Autel EVO Drone Review: 4K 60FPS, Ludicrous Mode, Great Dynamic Range. Finally a DJI competitor?

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Juan Miguel Bernal says:

This review sounds so biased.

Mick Harrison says:

Lol at that tilted horizon. Gimbal is horrible. Nice add

Radiocom100 says:

Competitor, what about the price. All drones come from CHINA copycats, ,Get real,,, Mercy

TD Map says:

10:50 Excellent advice

soppan96 says:

Hows the range compared to a Mavic Pro
and what phone are you using?

And can this lil beast do long exposure shots (like the mavic pro can, even thoought not the best due to sensor’)

TD Map says:

I got a phantom 3 pro and phantom 4 pro. All the reviews I have watched of Mavic 2 vs Evo,, the Evo comes out as a best drone overall. It’s time to sell my p3p and get me an Evo,

Luke Meiritz-Reid says:

Is it just me or do those EVO clips look washed out ???
Have thought of purchasing the EVO on several occasions earlier on however it took Autel a month of Sundays to get the Horizontal Tilt issue sorted out then the rear obstacle avoidance still doesn’t work … doesn’t stop the Drone from crashing into a tree just warns you then crashes.
Those Huge props do get in the way when shooting video stuff up footage **
Autel EVO 60fps isn’t as bigger deal as I initially thought especially compared to video clips of the Mavic 2 moving sideways zero blur or jitter.
Then of course EVO only sold in America … Do Not even think of buying it outside the States zero spare battery supply zero customer support **

todkapuz says:

whomever if recording for you needs to turn off autofocus….. long segments of this are seriously out of focus…..

Sou Lee says:

Bruhh, 60fps is old shit. HDR (10-bit) color is the new standard. This drone doesn’t even come close to dynamic range as the Mavic 2 Pro.


Evo is just a square peace of plastic, unstable didn’t get tested in a wind tunnel, looks cheap and something i would buy a little girl, good camera thats it

Solar Prophet says:

Just bought the rugged bundle, should arrive by the 5th. I like my Spark, but DJI’s software and support is just terrible, especially on Android devices. They need some competition. I do wish Autel offered something comparable to DJI refresh though.

Also, DJI has some of the worst fanboys anywhere. They’re almost as bad as the Apple ones with their blind devotion to the company and complete unwillingness to accept even the slightest amount of criticism, while deeming any competitor’s products to be completely without merit.

John Armstrong Photography says:

How much better is the camera on the Autel? How important is 60fps? Just seen the Mavic air, after the release of DJI’s two new ones, drop to just over $700 on amazon, the Autel is close to $1000, thats a big difference.

Jason Harris says:

Autel? More like autism, fuck this piece of shit. Mavic 2 is the best!

Hayden Van Meeteren says:

Better than DJI simply because it’s an honest price

Arend Mookhoek says:

Especially with all the mavic 2 problems coming out right now this is a better choice for sure.

gerome drepaul says:

Dji has no customer loyalty

JM2018 says:

Nice video. The Autel video looks really sharp but it misses details. This is very often visible over water where you cannot see any structure or waves in the darker parts.

dave sison says:

Evo my favorite drone

Alpha 6.31 says:

It still seems to have the issue with the horizon not being level…

Jamal Walker says:

What kind of distance you get from the Evo..???

Robert Lee says:

Anyone can tell that DJI Mavic is a copy of this.

Blackjack Lover says:

Great video

Funky Duck Productions. says:

Does the camera / gimbal on the Evo turn left and right as well as up and down or do you have to turn the drone itself left to right? I hope that makes sense?

steve diosdado says:

I would say the biggest issue with Autel products is the lack of aftermarket support. There’s not enough companies making EVO accessories. Great video thanks. As a owner of both DJI and Autel drones I will say they both have their downfalls.

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