DJI Mavic Air Review – The Drone That Helps You Tell Better Stories

The DJI Mavic Air is clearly a great alternative to the Mavic Pro. But how does it hold up over seas and on large productions? Corbyn Tyson covers the pros and cons of this killer little drone from a filmmakers perspective.

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Mavic Pro (Single Unit)

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The drone used in the video was loaned to us from DJI. This review and it’s content was not reviewed or paid for by outside persons or manufacturers.


HotRodHippie says:

Wifi connection concerns is exactly why I bought a Mavic Pro last week. Between this review and Matti’s yesterday I was questioning that choice but then both reviews mentioned connection issues. And that solidified my choice.

Chad Johnson says:

At 4:38 Corbyn gives some really bad advice regarding how to get good at flying your drone. You SHOULD absolutely learn to fly without using your monitor at all, keeping the aircraft in your line of sight at all times. Learn to fly nose-out first, then learn nose-in, so you get your muscle memory built up before you start relying on the screen as a crutch. Just go out to an open field and fly the thing without shooting any video. Fly low and slow! I’ve been doing this since 2011 and his “tip” is not only an invitation to crashing more, it’s also against the FAA rules as far as keeping your head buried in the monitor. Keep in mind the man crashed in an open field from assuming the trees wouldn’t be a problem. My advice would be to try to learn how to fly in a smooth figure 8 pattern about 10 feet off the ground. Keep your eyes on the drone. Then try to film something.

Imiy F. says:

100 megabits per second, not megabytes 🙂

ALXMNR says:

Am I the only one who heard some random wierd secondary audio from about 0:34 – 0:58?

Michael Middleton TBH says:

Welcome Corbyn! I was initially thrown off when I didn’t see Caleb, but an (occasional) different perspective is good! I started with a Phantom 2, then Inspire 1 and currently the Spark that I use in the situations you mention. The Mavic Air looks like a sweet machine. Thanks for the review. I look forward to more great content from Corbyn and Caleb!

Julio Zavala says:


justsimi says:

Hey guys, can you do a video on your setup, specifically lighting?

The modern video shooters says:

By law you MUST look at your drone. You cant fly without being able to see the drone.

Steven Shaltiel says:

This video was helpful, and I like this guy, but it I was totally thrown off – is this the first time anyone other than Caleb has contributed to this channel, or am I missing something? Different content is awesome, but an explanation or introduction to such a change would be great!

Silas Willoughby says:

Great review, but… I prefer Caleb. This guy seemed depressed.

ToastandJam52 says:

Great video. I am considering this drone. A general question: do you ever get interference on the remote when flying a drone? Interference from say a cellphone tower, other drones, etc? Thanks!

Shane Robertson says:

Mr pike. You’ve changed your hair. Lol 🙂

Will Adams says:

where is Caleb?

Devin Trent says:

Who is this dude!?!?!?!?!?

arthur flochel says:

turning off sensors… flying your drone on auto… in the forest… as a drone wizard…

Prequel says:

It’s great except… 21 mins is a f…ing joke!

huntbot says:

What’s happening…? So confused…

Front Range Photography & Drone says:

definitely disappointed hearing you promote illegal activity and just snubbing your nose at what being a part 107 pilot is really all about.

palentier1 says:

Who are you and what did you do with the bald guy?

Ave Mcree says:

Caleb looks different today?

Quenton Daniels says:

Good review mate, just made more choice for me. I’m getting one!

Jai Kavi says:

This guy has valuable knowledge gained from experience with drone cinematography. I think you’ve done a smart thing by having him speak, as opposed to reading off some specs with a couple of test videos thrown in, which is a kind of half baked approach IMHO. Thanks!

photojournalistsf says:

It’s not just line of sight it’s also signal interference. I could fly my Phantom for quiet a long distance, in nature but any city with lots of signals you will lose signal much faster even if you’re at line of sight.

Sim Er says:

Who are you, what have you done to Caleb? 😀

NoCoffee says:

My best friend recently got the DJI Spark and I was flying Drones since 3 years now. But I was flying the Drones of my company. It’s time get my own but dawm! These are so expensive. I have to spend Money like over 6 months.. Good Review!

Calum Davies says:

It’s against the law to not have constant eye site of the drone in a lot of countries. In nz if I fly my drone and some one asks me were it is and I can’t tell them in 3 seconds I get fined $2000

filmmaking guide says:

I don’t get it. Where is Caleb ?

Lone Bushcrafter says:

Can you fly the drone without cell service, with using your cell as a monitor?

Alexander Mustermann says:

Lmao the exact same thing happened to myMavic Pro the other day. It collided with a tree in quick shot mode. P.S. Not having a visual line of sight with the UAV is against the law in most countries. Dangerous illegal advice there to fly just monitoring the live video feed.

Jake Newman says:

“You’re going to have to learn not to fly in line of site”- Depressed gezza on the video

FAA- “Section 107.31 Visual line of sight aircraft operation.
(a) With vision that is unaided by any device other than corrective lenses, the remote pilot in command, the visual observer (if one is used), and the person manipulating the flight control of the small unmanned aircraft system must be able to see the unmanned aircraft throughout the entire flight in order to:

(1) Know the unmanned aircraft’s location;

(2) Determine the unmanned aircraft’s attitude, altitude, and direction of flight;

(3) Observe the airspace for other air traffic or hazards; and

(4) Determine that the unmanned aircraft does not endanger the life or property of another.”

Appeciate your help in encouraging reckless flying.

Nick Toss says:

5:01 My drone pilot professor said that in many states it’s illegal to fly a drone if it’s not in line of sight. (It’s definitely illegal in Virginia)

HIS Elect Media says:

Good job Corbyn! Great video guys.

Scott Maclean says:

Thanks for the review! When the controller loses contact with the drone like you mentioned in India, how do you get it back?

David O' Brien says:

can you do a video about useing the F7’s as key lights for the gh5 or a non lowlight camera?

DSLR Video Shooter says:

Quick note! This is my good friend Corbyn Tyson. I asked him to help me out with this and other videos since he is a drone/gimbal wizard. Sorry for any confusion!!!

SKD Media says:

This was a really helpful review, the fact that Corbyn discussed how it could help with our storytelling separated this review from pretty much every other one I’ve seen of the AIR. Also, really enjoyed Corbyn, his style, his frustration, and him being part of the DSLR Video Shooter world. Looking forward to seeing more from him on this channel!

jokerandcharlie says:

my 1st thought: wow, Caleb you look different today 😉 however, interesting topic, well done Corbyn.

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