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James M says:

Need better lighting for night orientation and when are they going to put in a built-in display into the controller?

Tom's Tech Time says:

Please purchase your future drones and accessories through my affiliate link below. Every sale supports my channel, meaning that I will be able to buy more drones and gear for new episodes, as I will get a small commission. Use this link drone shopping:
Stay tuned and fly safe!

jyunte says:

An interesting aircraft, but not an upgrade from the Mavic Pro…

Although they claim 4K at a maximum of 100mbs bit rate, it’s not true 4K (4096×2160, which the Mavic Pro has), but only UHD (3840X2160).

Less flight time, less range and less height – 5000m *above sea level*, compared to 5000m above your take off point on the Mavic Pro. If you fly from a mountain, you may not even be able to take off with the Mavic Air if you’re above 16,404 ft, lol.

Forwards and backward collision avoidance cameras are great, but no side collision avoidance.

Still a tiny camera sensor, no aperture control.

No OccuSync, just Enhanced WiFi for the video downlink, which is a deal breaker for some.

Video latency up to 250ms.

My conclusion: A great step up from the Spark, but not a step up from the Mavic Pro, and quite a disappointment for those of us who are looking for a video platform with more modern technology than the Phantom 4.

Gordon Henson says:

For the Mavic Air:
-Clicking the “Video Sample 1”, link brings me to the DJI site to purchase a Mavic Pro Platinum.
-Clicking the “Video Sample 2”, link doesn’t work any more.
Video Sample 2 and 3 still work though. Thank you for sharing video sample files. I really appreciate that! I’m grateful. Thank you.

Michael Emery says:

Nobody is comparing the Intelligent Flight modes with the Mavic Pro. Missing are Course Lock, POI, Home Lock, and Fixed Wing mode. Course Lock and POI are absolute essentials for many of the Cinematic shots I like to use, however I won’t really miss Home Lock or Fixed Wing mode.

Sterling says:

The Mavic Air takes a beautiful video for such a small camera. If the price is really what you quoted, then it’s good to go! Very good review. I would be interested in getting one of these.

Frank says:

Man that thing is loud.

Henry Galdamez says:

Hey Tom, What about Wind resistance in your experience, the specs say about 21MPH winds but I have flown my Mavic Pro on faster winds. your thoughts…thanks

Hoang Minh Vuong says:

really nice video! 1 sub!!!!

Nkosi Nu Heka Kau Sen says:

They are trying to reinforce the globe with the asteroid effect lol.

Lei Yu says:

Hey Tom, does the Mavic Air has the “follow me” GPS based tracking function/mode addition to the Active Track Mode, like the Mavic Pro does? By the way, very nice and detailed review!

robert kelly says:

Can I use my 5inch Crystalsky with it?

DanielDoes45 says:

I think that the Mavic Air is a good drone for beginners but is overhyped and does not seem like something that is better then the Mavic Pro

Justin Treptow says:

Can the mavic air be charged through its usb-c port?

Peter Pancho says:

So, most people would agree this takes better footage and performs better than the Mavic Pro ??

LEXPIX says:

Great job Tom. Your channel is where I first go for drone related stuff. Keep up the good work man.

Ralph der Kapitaen says:

no HDMI output? forget it then….

Nightmare Ghost says:

can you charge it from the usb? from a power bank for example

Got It!?FPV says:

Wow! I just became a DJI customer in December with the platinum and I feel like I got screwed paying $1100 now that this is about to release!

Daan87423 says:

Please get rid of the “YOU FIND ALL PRODUCT LINKS IN THE DESCRIPTION” overlay. It ruines the footage

meehhhe Of You says:

the range for me is the biggest reason i will likely stick with the Mavic Pro. im not saying i need to be able to fly miles upon miles away, but like how he explained it in the video, its all about signal quality, and nothing as of right now comes close to Occusync on the mavic pro. infact when my friends need to film in more difficult locations where a lot of stuff in between them at base and their point of interest they always ask to use my mavic pro instead of their inspire 2, signal reliability is a massive advantage.

their is other reasons as well, for example shorter run time.. my mavic pulls in just over 20 minutes if im going slow and slow for cinematics and if i’m rocketing around in sport mode it drops to around 16-18 minutes. the spark rated at 16 minute battery.. slow and low flying i was able to get 11-13 minutes at best out of it… sport mode 9-10 minutes at best.. i estimate new mavic air at best will give you 15-17 minutes in slower cinematic experience and barely over 10 minutes in sport mode. you may not need full use of a battery in every shot you put it up for, but trust me with mavic air you will struggle to get multiple uses out of a single battery charge.. that’s find if you get multiple batteries, however some occasions where you may forget to bring a spare pack.. i done that on my mavic pro twice so far, ended up arriving to do a realestate shot, realize i only have the one battery and another job after it. i’ll have to maximize the 22 minutes i can get out of my pack.. luckily it worked out barely since i was in critical battery sub 10% at end of second job.. if i had Mavic Air i been screwed without a way to have at least topped it up inbetween or at best a second battery..

rest f it im not too concerned about..

Neal M says:

Where do you get your music from? Or is this an original single by T-sizzle?

Nie Weg says:

Is the Mavic Air able to take Photos in Portrait format, by changing the Gimbal just like the Mavic Pro is?

Rocky Mountain Rough Riders of Montana says:

Great video Tom, I have subscribed to your channel. I have a question, my smart phone is an older Samsung and I do not care to use it for the drone, it probably would not be capable for processing speed anyway. I’m thinking of buying a small tablet or Ipad, something not too large maybe just a bit larger that the phone in your video, what do you recommend for tablets or Ipad ? What is the maximum size that will fit into the controller ? Also does the Mavic Air use GPS signaling incase the drone goes down and you need to locate it ?

xIAMDAVEx says:

Why didnt they just call it the Spark Air?

Wolltan says:

auf Deutsch wäre auch toll gewesen ! …aber wie immer…TOP

Klaus Nygaard says:

Great with a fast review but it would have been even better with comparison clips from Mavic Pro.

Gordon Henson says:

The video quality looks great! On the Air sample video, the one where the camera rises with the palm tree to reveal the landscape machinery in the background, the footage looked a touch of the staccato effect. Can you control the Shutter speed when recording with the Mavic Air? Is there a shutter speed option available in the recording options?

D V says:

hi, is the new drone compatible with VR goggles? thanks

Ready Set Drone says:

Great video Tom. Missed you in New York!

svea says:

This drone unites all the great things about the mavic pro and the spark in it, I’d love to get it, but unfortunately the price has always been a bummer with dji

Kevin Nuckchadee says:

This is the best review I’ve seen for this product, great job!! A few questions, does this support 128GB V30 SD card? Also, how can I download your test footage, as google drive says I currently can’t? Thanks again!

Juan Manuel Dominguez says:

Excelent video!!

Dillon Loomis says:

Awesome review, thanks man!

unboxing indonesia says:

Your music title please

Gilberto Rodriguez says:

Hey man, thanks for your awesome content. Can I use my Mavic Pro ND filters on the Mavic Air?

TygerByte says:

Excellent thorough review. Best review online. Thank you!

Unable 2 Compute says:

Will this make my Spark that you recomended obselete.

teslar1 says:

Will the Mavic Air work with a Mavic Pro remote. Also would that give the Air more range?

Patrick Samuel says:

Nice video Tom and nice Drone. Am I wrong or we lost flight time and range compared to the « old » Mavic ?

Jirka Vlasák says:

Pls. Can you tested real wifi RC range in Europe?

Flippers says:

Is the lens cap un-screwable for ND Filters?

Anthony Smith says:

Yes I recently crashed an i2 reversing to reveal a shot, so I concur with you, reversing sensors are very important. There has been a sneak peek of a rear sensor module for the i2, hope you can do a video on this. Regards Tony of Australia

EDKON says:

sensors in the front and back…that is soooo cool! Can’t wait til put my hand on this drone.

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