DJI Mavic Pro First Look And Review

Today, DJI releases their next big innovation in the drone industry, the Mavic Pro. We got the opportunity to fly and review the Mavic Pro and this is what we think.

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jason zg says:

So many dji drone belong to you?

Ninjuk says:

If it’s combines most of the futures of Phantom plus racing mode, its definitely one to go!


hi dude dose its controller connect with Andriod phones ?

NN - Nobreza Nobre says:

The Best, Show.

luca sucks says:

so u don’t have to use the controller. Then whats the point?

cirovideo1 says:


yellowjacketf4i says:

Great review thanks

shadowPrism says:

Flight time?


Does the controller connect with Android phones especially the USB type c ones

Jean Claude Mañosas says:

Soundtrack please

Paul says:

You need to take the cover off from the camera. It only degrades video quality. Cover is only there for camera protection when packing.

Xbendoesbricks says:


Ben Solomon says:

The DJI Mavic pro is back in stock!

Ibrahim Ali says:

I love the quality of your video. Great use of sliders. Overall 100/100 =)

radioadde says:

How easy is this to fly for a beginner? I had the second generation Parrot AR drone, but I felt that was impossible to control, I even crashed into a tree the first day. How much does it improve to have a dedicated remote control versus just using you cell phone?

EuroSpeed says:

if I’d purchased the Phantom 4 or inspire 1
I would be pissed right about now

baba Wap says:

This guy is great at YouTube

Khalil Bethel says:

Whats the name of the song ?

Julius Krebs says:

very good video dude!!!!

saultyboi says:

Song name?

tattoodrdoke says:

could this hold a Samsung note. I have the note 3 and note 7?

DukeOfDC says:

The second he pulled the milk carton up to reveal the Mavic, I hit that like button. Awesome video man!

bigearedmouse17 says:

If I could only choose one drone to go with,I would go for the PREDATOR DRONE.

Sanjeewa Samaranayake says:

Everyone compares the video quality. There are some lot of people who could live with not as good pictures as P4. So can someone please address other more important questions
a) Durability- DJI is coming up with FPV goggles for using Mavic as racing drone. Good idea but racing drones tend to get bashed and unit then should have lot of user changeable components so where is Mavic in this spac?e. Will mavic survive a hit to tree, crash etc much better than Phantoms/Inspire and what parts be replaced by users?
b) DJI rate Mavic with wind speeds higher than 30km/hr which is rating for phantom 3 series and inspire series. Can someone compare and comment on it under high wind situation and how it is compared to other DJI products
c) Being tiny unit and having 7KM rating for distance is a bit of a joke as DJI only recommend flying within line of site. You will have to have someone with a binocular to give you feedback if we to send Mavic anywhere beyond 1KM. So the question is how far can you send this having line of site?. Further whatever sensors a serious person should always assume that these fail so what is the point of 7KM and being tiny you will not see it even after 500m?

Mark Erasmus says:

The test footage you took (which is awesome btw) was that with or without the plastic gimbal/camera dome protector?

Md Daniel says:

can you use the remote without a phone, and also would you recommend this to beginners, this would be my 2nd drone

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