Cheerson CX 41 Happy Zoo Position Hold Drone Flight Test Review

This dancing selfie drone automatically hovers motionless similar to a GPS drone. Comes in five animal shapes 🙂 Not available for sale yet, but coming soon to most vendors.

– The drones removable/replaceable battery is shaped with an animal face. The nose is the on/off switch.
– Optical flow position hold system hovers the drone motionless to enable you to get in the picture and take your selfies without having to simultaneously fly the drone. Just let go of the control sticks and it will hover in position so you can take your selfie shots or videos.
– 720p HD camera
– Selfie mode switches orientation of the quadcopter such that the front camera side becomes the back, and the back becomes the front. This eases control of the quadcopter for selfies.
– Inflight video and still photos are recorded directly to your smartphone using its CX-40 app available on Google Play here and iTunes here
– Position hold, automatic takeoff, landing, selfie, waypoint, G-sensor, headless, and dancing (no kidding) modes.
– Dance mode does trick flying tricks (dance moves) to music. Can use preprogrammed, or program your own dance moves.

– Still in development. Not available for sale yet.
– Does not record to microSD card. WiFi lag and stutter is possible in recorded video.
– Although 720p, its camera is toy grade. Just keep in mind that this is a toy, mainly for kids, no matter what their age 😉

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Juan Gutierrez says:

Please go to the comments of the drone video

Mark Planty says:

How come no one has put a fpv camera on the syma x13? And that’s cute lol

captain scoop says:

Happy new year quad copter 101
And also happy new year everyone 🙂

Alan Savage says:

Excellent video & Happy New Year!!

Gimp Man says:

Currently Last! Shoutout please.

Wonzie Quezz says:

Clever design, no doubt! Great review as always QC 101.

Juan Gutierrez says:

Hey, I have a problem

got_ ten says:

i think this is the best channel to find out if you should get somthing and if you love drones you can entertane

johnson otg says:


Ruzzel Rojas says:

first comment.

Phillip Moseby says:

happy new year,great video

Saifo Wahsh says:

Me boi notification squad from 2014444

DRONE review man of all drones says:

Lol funny drone lol

WannaDuino! The Real Live says:

OMG 101, What the H@#$ you did to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is EXACT the quad that fits me… OMG what did you do to me?????
You broke me in SO MANY PIECES…( But it looks like my teddy bear i had for 26 YEARS )…
101 You got me GOOD.
This vid will haunt me for the rest of my LiVe.

jonathan kohl says:

I think this a great idea to get kids into the hobbie.

White Snake says:

First like

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

Another OF quad, Good fun and quite useable. Can you take video when using the controller? Strange as it seems some kids aren’t good with phones (true if baffling)
Secondly can the range on the ‘waypoint’ function be extended?

johnson otg says:

hey buddy how ya doing i love your vids

RD's Drone Reviews says:

Pretty similar to the cx-of except foldable

Masroom Eggplant says:

No giveaway?

salsolo says:

About 7th

GAproductions says:

I liked mxj version if way points

Green Silver says:

Made for ages 3-5 years.
Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Howells 06 says:

Hopefully it will get loads of children into the hobby

Zeissler Music says:

Happy New year

Juan Gutierrez says:

Gougoushou alloy raider the metal drone flinght

DOLLAR BILL 3450 says:

Could u check out wl toys a979 off-road truck it is supposed to be wicked

Lego Spaceship Adventures says:

Why hello there, Quadcopter101!

Today, I have a request. remember you reviewed the Eachine Wizard X220s? You said that there are certain things that the company will Improve with later models. Maybe now that it’s been a few months, they’ve improved it. Can you get another on and see all the improvements?


cxgaming says:


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