BEST 2017 Beginner Racer Drone – RISE VUSION 250 Review

Expert review and overview of the RISE VUSION 250. Find out the pros and the cons, beginner tips, repair tips, first flight help, fpv flight, and more. This might just be 2017’s best beginner fpv drone bundle.

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Matías Luque Cobo says:

Would be better for LOS if the yellow props are in the front and the black on the rear?

Ty Clark says:

Jason, hope I got ya name right? Just wanted to say thank you for the in depth review n advice. I am a 60 yr old Paradog soldier n have put this off for several yrs now. Going to order one in a few minutes. I am seriously dying in agony waiting for a Inspire 2 bundle with upgraded case n refresh insurance. Currently status is I am definitely waiting for DJI to offer the 7.85 CrystalSky monitor to be a bundle option. An may have to wait 6 months if even then. Although I am willing to wait. Hope to see more of your videos, an a young man you’re very knowledgeable n natural ability to capture the audience attention well. See ya in the clouds kid,,,, Ty
Hey, how doing a inspire 2 video more in depth than most?

twrecks116 says:

Great Review Bro!! i’m Happy that Santa,got me this for Christmas!! LOL its mt First Fpv Quad,i cant Wait to Fly it!

zeropez says:

Hi is it possible to fly the Rise Vusion by just using the monitor only.
not goggles. is there any lag and is the picture clear? to fly by fpv
screen only?. Can you please make a short clip showing the Quad and
monitor in the one shot and move the quad side to side so i can see the
lag. There are many youtubers doing this with other quads but not this
one. and i no its popular. If there’s to much delay or lag can make a
difference when low flying between gaps. And you can easily crashing
into a trees which can be expensive. thanks for you vids.

3FLYTE says:

I’m glad it’s compatible with fatshark goggles.

Sean Pongrass says:

I’m a beginner and I got the phantom 3 standard and it’s so easy to fly

Larry Hodge says:

Justin I bought a Vusion and have a question for you. From watching your review I see you were able to get your Vusion to do flips and rolls in Mode 2. While I am able to get more angle in Mode 2 in high rate it won’t do a full flip or roll. Am I doing something wrong?

rcfanaticdublin says:

hello sir,
i am a new subscriber to your channel….I have been flying Quadcopter’s since late 2014 myself and i have a fairly large fleet of machine’s.
i have to say that i realy like your workshop….i am also subscribed to a few other’s in this field to name just a couple…Rc saylor’s and Flyan Ryan.
My main interest is Photography so my preference is more in the heavy but stable side…that said i have been contemplating getting into the racing side of the hobby as i’ve been into Rc since the late 1980’s.
to be honest my first foreigh into flying about 10/12 years back was not great but i took to the multi rotor like i was born to do it.
Ok that’s enough about me…i am very impressed by your review and will try to keep up with your post’s.
thank’s from Dublin,Eire.

RJ Ziolkowski says:

does the clover leaf make a big difference over the stock antenna and is the one on the quad a left or right? any specific clover you recommend

Matías Luque Cobo says:

So many choices!!!

3FLYTE says:

What polarization is the Tx’s cloverleaf; and what capacity micro sd card can you use on the quad?

RJ Ziolkowski says:

thank you very much awesome video lots of tips and info here

Carly Torres says:

Can I use a 4s battery on it? And Can I use a Spektrum Dx8 with it?

steven kaye says:

How did you get your fatsharrk googles to work with the Vusion?

G Jones II says:

On the radio as it pertains to the Dual Rate switch on top right, I know low rate is pulled towards me and away is high rate. What exactly is the difference in low vs high rate mode as it relates to this drone?

Ron Dog says:

Could you do a in depth video of the flight modes? There seems to be some confusion as to if the Vusion will do rolls,and flips in mode 2,do you have to have the Tx dual rate switch set to “High Rate”? BTW Great Video!

THEDC81025 says:

What’s the top speed on this also does it has attitude hold

Larry Kenney says:

I can’t see being a good idea to have the camera on top of the craft? How would you take a picture below or under the craft.

jfklazarus says:

Hi Mr Davis, any recommended aftermarket lipo battery?

mr. vain vice says:

just got one of these the other day so fun to fly my gf loves the fpv

Ron Dog says:

Still don’t have any answers on the mode 2 setting, doing flips? I tried mine and I either didn’t have it in “High Rate” or it just won’t do the flips,and rolls in mode 2? Mode 3 will do them though!

Scott Wooten says:

I’ve had one of these for a couple weeks now and I love it! The one thing i would mention is that I tried the 3 blade props and it was more stable to fly but it seemed like it lost a bunch of punch out speed, I think the props were maybe too heavy or too aggresive for the smaller motors.

Johnnie Houston says:

What goggles would you recommend for this drone?

Jerome O'Mara says:

Another great informative review! Thinking about this one! No plans to race, but want to start flying FPV with goggles! May just wait for the ones on my Mavic?

Monox602 says:

for a beginner, do you think this quad is better than the eachine x220? I’ve heard a lot of great things about that one as well. thanks in advance for the help.

patdud1979 says:

what would be a good beginner fpv done but with enough power to grow and have fun?

crazymd15 says:

Looks to be a great starter kit, I love that it comes with everything you will ever need, even a monitor and goggles, WOW!! Awesome review, thank you!!

RJ Ziolkowski says:

is there anything else you would recommend is the mushroom antenna on the quad ok or should i just get a new matching set

Domenic Putti says:

How do you know when your battery is getting low

696mattie says:

Nice Video!

Patrick Hobbs says:

Does anyone know if Vusion’s controller is compatible with other drones? If I got the Vusion and later made a custom drone, could I still use the Vusion’s controller?

3FLYTE says:

This is an excellent sport quad, well-designed and really good looking. I have a Tower Hobbies Super Saver Membership, and with the coupon, it ships out at $309 with goggles and radio…I can’t find that anywhere else.

zeropez says:

it looks like there lag on the fpv live feed ?

The DIY Gamers says:

Will 4s work on this drone?

Charles Smith says:

what is the average flight time with 3s ? I did watch, saw heard that part after posting yes sorry.

Sanktron says:

Thanks for the video! after watching I decided to go with the vusion over the wizard 220. Crashed a couple times during my first session but this thing keeps trucking!

Lava Legend says:

Good viddd rcsalors is crap

Kotipelto says:

Neat! I like the modular arm design. Ill learn fpv on the inductrix first.

Michael Sevens says:

Wow, thanks for all the time you put in to teach. Excellent review indeed!! I do not think this could have been done any better. I am new to flying drones. I have quite a few, and find the smallest ones are the hardest ones to fly. I cannot get out to fly a lot because of a botched back surgery I had. So my time out of bed is limited and I can not bend down a lot, so it makes it harder in learning and getting more tome to fly. Any tips for flying the smaller ones would be nice, for some reason I have issues with them. I would like to fly them in my room, but I cannot manage them well enough.

Tom Hansen says:

Best, most complete review I have seen. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

dave dec says:


jordan james says:

So would you recommend this to someone that already knows how to fly no fpv quads and wants to get into fpv ?

Jorge Perez says:

Why my drone springs when I go up ? It doesn’t stay straight is hard to keep straight. Can you post a video how to use your control ?

Andre McElroy says:

I’ve been flying the Vusion for about 4 months and I love it. It is my very first FPV racer lots of crashes and repairs (very easy to repair as you stated is your video). I have decided to upgrade and I am currently awaiting the Crusader gt2 200. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

notdead911 says:



Nah, that drone is ugly. Plus, it’s not faa under weight (255 grams), the battery is not proprietary for more cleaner look and drone companies need to give the quadcopters a rest for a now and build some tricopters in the mix with cool designs.

MrAm1400 says:

Can you show Auto land when Battery is low. This is the first time i have heard of it doing it.

#lumenatti says:

Have u been able to test a rxs255 yet? Looking into my first fpv, 4 th craft. Parrot ar2, dji phantom 4, dji Mavic Pro. Would I be better off getting the vusion first? Doesn’t seem that the rxs has onboard video, which is a pro for me, as video is primarily consideration. Was considering the eachine wizard, or a holybro surieken w eashine goggles 2 and use my full size GoPros, or maybe get a session too

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