DJI Mavic Air isn’t quite perfect (Drone Review)

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We review the Mavic Air against the Mavic Pro and DJI Spark in every way we could think of: video quality, battery life, remote control range, speed, indoor stability, low light, Gestures and SmartCapture, hand launching and landing, QuickShots, ActiveTrack, and more! We also manage to crashes.

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oneworldvideo says:

That was awesomely comprehensive! Congrats! It’s the little details that make a difference and you guys nailed it! Question: if you insert and SD card, does it automatically record to it, or does it try to fill up the internal memory first? Thanks!

Chip Stanley says:

Great video

Kin Kwan says:

Thanks for the concise review! I learned more about each drone than some of the individual reviews for each drone that I’ve watched.

LinkBizkit says:

i’ll wait for spark 2 lol

Luke W says:

Great to hear pros and cons!

Corby Q says:

Great video. New sub. I need to afford the Mavic Air

YouTube Stalker says:

Great review. Big thumbs up..

paser pase says:

this dude gettin paid to advertise don’t fall for the gimmicks trust me stick with mavic pro and spark..this mavic air is a clone drone,

aaanton11 says:

Hi U.K. calling, help, I have had a drone disaster, my new MAVIC air, just up and flew away, gutted to the core, please watch, have you ever seen anything like this before, regards aaanton11

Navpreet Singh says:

I’m not sure Chelsea is wearing enough layers!

tosin v says:

and then they say Karma was worst Drone. DJI trollers..

Droning about NW says:

Also when you grab the air flip it upside down and it automatically shuts off.

Rafal Galinski says:

well done Tony

brigz las says:

this is why i love tony and chelsea northrup channel..not only camera and drone.. honest comparison..

rossimessi1 says:

Wow someone has actually done a proper comprehensive review of the DJI drones. Thank You.
For the first time I can actually see the real world difference and application. Thank You.

Ian Gourlay says:

Nice folks, enjoyed some of your other videos BUT this one’s full of operator errors that produced at least a majority of the glitches. Also the wind was obviously far too high for the Spark, ludicrous to attempt a launch in such circumstances. So some of this is quite unfair on the drones and DJI. I’m no habitual defender of DJI but here they’re getting stick that’s not entirely justified.
AND as others have said, this is full of outdated elements. Better to bin this clip and redo it with less wind???

Droning about NW says:

Your phone also records a 720p video that you can review immediately to see if prps messup up a shot. Also the tremoring was fixex, i have never seen it in any of my flying

taipan185 says:

can someone please explain to me how a drone can claim to have 3 miles on wifi when most wifi connection I have ever seen struggle to give you a decent connection around a damn house?

Bryan Ojeda says:

You talk about DJI should add side sensors. I don’t know maybe next time know your damn surroundings before doing the circle or helix shot…common sense dude

Babar Asghar says:

Bought this drone after this review …
Video quality is much better than Mavic Pro, obstacle avoidance is damn good front n back, APAS is superb, works fine if trees have some leaves on it’s branches, don’t expect it to dodge a thin wire or a thin branches n it’s a beast, unbreakable … And don’t fly it in sport mode if u can’t handle it’s agility. Quick, fast and quite responsive … Packs as small as my Tamron 15-30mm

Marco Rosales says:

Those 360 shots are sick! Tutorial plz!?

Mabrouk Ali says:

*Why is it that when we see drones in the air, they look wobbly and shaking. But when we look at the footage, the filming looks very stable as if they are on tripods??*

Jared Hillhouse says:

Excellent review. This helps a lot. I have a huge interest in getting an Air, but had some questions on it which you guys helped to answer. I may be pulling the trigger on one soon now, other than, the teaser for a Mavic Pro 2 maybe coming out – sheesh, no way to keep up 🙂 Thanks for the great vid.

Dan Holland says:

Concerning the crash at 6:08. I was reading some notes from a Mavic Group and this is what someone posted: “I just contacted DJI support concerning taking QuickShots with the Mavic Air. Much to my surprise I learned that Obstacle Avoidance is disabled while in any of the QuickShot Modes. I’m glad I learned this before I set out in areas that would have resulted in an unwanted crash. My idea was to choose my house as the subject and shoot both a Boomerang Video and a Circle Video. The trees close to my house would not have been avoided according to DJI Support. Have any other Mavic Air owners had experience with this or recommend the safest method. I wanted to do a roof inspection of my house. Perhaps doing it manually is the safest way.”

So I think that crash should have been expected?

Damag381 says:

How on earth did you get the props in the shot, let alone that crazy banding! I’ve flown in 50km winds and haven’t seen anything like what you are getting

Edward Tse says:

You can use OTG cable with spark

Jeremy Fortunato says:

The problem with the air is that it still uses WiFi. The spark can connect a phone or tablet through cable which is how I used it with no issues. But the WiFi is useless in places like San Francisco. I launched my spark from my hotel room and flew out the window to capture some Union square footage. As soon as it was out of the building it had so much interference that I almost couldn’t get it back. I had to step out onto the for escape and hand recover it. The occusync doesn’t have this issue. Anywhere there is heavy WiFi traffic the spark and air are useless. The risk involved with interference overload far out weighs the benefit of capture. Intended use always dictates what the best purchase is.

DJ Revolver says:

This whole video was complaining about how u suck at flying or handling drones. “they shouldn’t let you auto fly in a direction it can’t avoid obstacles” That’s why the law says u have to keep an eye on it. See they expect you the human to not be a dumbass. Guess they gave too much credit

Mabrouk Ali says:

I found both of them actually too slow almost like toys.
I don’t think it would bother me if they were slightly bigger and stronger.

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