Autel Robotics X Star Premium Review – Drone Talk Ep.1

In this brand new episode of Drone Talk, Jerry and Graham explore the brand new Autel Robotics X-Star Premium! Featuring special guest pilot Joel Telling (3D Printing Nerd). Please make sure you subscribe to the DroneTalk channel @ for future episodes since we’re transitioning this series off Barnacules Nerdgasm in the future.

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Rusty Rivet says:

It’s too. Not to, mate.

Don Atterbury says:

my buddy has the phantom, I need this!

Johnny Angel says:

this is my next drone for my filming projects, I love it

Super Carrot 67 says:


RobtheMilkman2012 says:

Damn quit saying “Actually”.

Steven says:

Any Video that has the Rad Rover bike gets a thumbs up from me.

kweym says:

I would let to get this drone but have never flown one before. Should I buy a cheap one first to get past the learning curve before spending money on a more expensive model?

Bagger Jim says:

Great Video Guy’s..Keep up the Great work.. Thank You.

Number1HockeyPlaya says:

Lmao the guy in the Nerdgasm shirt was funny as hell

ambiva says:

Clearly Autel is being sued by DJI for no-brain complete copycat. As Autel is also based in ShenZhen, poor Chinese IP laws will make it difficult. From an interview of Autel staff, they were explicitly instructed by the boss to copy Phantom from hardware to software, pretty ironic. Autel also dig the gimbal developer from DJI, but can’t reach the flight control staff, that’s why the interface was from open-source code and not that good. They share some common suppliers but of course Autel is getting components in secret.

767 Aviation says:

This is more expensive then the DJI Phantom standard. Thought this drone was suppose to be cheaper. Very misleading title.

Aquatican says:

he spelled too wrong in the description

the doge pupy says:

Nooooooo they don’t ship to the uk

Edwin Wal says:

DJI SUCKS.. this is a winner

Wout Meulemans says:

Omg the app is the almost the same


jerry looks like a female 18 wheeler driver

Passific Solo says:

The reason why dji phantom 4 is more expensive is because the drone they are showing (premium version) can only go 1.2 miles away while the standard retain can only go 0.62 miles and dji phantom 4 can go 3.2 miles away meaning the dji can go a lot more distance also the dji phantom has object recantation wile this dose’t (thank you for reading)

NerfDestroyer TheMan says:

Can I have the drone

Ralph Pickering says:

Is it part of Autel’s review rider that you can’t mention the similarity of the design to the P3? Because the huge orange elephant in the room is how much of a clone of DJI’s design the X-Star is, and no-one seems to mention it. If I bought one of these I’d be worried DJI would sue them, and then they would no longer be allowed to be sold in the US, which would make parts availability a problem.

Lukas Foukal says:


Calamari Beard says:

Dji phantom is currently $495USD on their website.
if you want a cheaper drone X-star is NOT the solution and never was.

777mrpelon says:

the obese one interrupts when the large one is saying something important. it’s annoying

Jens Hendriks says:

I like it that it is ‘to’ expensive. Not ‘too’ expensive or something.

Real Estate says:

Looks awesome. Unfortunately, still expensive to get here in Australia.

Xgo-Assassins says:

I saw 2 circles on the bottom. Are those vision positioning sensors like seen on the Phantom 3/4

adinserter says:

I’ld settle for a extra batterry. I love my Autel X-star Premium! I did have the Phanto0m 1 and a Gopro, but wow rthis drone is gold!

kula sekhar says:

too* WTF!! fkin american educated adultshits!!

Wout Meulemans says:

Its a fucking phantom 3 4k


It looks like a phantom. Drone who agrees

Camden Bradford says:

That double chin though

Stan Wilson says:

I like the video and the part where the drone follows him. I would like to win this drone. 2/26/2017

Geert Marteau says:

Best review i saw on this drone, great job.

Carlos Quintanilla says:

Guys, great job on this review.

Animal Guy says:

my boy this drone cost more than most dji products this is 700$

Rocking in a free world says:

The title is wrong. To expensive should be too expensive. To is going to.

Hospitable Gaming says:

I know im wrong but the background looks so fake

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