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I really like the new DJI Spark drone for traveling. It comes pretty close in quality to the DJI Phantom 3 and 4 drones. Here I tested it out and showed you some aerial drone footage at Clearwater beach to give you an idea of the quality that this little drone puts out during windy situations as well. The only issue I had was that when the battery was low it was going down no matter what. I feel bad I crashed it into my friend but he didn’t lose a finger and the drone survived. I’m still getting used to the DJI SPARK drones and so far loving the compact travel size. I recommend this drone as DJI puts out the best drones in my opinion.


April Watters says:

Saw the panic attack vid. I share your pain, son. I started having them a year ago. Don’t feel bad. It’s just part of life. When it’s over, smile, laugh, and say, “That was a fun adventure”!

Fred Flintstone says:

Panic attacks from what I hear is uncontrollable, Don’t worry bout the haters out there that don’t understand, Alot of us are here for you and some has been since day 1. Love you Bro, Get more rest, We know your working hard to bring us good video’s But its not worth your health.

Donna Barnes says:

Omar I can’t even get on a plan because of my !

Shanna LeBlanc says:

Can you please go to Tom’s house with most arginine

Underwater Adventures says:

I’m in Clearwater beach right now

Camaro Joe says:

It might be live.pd

Emo Girl says:

i had anxity attack yesertday O_O

Richard Velazquez says:

GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY OMAR….. i suffer from the same panic attacks and you can’t helped they just HAPPEN… May GOD give you a lot of health

Musicman The FAM says:

Man Clearwater is such a beautiful little beach town. 🙂
I love the drone shots. Hope Jeff’s finger gets better.

Dylan Ratliff says:

I hope your doing ok keep posting I love all your videos there sweet

Shanna LeBlanc says:

Can you please tell Moe sargi to go see FaZe rug

Danielle Prowant says:

I messed up I put my comment on twice

The fishing King says:


AJ AJ says:

Wish you could give me a give me a kiss tshirt my kid love y’all

Witch Nikki Jo Starflower-Lucero says:

Some people do not understand unseen illnesses. They understand White canes and Hearing aides… Sign language is BEAUTIFUL , they make ramps for people who use wheelchairs… But as soon as WE have a panic attack, or moody day… People are so nasty ! They would not do that to the Mobility challenged or vision challenged, or hearing challenged… When our hidden *Differ-abilities* ( different abilities, I made up this word ) kick in , in public or anywhere, only our true friends , family and people who KNOW what it is all about are helpful… Do not worry about the mis-understanders…maybe they have a different type of differablity… Unable to show compassion…and that is sad ! Because you might have a panic attack, once in awhile ( like a lot of people, like me ) but you have a very compassionate spirit /heart and you are a great man, friend, father and husband ! LOVE yourself bro ! WE DO! Gimme kiss xoxo ( PS I cope with PTSD, anxiety, panic disorders, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, without medication since 2003 and if people do not understand, then they fade from my life. Those who do are true ! )

Glock_ 02 says:

Tf never seen frogs on walls jajaja that tripped me out great vid btw bro fook the haters

Lilly Bowler says:

I watched the video about the panic attack I feel really bad for u my friend has panic attacks and I help her but don’t listen to the stupid haters! Love ur videos soooooo much!

Joseph Wodraska says:

Your friend looks like a Spanish guy in the video picture lol ,, and sweet song choice when you were flying your drone was definitely rocking out to that. Keep dooing the drone clips with the cool music , so cool

Evelyn Darko says:

I have panic attacks to so I no what you be going through my fam. God be with you and your fam. Here a big hug, Give me a kiss.

Dotty says:

About panic attacks, I have them and I do understand. My poor late husband had to deal with mine a lot and he was an angel for me.

Michael Coffey says:

Good video 🙂

Alisia Marie says:

The guy in the thumbnail looks like johnny 3 Tears from Hollywood Undead.

Mark Hurcumb FAM says:

Drone shots are beautiful omar

Shanna LeBlanc says:

Hi omar gosh I love your videos and can you please do more scary videos

Gary Brown says:

Don’t worry about it. You have to take care of YOU before anything else. Love you and your videos.

The-CluTch-KiD Labriola says:

How much do those drones cost?

Cindy Rocha says:

Looved the drone vids ♥️

Cristy Welch FAM/Tootsieroll says:

Such a beautiful area. I miss the beach so much❤️ I used to live in Santa Cruz California

Tabitha Jackson says:

Life isn’t just bad or good it’s the bad and the good. Love all ur videos. Say hi to fam from me.

Sandra Kelly says:

Damn his finger

Sandra Boyd says:

Actually nice footage love the music.hey your better off without those people upset over your panic attacks . Love the great respect you and Melissa have for each other .You are honest and sincere as well as funny .I don’t watch TV I watch YouTube videos. awesome video.keep them coming

Max Fedden says:

Keep up the amazing work, don’t care what the haters say because at the end of the end they help you even if they don’t want to.

Maria Antone says:

Hey Omar, ignore the haters out there. I suffer from panic attacks as well. Being an amputee, you panic over a lot of different things. It’s not fun and a lot of people don’t understand what it’s like. I understand how you feel. Hope you and your family are all well. Love you and your videos. Keep up the good work.

Teac Burek says:

The Ireland Boys have been there before

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