CRASHING A $500 RACING DRONE AT FULL SPEED. Norris review part 2.

This is the by far the most forceful impact I have ever had with a racing drone. The catalyst machine works norris FPV racing drone has some great designs, amazing motors, micro fpv camera & vtx antenna and is running raceflight instead of betaflight

Norris version –
Frame –

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Mic used –
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


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Happy flying.



sephiroth x says:

boring, cant even see it crash …

TheRedRotorReverend says:

Honestly, I’d love to see how this would stack up against the karearea talon. They BEG to be compared. I’ve got the hyperlite branded version of those exact same motors on my talon with a 280gram build weight and I’d be willing to bet that the aerodynamic profile of the talon would put it pretty close to that norris, given the right props.

Michael Costello says:

Please review the upcoming Eachine EV100 (fatshark style) fpv goggles. They are set to list for about $100 USD.

Ignus Fast says:

Damn, that thing is a beast!

cybervid07 says:

What battery were you running on that Norris? Pulse?

Brennus says:

What about the quadracer zero frame? It’s an ultralight vertical arm frame, What’s better?

Ground Control RC says:

Wow! Very fast! Nice flying and good durability testing 😉 Cheers and Happy Flying!

UAVfutures says:

Get the NORRIS here (not for beginners, too much power) –
also did you guys enjoy this more behind these scenes type of review. Who wants more Trev and Crash test cal? drop them a comment because they will love to read them.

Terry Allen says:

I felt the Norris hit the ground from 500 miles away.
Only chuck Norris can fly it and survive.
Just needs Chuck Norris props and she’ll dig a hole to China.

PittsburghPete26 says:

Thanks for the video. I hooked my TVX03 up to my quad (and the larger battery to operate whole the drone) and the VTX LED display did not come on. Suggestions?

SkitzaFPV says:

I still say try the KORE if this frame shocled u ..i think u will be in aww of how it flys

Scott Marshall says:

Nice Video. I thought it was a bit odd when I saw Chuck Norris put his name on a racing quad. I wonder do you get a ‘Total Gym’ with it??
Just kidding, Actually I respect Mr Norris quite a lot, and expected this would be good quality, as he’s not generally ‘for sale’ and seems to genuinely believe in anything he’s involved with. I’m hoping he’ll do an ad or put in an appearance at a race or such. We could use a bit of celeb endorsement for our game.

That being said, it’s way, way above my skill level and pocketbook. Even so, I don’t think it will drive away many fliers who want the lightest and fastest (even if they can’t fly it to it’s limits), hell if I could afford it without a strain, I’d probably have one and just use it for punchouts. It sure would give me a goal to work toward.

Great job on the review, All 3 of you work great together and put on a good show, all the while REALLY testing your product and giving useful info.
(behave with that machine, or the Texas Ranger will be by – the eyes of a ranger are upon you…)

Thanks, Scott

NQIS Steve says:

Is Grumpy Trev using the Eachine pro58 in his Fatsharks

Dartanyon1234 says:

yo stu, just a thought, why dont you lap time each quad you review and have a leaderboard. something alot like topgear with their supercars, what do u think???

Dorian Hitchcock says:

Are those receiver antennae dangling unprotected?

badboynot1 says:

I’m in nsw where abouts do yous race

Arshad Allie says:

Stew what’s that drone on your wall is it the zero frame

Gustav Vader says:

Chuck Norris is so fast he can run around the Earth and punch himself in the back of the head.

DOLLAR BILL 3450 says:

That’s bad ass

Doug Askew says:

awesome stew can you please have grumpy on Sunday Q and A

DOLLAR BILL 3450 says:

Ad blocker kills you tubers so don’t do it

TH3_ZV4D3K says:

I really love those crash test

DJI Drone Albany says:

Can you check out the Eachine EV100 fpv goggles, I’m planning on building a fpv racing drone but goggles are so expensive, however the Eachine EV100’s are only 100USD but I don’t want to waist my money

Andrew Blanche says:

Not yet too new at things right now, am building two ultralite now a Gepro true-x 5″ frame with Emax 2205S 2600kv motors flycolor raptor-S F3 tower, trampHV VTX frysky Xm+, runcam swift 2, the other XBEE-SR Hybrid FPV Racing Frame XBEE-SRH with same internals but white 2206 Emax 2750 KV motors and runcam owl wide angle. Addicted to building really gotta stop and fly more once all my parts I bought I run thru lol.

EpicPaperclip says:

Wait, how do you see peoples jaws drop AND fly this thing at the same time? thats some serious multitasking, what are you? superhuman? woman? i dont know.

Marcus Harrington says:

I think it would be funny and entertaining to give “Crashtest Cal” a unique prefix/nickname for each video he is in. Depending on his roll in the video or whatever the situation that presents itself for him. lol

“Line of fire Cal” for this video, for sure. …He’s brave.

Tvpc1971 says:

looks like the nut spun off losing the prop.

Redazu says:

That was way slower than expected. Hoped at least 100mph. Hell my micro almost beats this one lol

Kyle Kaufman says:

That’s a great speed for an RTF! I hit 81 MPH with my custom team frame on Emax 2306 2750 with a $250 total build price last weekend 🙂

Nickwasp FPV says:

thats quick

Glowworm 334 says:

The Norris hit the ground so hard it created a crater

Sam Brinkman says:

How many drones do you actually have? UAVfutures

PittsburghPete26 says:

Thanks for the video. I hooked my TVX03 up to my quad (and the larger battery to operate whole the drone) and the VTX LED display did not come on while building. Suggestions?

ChOOkiE FPV says:

Hey Stu.. how did you find the Norris’ performance compared to that of the Krakken?

Shane Hale says:

stew man I know you’ve done budget builds but I’d love to see an actual ” for yourself build ” with top notch parts

Carpenter RickyM M says:

Holy smoke! ! Thats fantastic! !

Jifka says:

Question – why does Grumpy Trev have his directional antenna pointed to the side. Does he sit parallel to the field?

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