For this Vlogging 101 with Matt, I take a look at the DJI Mavic Drone. I go over the benefits, some of the drawbacks and my overall opinion of the drone. I also shoot some beautiful city skyline along the way.

Some big positives of the MAVIC:
Mall Size
Phone Cable Integration
The props stay on when stored
The controller grips
collision avoidance

Some Negatives:
Controller covers the home button on the iphone
Touch to focus might be a problem if you forget to tap.

VLOGGING 101 with Matt is a video series about what I have learned in my time as a lifestyle daily vlogger. I go over filming techniques, equipment choices, editing, post production techniques tips and tricks that I hope will help you in making your vlog or video project. This will be a regular series, so subscribe to my channel or this playlist directly ( to stay up on any updates. If you have any suggestions for future episodes, or comments in general, hit the thumbs up button and don’t forget to Subscribe!


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李阳 says:


Alex Sam says:

Cool review, thank you.
I see that the video from drone a litle bit twitched. And I saw this in other reviews. Is it a bug in Mavic?

Gixer750pilot says:

“Let’s try and thread the needle” . You so reminded me of TedsHoldover when you said that

Larry Miller says:

Hello! So no calibration dance?

John Barnhart says:

Waiting for mine. Going to Iceland in a few months and cant wait to get some awesome video and pictures.

Pika Jin says:

A new DJI drone Inspire 2 will be launched today.

zhongqiao zhu says:

Well I manage to buy one after seeing ur vlogs , lol

杨平 says:

Dude, that build in ningbo looks really like Beijing CCTV 大裤衩

Connor Southern says:

So how far away did you get the drone away from you (in km)? And what was the signal like when you went around buildings and stuff like that?

onelove says:

This was absolutely a great review!! Thank you. from the states 🙁

Savercop says:

I find your video here really cool. Great recordings. I have something on my channel:

I also have a soft spot for beautiful aerial photographs with drones. Maybe you like to see my channel times and subscribe.

I definitely look back at you and subscribe.


Su Amigo El Ilegal says:

they could of have made this drone better. like some folding landing legs and a little more fancy looking than just looking like a racing

Marcelo Mendes says:

beautifuol city of. china muy buena ciudade del china bela cidade de china

E H says:

Mavic pro’s next step is getting the 4k at 60fps or higher. Beautiful machine in time for christmas though. Love the shots you got. Can you do a tilt shift edit of these views for the toy city look? Thanks.

Aviation Direction says:

Great review! If the iPhone turns off while you are flying, what will the Mavic do? Return to home? I assume you can just hit the actual phone power button to quickly log back in as opposed to disconnecting the phone to access the home button. Thanks.

Cherry Pepper says:

8:52. Good point.

Mayowa Ojo says:

Man Ningbo’s growing..

68cristian says:

what was hour max altitude ? that building you do point of interest, then fly over seems pretty high…

Jessica Evans says:

Matt my dad likes your videos and I subbed because he will want me to watch you lol
Also a suggestion to get good drone videos–watch Casey Neistat sometimes!
If you do, you act EXACTLY like him! :3

Bryce Pittman says:

the camera is “flimsy” because its on a gimbal which keeps the camera steady throughout your maneuvers. You really should put the little plastic gimbal guard on when traveling around, which holds it steady.

Luis Arellano says:

woooow nice thaks for te video

Capt Eric Bergeron says:

Well done video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

Tono and Kath says:

Amazing drone ever !
See our DJI Mavic Pro flight in Bali – Indonesia

Michael Smith says:

Got mine Oct. 25th. Came from China.

Nolan Gaudreau says:

If you’re flying to or from something, do you have to tap to focus a few times to keep it focused?

Zilin Vic lian says:

Great video man! Good to see home too!
Thought I heard you say “you pulled some strength to get the drone”? Any connection with DJI? I simply don’t have the 6-8 weeks to wait now, going to the US on 12th Dec, thought would be awesome to have a Mavic Pro with me while visiting. Could you let me know if you can get anything sooner please? I am flying from Australia to California, will stop at Beijing for 6 hours. Cheers

iJustin says:

awesome video review mate I’ve got the DJI Phantom 4.. but I am thinking of getting the Mavic though, just not as yet lol..

Joshua Daley says:

Hey Matt, Great Video! I’m really considering getting the Mavic pro however, I never even used or held a drone in person. Do you guys think the mavic would be a good start for the price?

Daniella3d says:

Does anyone get arrested for flying illegally?  I see plenty of footage flying illegally over the city and high over skyscrapers…Good thing the Mavic is so small as it is not so apparent so it can go a long way before getting noticed. If you were doing this with the Phantom, you would probably get arrested fast.

Leonardo Mendonca says:

how can I get the dji mavic, i mean, have a lot of problems going on with the mavic shipps, i dont know how can you got the drone so fast…

Simon Lomax says:

Great video. The fact you have used other drones does give you more credibility than relying on sellers

Marcelo Mendes says:

mui bela cityda china mucho buena

Kit says:

I see no sensitivity in this man handling a drone. Starting beneath a metal fence, shaking it while talking, flying in a city, through glass buildings…oh man he will lose more drones than hair in his life.

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