DJI Mavic 2 Pro Review – The Ultimate Drone [4K]

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Our in Depth Hands-On DJI Mavic 2 PRO Review!
We have tested this drone for a few weeks now, and are in love.

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Daniel Saredi says:

Amazing review! Thanks for sharing.

Jack Bisson says:

Great video. Can you do a low light test? That would be great.

Evidence Press says:

Great job. Does the MP2 have Home Lock and Coarse Lock in the Intelligent Navigation options? Any thing else interesting in the Intelligent Navigation features?

theFATEfactory says:

Great review!! Super impressed with the new active track.

Mike Kelley says:

Great review! My wife, she is from Bitburg, and I will be in the Rheinland Pfalz area, hopefully this Christmas, but for sure next June. Do I need a special “schein” for drone flying and where can I find the rules and Laws for drone flying in Germany. Vielen dank für Ihre Hilfe. Prost

sut2910 says:

Great video review thanks! Can the controller still be connected to ipad/iphone via a cable from bottom USB instead of wifi?

Heiner B. says:

Vielen Dank für das Video! Endlich mal jemand der sich traut Active Track im Wald zu testen!

Da Coimbra says:

Thanks. Finally a review of someone who understands the difficulty of choice between zoom and pro. I stick with the Pro and look forward to receive mine in the end of September

soham sengupta says:

you r literally the hardware canucks of drones! Keep up the good work! Loved and subbed!

Dave Stredulinsky says:

A great review and demo. I am envious. The new active track is impressive. I plan to get one in a few months. In the meantime I will continue making aerial videos with my 18 month old Mavic Pro. Thank you for sharing.

Streeknine says:

That looks great! Finally something you could take to the mountains and hike some trails without too much worry of damage.

Pool Builder says:

I have the Mavic Pro and Now I know for sure I want the Mavic Pro 2 great video and I like the active track part kind cool

ian mark dizon says:

just subscribed because of your intro’s “wow” factor and also your very nice vids!

Martins Martins says:

Pra mim tá ótimo com estes sensores a mais

eldest221 says:

I want one soo badly… but it costs 4-5 months worth of my salary..

zhudm says:


Photo Pilot says:

Will there be a P5P out soon ?

MEDiAgamer says:

The Mavic 2 Pro, is not a replacement for the Phantom 4 Pro 2.0. I really wish people would stop acting like it is, or that it’s the best thing on the planet. It is missing quite a few professional features. There’s NO DCI 4K (4096×2160), so you can’t use this drone for professional film work, and there’s NO 4K 60p slow-mo. It’s limited to 4K 30p. If you want to do Slow-mo, you have to step down the quality to 2.7K and then you get 60p (which defeats the purpose of shooting everything in 4K). DJI has clearly meant this drone to be for “YouTube Professionals” only. Please reviewers, stop saying this is a replacement for the Phantom 4 Pro 2.0… IT’S NOT! If you need a professional drone wait for the Phantom 5.

Arpit Jain says:

pixels are not that much bigger bcs M2Z is 12MP and M2P is 20MP. so actual pixel size are not that bigger.
also HQ mode (which is finer mode as u said) of 4K utilize only 1.6X cropped part of sensor. so again actual usable sensor in pro is small.
also 4K is 30p only
and camera is not having mechanical shutter.

If someone is looking for 1″ sensor and wants to shoot 4K video and looking for best camera then P4P is still the best choice regardless of portability.

B C Productions, Inc. says:

Very nice and informative!!!

Marc Trainor says:

Extremely professional. Beautiful footage and presentation. I’m stunned at how good the active track works on the Mavic Pro 2. Avoiding those branches and staying as smooth as it does is amazing. Wow. Marc Trainor.

PhillyDroneLife Michael D says:

Great video. New sub here. I could also use your support. I’m trying trust me. Lol.

John Smith says:

Great intro! Good review

dick lannerblad says:

Hello nice from Sweden Lappland

Al G says:

Totally enjoy this one!

Quadcopterguide says:

Please subscribe to stay updated on our new videos! Thanks for watching the DJI Mavic 2 Pro Review.

UpDownUnder says:

Good stuff mate. Keep them coming. Subscribed.

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