DJI Mavic Air vs. DJI Mavic Pro vs. DJI Spark | Drone Comparison

DJI Mavic Air:
DJI Mavic Pro:
DJI Spark:

DJI Mavic Air Review:
DJI Mavic Pro Review:
DJI Spark Review:

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Faris Rosli says:

Does the mavic air has S-log profile or what picture profile does it has?

Paul Thompson says:

Review links are missing in the description.

brenku says:

How does it interface with DJI goggles? Thanks!

tone1myth2ad says:

I saw the live program but i was wondering, since they didnt mention it, what is the benefit of the enclosed props and motor hubs??

David Adams says:

Very good review. Very efficient, as expected 😉

Alan Savage says:

Excellent comparison Tom!! If I had to choose from the 3, I’d get the Mavic Air. Just right for the price

Tom's Tech Time says:

Please purchase your future drones and accessories through my affiliate link below. Every sale supports my channel, meaning that I will be able to buy more drones and gear for new episodes, as I will get a small commission. Use this link drone shopping:
Stay tuned and fly safe!

Nanuk says:

Should i get mavic or air idk :'(

Troll King says:

So Dji mavic air is the new middle drone that’s making waves but when will we see a comparison between the mavic air and the autel Evo? I’m looking forward to that

Ken Hodgson says:

What does the Mavic Air have for intelligent flight modes?

Renan Schiebel says:

What about mavic air radio controller?

Carlos Austin says:

Still waiting for a better sensor for still photography. Where is the P5?

harry camper says:

Thanks for your review Tom.
It was very noticeable that the Air has more Mbits with the comparison video raising up over Jaffa Port. The two previous vids, mavic pro and spark are very choppy and it was quite telling, even before you noted the 100Mbits vs 60 vs 40.
I guess the Air is not using the occusync system due to reported lesser range?
Just sold my mavic the other week and might consider the Air now that the camera is showing some promise.
Thanks again for your review, very well done!

ProCircus says:

Should have mentioned about the usb c port. And the controller functions.

EDKON says:

DJI Mavic Air is on my list…

Ron Coker says:

A nice review!

Matthew Tovey says:

awesome vid, can the mavic air be charged by USB?? would be soooo useful to know! thanks

ABo MALA says:

IS the Air have sonar under like the mavic? (mavic 2 camera under + 2 sonar )

Teckin says:

Great video. I am a little disappointed that I just bought a Spark about a month ago.

Feel Free to Feel Free says:

Thanks for the Video, I’m almost happy I lost my Mavic Pro a week ago, this would have been a really hard decision if to get the Air instead…

Ian Karlo says:

When you tubers get paid by DJI…

Max z says:

portable !

hong keun Kim says:

Hey Tom always like it your review and thanks and i just noticed that if you make up for halloween joker somehow you might really look like a joker ^^
Just my personal thought i hope you don’t get upset anyhow do you think some point we will have Mavic Pro2?
Not just platinum stuff.


SQU1RT5 says:

Which part of this video wasn’t extremely obvious and easily available? You didn’t cover any of the material only known after having it hands-on?……. Kind of pointless. Well produced though.

Scott Henderson says:

I wish they would have made the Air compatible with the Mavic Pro remote, save us some coin by only having to buy the drone and not another remote.

Ken Foss says:

Tom, will the Air work well with Android?

chet laux says:

What about the phantom

Faris Rosli says:

Did you create the transition by yourself or did you buy it somewhere else?

David Baker says:

Red Combo for me. I’ll have the trio Sparc/Mavic Air/Mavic Pro

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