DJI Inspire 2 Review – The Drone that Rivals ARRI Alexa Image Quality

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Watch our extensive DJI Inspire 2 review! With a field test that shows off what 5.2K RAW can do & a camera analysis with surprising results.


Greg Malone says:

Hey there, 1st thanks for the great review. It was the final push I needed to purchase one.
I did my first shoot using the SSD in 5.2 k raw utilizing the additional licenses (pro res and dng). After loading the footage I’m unable to view it, and what I can view has discoloration and is glitchy to a point of non use. Is there a process that I should be aware of to use this footage? DO I need to convert the files to another format? Do I need to provide info to unlock the licenses? I have no idea . PLEASE HELP as my clients are bugging out!
Thank you very much

Robbie Meckler says:

Fantastic video. Thank you for the insights.

Dom Bloch says:

22 people are sad because they were not able to make such a great review!

Michele Bernasconi says:

Great in-depth review!! Ich gratuliere!

typhooonn says:

I like that girl

SeaBass Dingo says:

Hello Sebastian, thanks for this great and informative video! I’m looking to purchase one of these but have little experience in Post Processing. I’m considering in investing in Final Cut Pro since I already have a MAC Platform. I use Adobe LR for all of my SLR Photography Work, but have heard that Final Cut Pro is easier to use. Let me know your thoughts on workflow complexity when using Final Cut Pro and what other good options I should consider when working with Inspire 2 Video Clips. Thanks!

John Jones says:

Hi Seb I have been following you for a couple years since your other videos. Nice to see your thorough review and opinion on the Inspire 2. Although I watched your videos a long time ago on cinematic aerial video I ended up going into fpv racing and freestyle instead lol. I wasted so much money doing that lol.

Now Im ready to redirect my efforts into aerial video which was my first choice from the beginning but I got distracted with fpv racing. I’m considering the PH4 Pro, Inspire 1 X5R, and inspire 2 X5S. I already do camera work for a company but not aerial footage. So hopefully my love for drones and film production will merge when I get one of these aerial platforms that I have mentioned. Looking forward to what you will be releasing next!

Tal K says:

At last we have a professiona review… thank you

Kevin park says:

Love the review…not fan of the background music. Too loud compared to your voice.

Splitter Luck says:


Pistol Pete says:

is it worth selling my car to get this? (im sure i can be good photographer if i have the best gear)

Kirk Watson says:

Great review, cheers:)


Can the 5k camera work on the osmo?

Sean Gray says:


Hayden Smith says:

Excellent review. Thankyou very much for doing that! With the footage in this review, did you shoot in d-log or ‘normal’ colour modes? If using d-log.. do you use resolve or LUTS in post?



Thanks Seb… The day you released this video I went ahead and purchased the I2… the effort you put into this video had a positive end result. Keep up the fire buddy!

edgrrr101 says:

Just wondering what the practical benefits of 5.2k are, obviously if you want to crop an image then the higher res will be better but does it look better when resized to 4k or 1080p? What is the difference in final image quality for instance when you downscale both 5.2k and 4k to 1080p, given that 4k scales to 1080p perfectly? Surely you’ll almost never use the 5.2k at it’s native res?

Thanks for the vid.


Fast enough to defy all modern methods of drone capture (The “Drone Gun” requires human reflexes and targeting) Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2017, Here I come!

Troy Nguyen says:

Germans do the best reviews.
His command of English is impressive.


If this tiny camera can output ProRes 4444 XQ how come the bigger handheld cameras don’t!?

chapmanmerchant says:

This is not a uav that you would use a phone to fly. Maybe that’s just me tho.

Critical Stories Multimedia says:

I would need to know what lens was on the Alexa.

Karen Kocharyan says:

Very good film! Thanks! One question… On 480 SSD how long video material in 5.2 K you can shot?

- .shdw - says:

great video! I just wanted to ask, where that was filmed, because that building at 3:40 looks exactly like a building in my far “Neighbourhood”

Andy Trench says:

This review is one of the best out here i’ve seen for ANY drone period. And your flying/shooting is top. Thanks !

digger dugger says:

Incredible review. Thanks…

tom hawley says:

A friend just bought this, what a machine. Nice review

Ign. Enrico says:

Does the inspire 2 has back and side obstacle avoidance?

Beautiful Crisp Sounds says:

danm ium in love with ur videos… i just saw the 3 part video for drone video shooting tips, they are simply amazing.. i think u could use things i put in my channel… feature some of it in ur channel, would be great if you could recommend me. awesome stuffs keep it up.

YoungBlaze Of Chitown says:

how can i beat the background music up!

john baumgarth says:

it hoovers

Ben Lin says:

This guy just looks so damn handsome.

SourLemon28 says:

I don’t know why my drone dosnt hoover

Chris Nong says:

It’s weird that I can’t find much discussions about DJI Osmo 2 with a brand new X5S camera. Technically Inspire 2 is the most advanced camera/drone to date. DJI will change the entire game if they manage to put all the video processing/recording from Inspire 2 + X5S into a brand new camera/stick. However I highly doubt they will introduce DJI OSMO 2 on upcoming NAB or anytime soon. What do you folks think??

David Griffin says:

How did you get permission to shoot in a built-up area?

Karvingaming says:

I really hate when the DJI go app just crashes while I’m flying. It just tells the drone to return to home. IT IS REALLY DANGEROUS considering there are a lot of trees in my area.

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