Cheerson CX-OF Dancing Position Hold FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review

The first commercial nano quadcopter with a position hold sensor that makes it very easy to fly. It can also dance! Coming soon to all vendors. Links will be provided here when available.

– Optical position hold sensor automatically maintains the quadcopters horizontal position. Simulates GPS position hold ability.
– Also has altitude hold to automatically maintain vertical position.
– Include WiFi FPV allowing real time viewing of in flight video, and recording directly to your smartphone via CX-OF app. App available on Google Play here, and coming soon to iTunes.
– Can also be controlled and flown directly through your smartphone via CX-OF app if desired.
– App includes trajectory mode (drawn route). Normally, this type works poorly on most toy quadcopters because they can drift during flying of the route. However, with position hold, this feature can actually work as intended.
– App also includes selfie mode, which faces the camera toward you.
– App also includes programmable Choreography dance mode allowing the quadcopter to dance without pilot input.

– Low resolution 0.3MP video. This could be a fantastic little “selfie” quadcopter with the CX-OF app if Cheerson would only put a 720p camera on it. Yo Cheerson, get to work on this!
– Position hold work best near to the ground (below about 10 feet). It seems to drift more the higher you go.

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Jeff Geis says:

Good morning Q101! 🙂
Hope you have a great Saturday! 🙂

video monster says:

you just need a HD camera

GrisDismation says:


Ron Thompson says:

It’s a neat mini quad ,great video

Jon Long says:

Would it be possible to take the electronics out of this quad and put them in a larger one with a better camera?

iMeMySelf says:

Quadcopter 101 you should do a review of the DJi Spark – and you know it 🙂

JosyPlays287 says:

me again hi

video monster says:

wow that is awesome and yes it would be great for beginners

KJ6EPL says:

Did Cheerson team up with the Umbrella Corporation for this one?

William Alexander says:

it actually wasn’t a interesting quad

Quadcopter 101 says:

Coming soon to all vendors. Note that some vendors are listing it like it’s available. But it’s doubtful that they really have it, as Cheerson has not shipped them yet. Links will be provided here when I get confirmation from vendors that they actually have it in stock..

Michael Gardner says:

I’m anxious to get the link to buy it!

Dante Planeta says:

the templars have drones now!

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

Now that IS different and quite good fun. Especially indoors on bad flying days. Never been keen on those flat controllers but otherwise I’ve seen a lot worse. Depends on the price of course.

Bill Somrak says:

I believe you misspoke when you said that this quad’s “position hold” would be a crutch for beginners because they “wouldn’t have to mess with pitch and roll” ???? I think they might not have to “mess with” throttle, but pitch and roll are always going to be needed. The wi-fi feed to your phone has the usual wi-fi frame drops and freezes, so how great a “selfie drone” this would be is dubious at best .. certainly not in any kind of wind, and not further than maybe 10 feet from you. At $40, you could buy a Eachine 010 and AIO cam/vtx and have much better “fpv” and video .. and still have money left over. The position hold actually does work fairly well, for what its worth. At least they didn’t put “headless mode” and “one key return” on this nano. I count that as big a plus as the position hold, so that beginners don’t develop any bad habits. Really interesting what they can stuff into a nano sized quad these days, but then, since nano sized racers are all the rage now, I guess it was inevitable that some of the toy grade manufacturers would want to come out with something unique in order to keep their toes in the water. Thanks for the review. Cheers.

Teo's vlogs&TUTORIALE says:


Snafu Times says:

Man it would be pretty cool if they upgraded the camera and really improved the position hold. That would be the only nano that I’d own.

KevokevoMC says:

strap an 808 cam on it, looks cute btw

RadoZ says:

What phone is that?

Ron Brown says:

I do like that position hold, like the larger the XK X300 has. I’m guessing a lot of toy quads will have position hold going forward.

Sarge Monday says:

If they sold it without that bad camera I think it’d be a big hit! (It’d be cheaper).

Ron Thompson says:

Could you tell us the price ,I couldn’t find it

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