CRASHED MY NEW DRONE!! Syma X5C Review & Test

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Pablo De La Torre says:

I have this one!

Adrian Kulpaczyński says:

You can not fly drone.All the time falls.Probably after a week of break,or does not work anymore.

Atli Þór Jóhannesson says:

Do a flip with the drone

wixom01 says:

OMG, please tell me that’s a wig.

Termin4tor says:


Willie Walley says:

If you are good enough to fly without the prop guards you will get more lift. Mine handles better without them.

Callum Dean says:

XD if ya put automatic captions on and when he says “hello members of the joogsquad” it replaces it with “hello members of the jewish lot” XD

Hols Kanal 2016 says:

Nice Video bro. I have a Syma as well. VERY nice. ALL spare parts easily available, easy to fly, maybe a “bit” too fast for beginners, but i live on the countryside of germany, so…… possible crashes into the ocean for me 😉
P.S. I wish i had a girlfriend like yours too, lol 🙂 Thumbs up !


Hi have app for stream on android..

Charles Ledford says:

You should try a drone at a golf course

Logan Shadowens says:

I had that drone till it got stuck in a tree for a month and my bro shot it down with an airsoft gun. The same day je got caught with 6 lbs of weed.

Jk about the weed.

Qni Dimitrov says:


LenzyBoy says:

I got mine yesturday and i can put a phone on the remote so you can see what your filming? Does it have to be iPhone?

Unfound - Gaming & More says:

Get the Syma x5sw, better than the x5c

Freddy Fazbear says:


Pop poop says:

Not 666, I was 667

handy andy says:

Some mums do have them, need I say more 🙂

hauntingloki 313 says:

the X5C is good for new quad fliers

Kyle Anderson says:

I have the same one

christian judy says:

I had that same drone

Mc Caithness films says:

Yo jack. I have that drone as well

Matt Wozniak says:

Looks very stable

MCPE Fogz Gamez says:


CamOrigamiandmore says:

I have come up with the theory that you are a Star Wars fan.

Brett Winstead says:

dude, I loved you in Fast Times at Ridgemont High!

Karl Legson says:

what camera did you use? Is it the stock cam?

fisherman george says:

I have that drone and I hate it

Crazy Boy says:

In the prison

Matt Mares says:

I have the same exact drone!I got it for Christmas

Mary Kate Robertson says:

I love that one i have it and me and my dad crashed our at the biggest McDonalds in Orlando and they didt want to give it back

Rebecca Dowell says:

my drone looks just like that

9,987,349 views says:

I just bought my 5xc complete kit for $35

Jacob Purvis says:

That’s the drone I have

iFrgotGaming says:

do not use the onboard camera please if you continue using this drone in future videos

Carson Hoffmeister says:

I have the same drone!!!

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