DJI MAVIC KILLER?! – WALKERA VITUS Drone Review – Part 1 – [Unboxing, Comparison, Inspection, setup]

Enjoy Part 1 of my review series for the new DJI Mavic competitor, the Walkera VITUS Drone! Get it here

I’ll be doing several in-depth flight and range tests with the VITUS! Please subscribe and click the bell at top right so you will be notified when they are uploaded 😀

Check out Part 2 with the in-depth flight test review here

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Doc. Volt says:

Beautiful but i rather spend those money on a long range fpv flyer

UAVs Technologies says:

DJI Mavic killer will be GDU O2 Drone!!!

Ney Vasconcelos says:

The footage of this drone is horrible… And the battery time is around 20 minutes. Not worth $500 dollars at all, it does not even get close the sparks on the picture quality (If the image is not stable/Jello free on a $1000 drone you are wasting time and money). Note: I think the camera on this drones was installed by Bill Cosby.

Dustin Dunnill says:

Hi everyone. Wanted to let you all know my flight review for the Vitus is here

אדם שפיץ says:

it looks like an mini inspire

Richard Masci says:

For the tablet, I use something like this on my controller and it does a great job. after 5 months and dozens of flights it’s never dropped my tablet. This might allow your ipad to work

Frys82 says:

nothing beats a mavic

FernFox says:

For 800 just put in the extra 100 and get a mavic..

True Drone Reviews says:

Nice Dustin like#274

Astephf says:

It look like the walkera is using infrared sensors when the Mavic is using optical sensors. So i can’t wait for the test video to see how this thing fly.

Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas. says:

I hate copys, no imaginacion. FUCK WALKERA VITUS.

Pib Gidouille says:

thx, but, mavic killer, no way!

life4tuned s says:

I probably would have called it black widow

Cerus98 says:

Looks like a cheaply made knockoff. Pass.

Black Sheep says:

Great Unboxing, Looking forward to the next video!

cilthy funt says:

dude ,I might watch all the video if I was given the info I really wanted at the start of the vid but I’m snoring before half way through! right away I wanna know if it has mavic range ,flies as stable with the gps lock , similar camera and gimbal and most important = price and flight time

Billy Darley says:

looking at the battery bay i keep wondering if longer flight times could be had by making your own battery pack of lg mj1’s if it amounts to less weight and or higher mAh.

KrazyFuckinCrackers1 says:

yeah the range sucks it does look good but its range is just too bad for the price

ComputermanAM13 says:

They look like IR sensors… Definitely not a great option in day light

Ray Matos says:

Can you also test all the features like follow me, selfie picture, and can you compare video to the dji spark and dji mavic. Thanks!!

droneXfactor says:

I have the vitus as well…..I don’t want to do a full review until i get mine back from Walkera…..they called me after watching my video & told me I have a Bad optical flow sensor & compass 🙁

Brendan O'Mara says:

Didn’t look like the transmitter was charged all the way? Only saw one green light on? Great video – you always explain everything so completely. Thanks!

LuBi Bochum says: made me excited on how this thing flies. I´ve had many connection fails with the mavic. That´s NOT my drone anymore. Waiting for your air video!!! Greetings LuBi

Japalian808 Passalacqua says:

Awesome video as always bro. All your awesome videos helped convince myself I needed a drone and I ended up getting a mavic pro a couple months ago haha


Nice job!!

willettfx says:

cool Dustin! wish i could afford it

Kay Kann says:

Remote control signal range is disappointing only 1.5Km~a mile.

Ti Lu says:

Nive vid as always! Does it support 9.7 tablet?

Peyton Clark says:

Can you do a review of the connex falcore? It seems like a very interesting concept for people getting into drone racing.

dupleix0 says:

Great video! Well done! Regarding the price, if it is nearly as good as the MAVIC, it would be a great contender being cheaper…

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