Link To DJI Store: DJI Mavic 2 Pro is absolutely the best drone in the market right now. This thing packs 1″ sensor from Sony, a 28mm f/2.8-f/11 lens, 20mp camera from Hasselblad, 4K HDR or 10-bit DLOG video recording, omnidirectional obstacle sensing, 31 minute flight time, 72kph top speed, new active track system, hyperlapse and more.

DJI simply jammed Phantom 4 Pro into an almost Mavic Pro sized drone then made everything about it better.

Ready Set Drone’s Mavic 2 Zoom review:

CORRECTION: 2:23 Lateral object sensing (side cameras) work during tracking and tripod mode, not during quick shots.

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jayjayrp916 says:

That drone is not good looking like mavic air…

Saleucami says:

Does the bigger sensor makes a difference in low light?

Mike PointOh says:

Play that was an awesome video. I was thoroughly entertained, and took value from your content. Thank you so much. I just subscribed to your channel, thank you

Santa Dragon says:

Maybe best compact drone … but as hell expensive too.

Brian McQuain says:

Thank you so much

dnepromaks says:

6000 meters above sea level? How do you mean? Thanks

Mr. Akill3s says:

No…the Mavic 3 Pro is the best. Due out next year. When the drops. Mavic 4 Pro will be best the year after that.

Just get a 4k drone. $600. Used DJI Mavic and the Air are amazing.

But remember, yearly there are less and less flight capable spaces to not be fined. Thanks FAA. Unless illegally flown the only real places seem to be in the midwest. Cornfields.

Claudio Rodrigues says:

Can you do one review of Parrot ANAFI? PLEASE

Real_joey says:

best review ever

Solo says:

you have many Dji drone collection bro can you give me one?

Samuel Hines says:


Roscoe John Dalisay says:

Time to sell my last kidney


why you do not answering

Adon Buckley says:

Just did some testing with the Mavic 2 Pro’s camera, the adjustable aperture is not all equal!

Just stay below f/5.6…!

Bob Bayne says:

Awesome review!

Patrick McAneeley says:

Awesome review, love your editing and your style!

Media's God says:

Her zaman ki gibi modundasin reis

thestinefilm says:

I rmb when I was surveying whether to buy a mavic I was watching your videos. Years passed and I still haven’t get it haha maybe pro 2 is the one

Ramazan Mercan says:


עופר - haifa says:

לא לרכוש מהיבואן “בנדא מגנטיק” – שרות על הפנים סוללות DJI מתנפחות

Dexaran says:

china namba one

Cameron Lala says:

Instant thumbs down for the music

Alex Rothbard says:

ive heard some you tubers randomly mention there being a remote coming out in the future for the M2 with a built in high-bright display. Have you heard anything about this? It’s weird how I haven’t seen it advertised anywhere.

lipige li says:

Donald Trump said don’t buy Chinese products

rokiesinclair says:

For sure this is the best review from the one who appreciates technology and handles it nicely…i love your work and all the jokes on it. Can’t wait for another “busses” on your review

natserog says:

What is the go to focus procedure on Mav 2 pro…i was told to set to manual and set to infinity…help!

Markus Schnattler says:

Great Video!!!! ….like it. The MUSIC-VIDEO in 12:40 is really funny!!! :-))))


1.color profile(10 not 3)
2.precision landing
3.fixed wing mode
4.terrian following
5.gesture control
6.portrait mode
7.follow me
8.course/home lock
9.waypoints mode saving hyperlapse has the different purpose
10.battery discharge fixed 10days why


Wow men what a review, best review ever that I’ve watched. Best part of the review is active track test when you running i really enjoyed it.

Kenneth James says:


Rober Ace says:

WTF?! You are the double of Paul Gilbert

lavapix says:

Thanks for making a review entertaining.

kohle65 says:

You don’t need this drone for making YouTube videos. Cheaper drones like mavic pro are doing the job. And where is the fun with all the sensors. Turn them off and learn flying.

Akomolafe Omotayo says:

The intro is so sick! Damn it yours should be used as the official mavic pro 2 ad.

One5thOfWhiskey says:

DJI needs to cut you a check. This is more well done than anyone at their company.

Daniel A.G. says:

Excellent review! You should do a “Mavic 2 pro – beginner how to fly” video! I have never flown or owned a Drone and being in the market to buy one your video convinced me to get the M2Pro… I ordered it with the extra batteries and case package, cannot wait to get it!!!

nut so phamous says:

is it just me or does his music sound like 80s porn music??????

t00 sp00ky says:

Its gonna take over the world!!!

mani raj kumar says:

The intro just blew my mind ! Can you make a tutorial on the intro you made please.

Mike Malherbe says:

Fabulous review!

David Adams says:

Well, that’s a first … watched this review twice, and that intro three times! Very comprehensive, and fun to watch. Great job, iPhonedo … great job.

Banknote Reviews says:

WHAAAAT that drone review is the best thing I have ever watched amazing cinematography man

PortfolioPL says:

GTA V – drone edition 🙂

Dave Bennett says:

wish they had not changed the batteries

Eren Kulaksız says:

dji should buy this intro for their product. its better than the ad lol

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