Best Drone for the Money! Autel X-Star Premium Drone Review

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The Autel X-Star Premium is my pick for the best drone for beginners to pick up right now. In this video I bring you the top 5 X-Star Premium features, looking at the 4K camera, 3-axis gimbal, 1.2 mile reception, and more. If you are looking for the best #drone for 2016 and 2017, be sure to check out the Autel Robotics X-Star Premium – the price for performance is hard to match!

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camera: Panasonic Lumix G7 –
audio: Panasonic MS2 Shotgun Mic –
computer: iMac with 5K display –
editing: Final Cut Pro X –


Intro/Outro: Edwin Soto
Background: Venice Beach





We McLaughlins says:

Andru: did you use color correction in post on this video? It looks great – was just wondering which LUT you used and where I can get it? : )

OPTiB EN says:

very cool drone!))

OverWatchGaming says:

If I’m gonna spend 749.00, I would up it a little and get the DJI Mavic Pro….

Top Edge says:

I’d record all of my trickshot videos

CoroaEntertainment says:

I’ve seen a few demo vids and reviews on this “clone”, and I can’t see why someone would get this instead of the DJI. Example: The Phantom 3 with the 4k camera option is only $598 with free shipping on The Original Phantom 3 Pro (which comes stock with the 4k camera) is only $792.99. But taking into consideration all the new rules/guidelines that the US and Canadian governments are trying to implement for this hobby (example, limiting total flight height and line of sight distance), the Phantom 3 Standard would be the one I would get, and it’s only $399 right now (almost half the price of this clone).

Dasdfjkl says:

That color though. 😮 I think the drone and the remote should be the same color.

Jan Grevenstuk says:

I would record the winter land of minnesota

What I Dont Know says:


Chad says:

I guess the primary reason I would want a camera drone, like the XSP, would be to “explore” – visually. Live in a rural area of AZ and keep thinking the ability to cruise around the area would be pretty cool! To do this completely would, for me, mean adding a set of VR Goggles to the tablet monitor. Several lower-end tablets DO have an HDMI “out” port; Nvidia Shield, is probably the most commonly used, but I’m looking at a few others that offer that feature. Haven’t made the big purchase, but with the holiday sales, still considering P4 and XSP.

Eric Coovert says:

My mother needs one of these. She is a fantastic cook and it sure would be handy for her to be able to chop carrots, slice pickles and tomatoes, and make a smoothie all at once. Oh, and she might let me use it to capture amazing aerial footage also.

Thanks for posting. I hope to be ordering one of these soon. I have done my research and feel this is by far the best FPV drone for the money.

SkyView4U Drones says:

I live my xstar premium! great video

Drone Journey says:

Its just to expensive, i use a Phantom 3 advanced and get cinematic shots in that price range.

Richard Blystone says:

I’m planning on buying one. in july when I get my rent rebate I think it the best for the money cant wait till july..

Christian Aparicio says:

I will love that drone for my kid

eBoarder75 says:

i would record the NXT tapings if it was outdoor with “The KING of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura !

Dave Everett says:

I owned one for 6 months and then moved up to the Phantom 4 Pro. The Autel has a lot going for it, not the least of which is the unparalleled customer service, US based! While the form factor of the XSP echo’s the DJI P3 the differences are a much more robust airframe construction, removable camera and gimbal, better lens, really nice included case which is well beyond the foam that DJI provides, and more advanced controller with built in information screen. The sticking point for me was that the firmware hasn’t really advanced since soon after it’s introduction and Autel really needs to fix the jerky yaw when turning, as it is impossible to get smooth video while turning, even for experts. Although this is a “ready to fly” quadcopter, I’d advise anyone contemplating purchase at this level to buy and fly a toy ($30) quad first to get the hang of stick control and craft orientation, as just reading forums or watching YT vids will tell you that “user error” crashes and flyaways are all too common for first time pilots who have more enthusiasm than ability and knowledge of sUAV’s. At this level these aren’t toys – a first time flyer can damage persons and property in the blink of an eye. Still, they are fantastic devices capable of capturing terrific stills and videos.

brianminkc says:

this isn’t cheap

Terry Foster says:

great video. I would like to ask your advice. if I wanted a drone this side, but I’m not care anything about video or cameras . What would you recommend for a new flyer for beginners.

Andru Edwards says:

*What would you record with your drone?* We may be giving one of these away next week……….

Sagar Gurung says:

I’d capture the scenery of my beautiful country Nepal….

Kenny Cunha says:

carnaval in brasil , surfing videos , drift races , and much more

Tim Ottinger says:

wow. 900.00 is not affordable to most people. that is great compared to commercial drones, but few hobbyists can plunk down that kind of cash.

george aura says:

just ordered mine

TheFoxPlays says:

Can I use fpv goggles with it? Also, can FPV goggles be 360? So when I move my head the camera moves with it (sorry i’m a noob)

Isaiah's Reviews says:

Great vid!! They announced at ces 2 new cameras that you can swap out. Coming first and second quarter of this year

Samiam2507 says:

My cousin bought a turantula x6 drone and bought a 3axis gimbal to attach his gopro too and got the same footage he needed for $820 cheaper

travler says:

hey I have alway loved drones I have a cheap one I wish I could afford a nice one though.

Angelo Cincotta says:

G’ day from the land down under. I agree with everything you said. It’s a fantastic drone. I have owned 3 DJI phantoms and always flew in fear. This thing is just fantastic. So for all the “unsure” people out there, get it… this is the best drone for the money.

43Connor 2 quinn says:

The x star premium is just a copy of the dji phantom 3 pro

Blayne Hoffman says:

I would record my dad and my grandpa harvesting there field

SkyRender Media - Aerial Photography & Videography says:

I love the quick release camera! Brilliant!

Jacob Turner says:

i want one

William Statt says:

Let’s see. Flying over a populated city area: against the FAA rules. Flying 1.2 miles away. Can you really see the drone at that distance. You may have to use a spotter. Probably against the FAA rules. Flying over people, definitely against the FAA rules. I would love to buy a drone, but the FAA has prohibited flying any place of interest to me. Then the Federal Parks have banned drones, and guess what, almost all the state and local parks have banned them too. It doesn’t matter how much money you save when all you can do is fly them basically in out of the way fields.

jman_jd10 says:

Or you could get a phantom 3 standard for cheeper

adinserter says:

I now own the Autel and am so moved by the quality of the unit and camera system. I used to have a Phantom 1 and for 3 years did a lot of videos. But using the GoPro camera was good but no where near 4k video. This is one very awesome aerial system!

Larry Miller says:

Half a mile away! Lol! What happened to the 400 ft line of sight faa flight rules that are on your faa certificate that you get when you register your drone? Lol!

real omega innocent says:

How can I get one of these to buy?

Veiko Sinivee says:

DJI phantom and mavic fly much longer and further! Yes they cost a little more. Bu the advertized 4k camera, 3-axis gimbal,25 min flightime in this video are more like moderate features today. Not bad but not really special

UrigellaGaming says:

I have only flown the mini hubsans but feel I’m ready to get something more now. This would be ideal. Better get saving, got me some flying to do.

austin cox says:

This drone looks soooo good, maybe even better then a phantom!!!!

silbay says:

Wow you can send you drone way beyond the legal limit for flying it. Impressive the ability to easily exceed FAA limitations. That is one of the features that everyone keeps singing the praises of for all the different drones. Just wait till the FAA puts their foot down and they new drones only have 400 foot range.BTW how many people REALLY have the ability to edit 4K? I will bet less than 1% of your followers. Yes 4K is pretty, but if you want truly edit it and do proper post production, you need a computer that costs >5 times what the Autel X-Star premium costs.

DynamoTightstar says:

What’s the purpose of rebadging the dji phantom? Why not make it different? Asides from the orange obvs.

Bart Curry says:

What is the difference in the Autel Robotics X Star and the X Star Premium, besides the fact that it’s about $200 cheaper?

Thizz Fox says:



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