XK X300 – Best new beginner drone review. The XK X300 is as good as everyone was saying it is. This is one of the first toy quads with “Optical Flow” on it. This means it holds a solid hover close to the ground. It has 5.8ghz video monitor. Removable camera, micro SD card, and I have to say… I love flying it. It has a variety of features that are great for new pilots. Realtime video with no lag, records 720p video and photos. Auto-take off and auto-land. This is a pretty sweet quadcopter. Enjoy the flight!

Buy the XK X300 5.8ghz Video RTF here :

Buy the XK X300 WIFI Version here :

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Tom Brink says:

Nice thanks

FPV Addict Dad says:

You don’t really think that should be anyone’s first quad do you?

Ted Espin says:

Nice looking quad, and a great review as well.

Roger Barker says:

You’ve won me !

Stan_T says:

Great review!

Fadrick Jim says:

Nice one j. wish can have its

peter d says:

Nice video.. good review.. frpm pete in the uk, im getting one.

tankerc31 says:



so it comes with tx and screen???

Hartiful says:

It looks good quality 🙂 i’m looking for one where you can’t see the blades spinning in the shot though! good review

Carrboro_Chapelhill Fpv says:

XK makes some great products for sure. with optical flow it is crossing the toy hobby line or at least straddling it. Now if it only had brushless motors it would be even more awesome.

Chris Pinar says:

hey Justin. i have a phantom 3….. the gimbal cushions and the cushion stops…. why are there 4 gimbal cushions and only 2 gimbal cushion stops installed… can i fly with just the 2 or put all 4 in?

always rc reviews! says:

Nice my friend! Looks great

Alan Savage says:

Great review / flight Justin!! 🙂

FPV Slim says:

Thanks for reviewing the ones we pick. I might pick up one of these for my son.

D Weenie says:

I love the look of this drone, just don’t like the fact it’s a brushed setup.. It’s a shame it wasn’t more in the $120 range..

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

The only problem I have with it for beginners (and it’s a small one) is that if you stray above the OS range whilst it defaults to altitude hold. you lose most of he position hold.
It’s nice though

gdhall5311 says:

Hey Justin, great review. I ordered mine 3 days ago and it is on the way. Yours is the 3rd review that I have seen and so far the reviews are very positive. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to the more videos.

SgtKing King says:

I have a Phantom 3 Pro and have attempted to shoot video of different things that flow smoothly on first viewing them on my computer, but when I copy the video to a disc, the video gets choppy in playback. I believe the computers can’t read all the data fast enough, but how do I make any movies without this choppiness? Thanks ahead of time.

Paul Maddox says:

just awesome ! I dig drones….so therefore I am a drone digger…ha! right on for the vid..

Thomas Gehrdes Jr says:

Thanks for reviewing that quad. i cant believe how rock solid it is with the optical sensor. Keep up the good work.

Patrick Bodine says:

Do I need to register it with the faa?Nice drone. Thanks for the video.

Jesse Jeffries says:

I really like this quad. I love my x8g for the camera n gets decent range. what kind of range n flight time do u get. great video btw.

anyshitt says:

Nice looking video.. cool review..

TheAarowsmith says:

Good review. pretty good price for FPV 5.8ghz TX camera & RX screen, nice transmitter. Only downside brushed motors.

Andy Tedesco says:

Hi Justin. I tried amazon. No good. I can’t find the battery anywhere.

Andy Tedesco says:

Thank you Justin. I was looking for a first time drone. After your recommendation, this is the one.. Love your Videos. Very informative. Keep them coming.

T Dingman says:

beats my syma x8g hands down.


Great review Thank you

Jim Wolfe Jr says:

how does this compare to the JXD 509G or the JXD 510G? . . because of your review on the 509G, i ordered one

Andy Tedesco says:

Thank you Justin. I was looking for a first time drone. After your recommendation, this is the one.. Love your Videos. Very informative. Keep them coming. Do you know were I can get extra batteries. I have searched everywhere, including Gearbest, ebay ext. I cant seem to find anyone who sells it. Thank you..

Dostonbek Habibov says:

Great Review!!Now i wan’t one!! (I DONT HAVE A DRONE)

Timothy Ayers says:

your video very helpful

saifuzzaman tanim says:

I subscribe

Jonathan brown says:

look great man

Randall Huston says:

My favorite of the XK mini drones is still the Alien X250. There are replacement radios for it that really turn it into a little fpv hotrod. I found out the reason this one holds it’s position is because there’s a sensor on the bottom. Very cool.

Vaibhav Aggarwal says:

Is this better than the Hubsan X4 H502S? It’s got similar features except it has GPS and costs the same…

FPV Slim says:

What was the run time on battery?

Khaled Al-Zhrani says:

Can i put go pro action camera on it

Drone Service Systems says:

Great Review Justin !

MaxPower211983 says:

Hey Justin. Does the LCD on the transmitter have a blue backlight? Thanks. I’ve seen this particular transmitter is all black, but there are some models on amazon which have a different controller with a blue backlight which come with the FPV screen. Thanks.

Fillipe Assis-Almeida says:

Notification squad

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