Armattan Rooster review is one of the best FPV racing drones on the market right now. Fantastic flight performance and an ULTRA TOUGH frame with a lifetime warranty. This drone is easily one of the best I have seen and is perfect for people no matter if you are into racing or freesyle. This armattan Rooster drone is incredible. Link –

Frame link –
Pre built BNF 5 inch –
Pre built BNF 6 inch –

On top of that Armattan is having a giveaway of a free Rooster frame so check the official rules below on how to enter.

The BNF rooster has 2306 motors, 30amp escs, swift 2 fpv camera, f4 betaflight osd and a choice for your vtx. Long story Short I love my armattan rooster and it was very fun to review.

Armattan carbon testing video –

Armattan Titanium stress test video –

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Contact Maxwell W. for Custom intros (he made this one)

Mic used –
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


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1. leave a comment about your thoughts on the rooster or what you like about armattan.
2. Open to everyone where armattan ships to.
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mistery79 says:

Loved the chameleon, can’t wait to fly the rooster

Peggitor says:

Well first of all : I like the AIO-style reviews thing. I like it way more than wanting for a part 2 video.

The rooster not just looks amazing. The really thought that through and I love the easy accessible to work in the FC etc. The camera protection also seems to be Rock solid. I’d love to win such a frame. :}

Andre Carvalho says:

This is really a great drone! I need one, please!

I I says:

Looks familiar. I just received my Rooster yesterday. It sure is pretty!!

Pablo R says:

The whole pod up front of the frame is just so innovative IMO and the fact that armattan switched to titanium for the rooster is encouraging in terms of its durability. As a someone who usually uses under-slung batteries, I would really like to feel the difference a top mount frame makes. Great review, Stew!

Punch1011 says:

It is pretty awesome that Armattan offers such a great warranty on their frames.

MeatPole says:

i could use a drone frame, just starting to buy parts to make my first

Stephen B says:

I really need this frame. I don’t want it. I need it.

david tilvikas says:

Love the chrome on it so nice

pawel rog says:

OF course I want it 🙂

Jack FPV FPV says:

You did it again friend. Amazing way of reviewing. Congrats for the 100k followers. Most of us are your fans.

Claes Eriksson says:

Thanks for another great review! Really good channel. Would love to have one of these Armattan Rooster drones – looks fantastic! I’m flying RC planes now but want to start flying drones. Please get me started with this giveaway! 🙂

Crespo says:

That thing looks amazing! I think that may be my next build, I have been considering the Chameleon for a while as my first “nicer” frame. I learned to fly with cheapies for my first year. Lol.

Chamathke Perera says:

Whaaaa! Poor Armattan

Stephen Bui says:

Armattan Rooster looks to be a solid quad from this review. I was on the fence with the Chameleon vs Alien, but this frame is enough for me to finally get into 5″ from tinywhoops.

William Hirn says:

Wow! I love the attention to detail and high quality parts. This may be my next drone!!!

dB Addict says:

Hammer test = amazing!!!! says:

♥♥♥♥♥ if there is a QUADGOD please let me win this crazy piece. I will fly it endlessly 🙂 we will we wll rock 4s ♥♥♥♥♥

Joe Sloman says:

Very cool

Conor Henderson says:

I love the strength of the armattan quads

Boon says:

Hopefully the titanium holds up, the metal front and one piece bottom plate is what turned me off on the chameleon!

Joaquim Llàcer says:

Damn it’s just beautiful! Plus I actually like its not ultra light, the momentum feels nice. Anyway, this guys at Armattan know how to do things damn right. And BTW I liked the format of the video!

Dannie Wolf says:

Great video, Stew! Well done Armattan.

Ben Dubroc says:

Just found your channel yesterday and I can’t get enough!! I would sure love to win this frame.

Ovidiu Hurducas says:

I love the speechless Trev

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