Are Today’s Race Drones getting TOO POWERFUL? FURIBEE DARKMAX review.

Furibee Dark max fpv race drone review. The furibee darkmax is a BNF race drones with everything you might expect in a racer. Good motors, BLHELI_S escs, F4fc, OSD. BUT IT TAKES UP TO A 6S LIPO. that means it could have some crazy CRAZY fast speed, It could very well be the world’s fastest BNF Drone. Link –

Non receiver version –
Darkmax Frsky version –
Darkmax DSMX version –
Darkmax Flysky –

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Mic used –
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


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slitherixxx says:

when is the 5s rotorX flight video comming?

tisseen schande says:

I hit more concrete and wood than air with my Diatone Crusader GT2’s, and not once did I break my camera. It’s not just me: I heard some other reviewers say this. Stu, honestly, I doubt that you have busted even just one camera up. Yet you keep slagging quads with this design feature. Could you reconsider this, like other reviewers do?

Michael Dilger says:

YAY! you’re usiing turnigy graphene

Justin Hadley says:

My guess is on a 5S lipo it will hit 97mph

FPEvideos says:

bad camera protection is a deal breaker for me. I also what to have room for a triple stack. Both of those points are due to the fact that I want to install a runcam split, and i certainly would not to smash that up and need room for the extra board.

geemailMossman says:

with serious books come great problems…

TimoWarnken says:

This ir the Furibee X215? The X215 should also handle 6s.

Bori Bori says:

Let me quest this bad boy is another best new and the link is down in the description .

roman dominguez says:

Can’t wait to see it fly and see what speed Sally says

DCL Drone says:

Stew, your channel is my maiden Sub! It looks like a Rocket (86mph). My guess. You said you like 2.5mm lens. Is that your preferred lens size? You recently recommended a OSD for an Eachine x220. Runcam swift 2. Or would recommend the Rotor Riot swift 2?

Lincoln David says:

Look real good I bet it’s going to be fast. I Bet Trev say it’s very fast a lot

Robert Sherwood says:

what happened to the part 2 of the atom v3 review

Ptaker RC says:

6s too bro 😀

Karsten M. says:

@Stuw: for your next Q&A: How do you handle landing for most of your racing drones cary there batteries on the bottom and there is no landing gear what so ever. These battaries usualy do not like getting beating of on a rough landing. Also is a big batterie not also making the landing so unbalnced that the props might get damaged as well easily?

Kyosanym says:

Please review Furibee version of the Lizard95. I think it’s called Furibee Dinosaur Q95.

BuzzCola 3 says:

You can go up to 6s with this quad

The Great Mechanized Ape says:

the word to: used as a function word (1) to indicate the extent or degree (as of completeness or accuracy) loyal to a man. generous to a fault or the extent and result (as of an action or a condition) beaten to death (2) to indicate the last or an intermediate point of a series moderate to cool temperatures.

neo Jeets says:

Nice bench review. 82 mph.

Shirdi Ali says:

Can’t wait to see it fly. What do you think about that fpv antenna mount style?

David Knauss says:

any recommendations for a mini/micro brushless that is great at acro?

Javi FPV says:

You’re late AndyRC already flew it 5S and 6S.

Samson FPV says:

Make a “best receiver ready quad” video please! says:

great review

gian 2003 says:

When come’s part 2?

Drone Hero's says:

This one will go slightly faster top speed on 6s but fly much better all around on 5s.

Canyon Racer says:

Antenna killer for sure!

William DRS says:

What is UAV futures really mean?

danlatu says:

Stew can you do a comparison on fat arms vs skinny? I transferred all my components from a fat armed quad to a skinny armed racer. I noticed the amps and battery dumping so much faster. Skinny arms = motors spinning faster with less restriction = more battery sag/voltage drop. Do it before that smarty dress bardwell does it.

UrLawyer says:

Given the exposed camera placement, I can already tell I will have rammed it out of the back of the quad within my first few packs of flying this sucker.

UAVfutures says:

Will this set a BNF record, or EXPLODE on 5S? how fast will it go?
Links – Non receiver version –
Darkmax Frsky version –
Darkmax DSMX version –
Darkmax Flysky –

Wind1000100 says:

Hmm… I’ve never seen a DYS motor looking like that, and I couldn’t find one searching then. Interesting.


Cant wait To see How Fast It Is And If It stands Up To The 5 Call and Grumpy Trev.

ziggyzbeak says:

I like four arms. CHEERS

Warlock Hunter says:

96 mph

Jeff Gould says:

Well Stew, since AndyRC already ran this bad boy on 6S…you should have some serious speed. Give it to GT for the 6S run!!!

Raymond Mitchell says:


The Great Mechanized Ape says:

you are describing the power of the drone and its ability to be flown. so you use the word “to” to indicate that extent or degree of power. to fast to fly. I think Iv over killed my evidence. you should just admit you are wrong and move on..

imcrazy 69 says:

Is this faster than the diatone gt200s

Marc Hord says:

you know speed is great, but I enjoy flying. Don’t forget to have fun

ziggyzbeak says:

80 M.P.H.

Lee Wilson says:

102 on a 5s.

Warlock Hunter says:

Hey Stew have you thought of making a racer drone with GPS or a mini drone with GPS not for racing. I want to learn how to set up GPS like what program to use what flight controller to use..

Fuzzwad says:

I’d like to see a GoPro session vs session 5. I’ve seen some comparisons but none geared toward minquads.

Necro Nemesis says:

“OMG I can’t talk properly”… and here I was thinking it was the accent… LOL! Love the channel.

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