ALMOST 100MPH RACING DRONE! LX Leopard + LD Power motors Review

Lx6 lx5 gep lx review. These new style of pod frames with a mix of aluminium and carbon fibre are both strong and functional. The lx leopards protect the vtx, fc, fpv camera and receiver. On my version I ran the lx6 with 5 inch propellers. Link –

Different versions
4 inch –
5 inch –
6 inch –

Stretch X versions
4 inch –
5 inch –
6 inch –

LD Power motors-
2600kv –

FC –
Props –

Link to D quad obsession, sorry if this frame was first. If so check out this one –

Joshua bardwells video on LDpower motors –

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Mic used –
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


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Mark Alesandro says:

Hi Stu, would the PDB on this quad support an old Futuba PPW receiver?

UAVfutures says:

Which version would you get?
LX Leapord link-
stretch X version –

Vince O says:

Keepin the heat on stewie’s butt with this 5″… Ummmm (akward silence)

Thrust-FPV says:

everytime i tried to buy a leapord it is sold out!

Josh Bartell says:

I just received the king kong 130 fly egg. it has a very similar frame and would like to it pushed to the limit on your channel.this is my first proper quad and I was going to try to build the learpard till I saw this one in a bnf and decided to learn with it.

willettfx says:

Question, what is the average flight time of the battery in a racing drone ?

AH FPV says:

i think the pads are great

DALE Kennedy says:

Hey Stu, can you review the new Cobra motors please. love the show and keep up the good work.

8alakai8 says:

the leopard is a clone of the dquad obsession my team had dquad sponsor i know the guy of dquad they where testing this fraem for a long tome and it was out before this one so its a clone only arms are different at the end and they made the curve of the cage a bit different

josh akers says:

I love the idea of the tabs, I’ve had a few motors come apart at the wires where with the tabs it would be no issue at all to fix.

Watcan W says:

I just completed your $99 build, however when I connect the upgraded flight controller it flashes red. Also, I cannot connect to the betaflight. Any ideas on how to fix these issues?

Gros Gogtjopie says:

Is this a sponsored video??

Pascal Buys says:

Hi Stew, i fly 2 of these tanks, there very durable. One thing… Do not direct solder you’re xt60 on the pdb! I messed up 3 pdb’s doing that the last one i crashed in to a gate with 80mph. Just use a short wire and you’re good. Like you’re videos! PBFPV

coziam FPV says:

I clipped a branch with mine out at the field and it went into a brick wall at full throttle, I never even broke any of the carbon! well built frame and all the replacement parts are very cheap anyway!

chris665 says:

Thanks Stu, I’m new to quads and love your videos, am leaning a lot from you guys.
Thanks from the UK

roman dominguez says:

Should have put on the 2600 motors

Fast Freddy says:

I built one of these with equipment I removed from a friends ZMR250 and thought it was a tight build compared to say a QAV 250 or an Alien frame.

Logan I says:

with a 2306, you could of tossed on 6″ props if you have the right esc’s.

Upaginit 101 says:

Your killin me w the alluminium lol

xDzRr says:

Hey stew I had a quick question if you don’t mind answering. Out of the eachine vr d2 pro, the eachine goggle 2, and the hylian jjpro which one would you say is better for fpv. I don’t really have the money for fat sharks at the moment so out of all these from your personal opinion what would you recommend. Please take everything into consideration ex: range, video feed, experience etc. thanks in advance

ziggyzbeak says:

People don’t be lazy 8 screws don’t weigh to much put all four screws in your motors .
great review Stu keep them coming, CHEERS

weasel toast says:

that motor solder tabs are great because I have smoked some escs direct soldering to them

John Baboolal says:

since you were talking about speed, what’s your thoughts on the emax 2750kv white editions?

roman dominguez says:

Josh wasn’t joking, Got a set of those motors on my drone, Awesome motors !

randall reis says:

I like it when you solder the wires to the ESC!

David Downs says:

I wanna build one too, may use cobra 2207/2600 gold

Jakinwhale says:

Hey UAVfutures, You know how you bought those sun shade shelter things for the racing gates you made! I bought one as a sun shade and I know how to fold it, I will probably put a video up soon!

cybervid07 says:

Put your radar guy guy behind a piece of plywood with a slot in it for the speed gun. Then you can rip down low for better reference and protect the poor guy manning the speed gun. That’s how my MultiGP club does it when the guys have speed runs at over 120mph!

Fmily says:

You should take a look at KababFPVs Floss frame. It’s a much more race and speed focused frame and I think it’s a pretty awesome design!

roy schnebelen says:

Hi Stu, I really like the idea of soldering the ESC wires directly to the motors. Either that or have the manufactures give you longer wired to reach the ESC if you are using a 4 in one. My 2 cents anyway. Oh I would get the smaller version. Looks more stable.

layrad says:

Shouldn’t the speed gun be held steady to get the most accurate reading? I feel like it would read less if you followed the quad with it

richard hammond says:

i really like the solder pads on the motor, no components to heat up with esc and motor swaps. your such a maniac hack awesome pilot Stu, anything built you can rip its face off!

ATMO FPV says:

Miles per hour?

Thrust-FPV says:

try the blue hq props 6045 2 blade on that , I’m getting 119mph , on my Multi RC stretch x 6″. you wont believe what size motors I’m using to accomplish this.

Doug Gotti says:

For the cleanest build on this frame the emax magnum AIO works best… I have the stretched 6 and with the ld 2307 motors and it’s a monster!!!!

Sushrut says:

Can you review Furibee vr01 goggles on gearbest or goolrc hd01 goggles on aliexpress

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