Airdog ADII First Ride Review – GoPro Drone Goes Hands-Free

It’s not cheap, and you’ll need to supply your own GoPro, but if you’re looking for a capable but easy to use drone for cycling then the currently-being-Kickstarted ADII should be on your shortlist.
Here’s the Kickstarter, if you want to chip in –


Venividivicib181 says:

So when it comes out $1500 for a half drone? You can’t really do much with it besides follow you? Yup I’ll pass

Daniel S. says:

Wow the footage seemed amazing. I have a Mavic pro and I didn’t knew about the airdog. It seems a little big though. Also guys I’ve also started to do mountain biking videos and nature related stuff. So if you wish. Stop by and give some support by subscribing.

Steve Lee says:

I note there were no trees, lights or other obstacles in your video. Try it in a regular street with these obstacles and see how it fares?

vivoslibertos says:

This thing should have solar panel system.

Ivan Prskalo says:

Does it work with Virb from Garmin?? Because it should.

R1ckyfrankl1n says:

This was done and tried by other companies in the past. They all failed. As did go pro’s own drone pretty much

bl8danjil says:

Hands free drone…so it’s a drone then and not the radio controlled quad/multi rotor helicopters that people erroneously call “drone”

TitanFlyer says:

No crash avoidance makes this about useless for most people who bike in nature. I have yet to see a place like you were where there are no trees, at least in the South East USA… Too bad though, this would be awesome if it could use a lidar to map the obstacles and still do what you were doing with it..

Gordon Moat says:

Good following, but wow that drone is loud.

Regular Guy Mountain Biking says:

This is really interesting stuff! I know I need to get into the drone game soon but not sure what to buy. The DJI Spark really has my attention right now because it’s just so darn small and easy to take with me. Having a small drone with me when I mtb would be killer!

Total Nostalgia says:

95% of where i ride is forest dh, same with all riders i ride with. would be cool to see quadcopter dodge trees and follow me on its own. sadly i would have no use for that bad boy

Mr.ActionGal101 says:

looks like it only works in open areas without any trees or buildings

SmevMev says:

Constant, irritating drone buzzing, the new sound of the countryside

The ChaosEngine says:

Anyone got a link to a cycling channel? I’m not interested in cinematography.

Diana Theriault says:

Now if only I had $999 to burn! I’ve seen video reviews of the Spark and it looks fairly good to go but does need a controller with gimbals.

1 1 says:

Somebody flew a drone at the park and everyone who didn’t see it thought it was a swarm of bees.

teunluijbregts says:

This leaves me completely uninterested.

Smurf En Drek says:

Please review the specialized allez sprint, it has a really unique bottom bracket for an alu bike

Tamas Varga says:

No thanks, I don’t ride on airfields… I’ll stick with the Mavic

ThunderStruckCoach says:

Hey little girl, that’s noneya

Brian Moore says:

Really cool video and great mini review. It could be a lot of fun, but the subject of tree avoidance would need to be fully explored for those of us that ride done roads with trees lining both sides.

Phillip Weems says:

No forward sensor makes use in most real world applications and settings far too risky. Huge oversight on the designer. Mavic Pro and Spark are far more portable and are easily paired with a phone (or controller if you wish) for follow me modes. I can fold the Mavic and put it in my back jersey pocket (not advised but doable). The real winner of the drone war would be if the DJI spark had foldable arms like the Mavic. It would be a game changer based on its size and ultraportability for most real world users (I just wanna get some cool images) and not cinematographers or professionals.

sticky says:

if there is more than one of them in the air, can they hit each other and drop on us people that don’t want to film everything we do.

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