mine : (

Max Knight says:

the Parrot Bebop 2 is the same size and it can handle up to 42 mph winds! and flys 40 mph, and its way more stable in the air, plus way cheaper

ChawnerBros. says:

that’s fine I think most of the music that Casey uses would make ur extremely awesome videos even more awesome

Market Immersion says:

Thanks for the great info!

Gary Etn says:

I and I look on the side of the body there’s a small compartment that you have to flip out it allows for Wi-Fi or remote control remote RC is the controlling over to the window on the controller you don’t need a phone to fly the other thing is that I seen on there but I can’t confirm is on DJI it says that the cameras auto focus

Dana Leasman says:

This video has a lot of false information, based on a lack of understanding of the features. Before doing a review, you may want to read the manual. For one, you CAN fly without a phone attached.

Salamander Workshop says:

Can you do a review of the phantom 4 pro or gopro karma once the karma software is fixed?

ChawnerBros. says:

still it is a very good piece of music but casey has used it

Wout VdV says:

You should get rid of all the notifications in the videos … it’s a bit unpleasant

metatron2332 says:

one of the tbest drones (2017)!
over a milion preordes are still wating now for month. Me too.

Orlando Cano says:

Hey I just got the incase GoPro back back that you’ve been using and my Mavic arrives in a week. Would you say the Mavic and remote fit in the top pouch of the incase backpack that is designed for DSLRs (you had your DSLR in there during your review of the incase backpack)

ChawnerBros. says:

Using casey neistat’s music, good choice

MrJenssen says:

What about rain and snow? You didn’t mention that.

Darren Leung says:

May I know whats the brand of the white tee you wearing at the end?

My Earth says:

The Mavic is specialized to be light and fit with outdoor enthusiasts so you can hike, bike, paddle somewhere and have a great aerial platform in a remote location without having to carry the bulk of a Phantom or Inspire. If this is not important to you the Phantom 3 Pro, Phantom 4 or Phantom 4 Pro would be a better choice. I would argue that the Mavic is a great “Go To” UAV if you have to pack in all your gear. If you can drive to a location, then consider the Inspire of Phantom Series …

Siret Fel says:

please make a review for gear s3 vs GPS watches (fenix 3, spartan)

Antonio Aguilar says:

What camera did you use to record this video?

1650million says:

This is a little wonder, but I´m concerned about the tap to focus, since it does result in plenty of OOF shots, according to many other videos out there.
I hear they have introduced a “focus to infinity” in the latest firmawre to “fix” this problem, but not sure if this is actually an effective solution for most shooting situations , since this would be my very first drone.
If anyone has tried this, I would certainly apreciate the feedback.

Archee Booking Agent says:

saw your video, nice “casey” work.. 🙂 One thing you have said is incorrect. you said that you need to have the phone plug in to fly the drone.. you don’t! you can fly it just with the remote.. take phtos and videos… of course you have to fly it by hand but you don’t need the tablet if you like to just fly it or record photos and videos..

Chandler Schroeder says:

Aaaaand the forest hill bridge

reclark05 says:

Where did you purchase your Mavic? Everywhere I’ve looked it seems that they won’t be released for a while, but everyone seems to have one.

cristian mirabal says:

good video, thanks!

Infidel Gastro says:

Mavic? I know Mavic as manufacturers of bike rims.

Nate The Great says:

Too bad it does not come out till January 2017. I am going to wait till spring anyways

Jeff Boycott says:

Great review 🙂
Picking mine up in April!

JohnGovette says:

Jeff what day did you order your Mavic? Direct through DJi or Amazon, Apple?


CORRECTION: At 2:28 I say that you need a phone to fly the drone. That is not true. After testing it further, you can fly with just the remote. Hat tip +Michael Speziale

Jonathan Meng says:

Can you do the review on DJI inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro?
I’m looking to get one sometime in the near future.

Jason Dounine says:

Hey Jeff thanks for the great videos I was gonna got a Garmin vivofit 3 but then u saw your vivo active hr video and I was like why not so I got it

omoshioine says:

woot. love your vids bro. happy holidays!

Irto Simbiak says:

The reason i subscribed because you u always provide great info about battery life…thank u.

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