Review of the FPV racing drone frame “The TWIG”. A serious light weight, high performance FPV racing drone designed to crush lap times and push the speed limits of a racing quadcopter. Super compact and with a massive thrust to weight ratio. I actually found it difficult to tame this real beast with so much power. Links to the parts below.

TWIG Frame – http://bit.ly/2iRmG4K
4 in 1 30amp ESC – http://bit.ly/2hJi5Tz
All in 1 VTX and FC board – http://bit.ly/2gxrRZa (this + the 4in1 esc make the build work IMO)
Viking Motors –http://bit.ly/2i6oPe7
Props – http://bit.ly/2j53DU1
Battery Strap – http://bit.ly/2jq4yBS

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РАКЕТА says:

Hello from Russia! thanks a lot for this video! But I want to answer a questions
What a motors you used in this twig? 2205 or 2206 viking motors?
And what battery? THANK YOU A LOT!!! GOOD FLYING))

Dennis Forbes says:

What battery size and approx time were you getting off that battery? thanks!

brayden carr says:

and how did you setup the fpv


Gr8 vid! How’s about that fc, did ya have NE problems with it? Did you installs the resistor that is Included with the fc? One more, lol sorry!! Is the fc worth the price tag it carries?? Thanks for the ride!!

Zac Gan says:

rip arms if you crash that

mark schear says:

how tall do you set your gates? not much info on gate size n setup.

wardope says:

how do those motors compare to the Emax Rs 2205S ?

Galaxy_Dr0id says:

You build these drones???

Jayden Clifford says:

forgot an A in the title

Bloody JMF says:

can you give us some specs about that AIO board?

Ozzy3333333 says:

Reminds me of the old F1 racing days (when they did not care about driver safety), build the car super light and just strong enough to finish a race. I personally would not buy that frame, to much time and work repairing. 5mm x 4mm = 9, Raptor is 12mm x 5mm = 60, just over 5000 flight in 2016 and not even a single cracked part on the frame, this is not even low maintenance, its zero maintenance. At $17 + $15 S/H (to USA) a pair twig arms, I would be ~ $1000 in the hole for 2016. There is a saying, to finish first, you must first finish, have fun.

Dennis Forbes says:

Sorry but I have to call BS on this build. I’m an experienced builder 25+ years but cannot figure out how you got the screws through the FC board, it can’t even be possible unless you drilled out the corner holes of the FC or made a modification to the center frame support. You would be risking cracking the board even attempting to run the screws through it. And yes I am using the same components you called out in this video so no difference in hardware. Appreciate if you could share this with us or this really is a no build for me.

Povl H Pedersen says:

My homebuilt 130mm on 3″ props and DYS BX1306-4000KV is fast too. Way better than my slow tank, the Eachine Facon 180. 7:30-8 min flight time. Is pushed a bit more around by the wind due to the fact that it is ligther (249.8g with battery, 600mW Tx etc).


Hey Stew, I have also swapped over to the turnigy evolution and have found as it is on the same protocol as Flysky there is a 1g sbus receiver called the “A8S” would love to see a review from you on this. Keep doing what your doing

ridesoftail says:

What if you double up the arms 8mm thick but still be thin for air flow then it would be stronger.

Robert de Boer says:

Who the fuck uses a chopstick in a drone video

Senze says:

Stu, thats insane speeds! Sure you are not a pro racer?

Fuzzyaction says:

How much are these drones with controller and everything

michael stewart says:

yep no problem. sorry I can’t afford to pledge to your other channel right now but I really like what your doing and how you present urself. i was watching another persons stuff, and yeah his a very good pilot but it seems like its not fun to him anymore like i can hear a like cocky tone in his voice or something but anyway. stay 100% and keep up the great videos.

michael stewart says:

hell yes!

FPV DIKS says:

put on some pants, hippie

Vladmir Putin says:

Hey Stu, still a little echo-y but not bad. Have you thought of trying out a lavalier mic?

Nico Myers says:

That thing looks insane! Those Viking motors bent me back to the Baby Beast days

George Downing says:

the arms look really thin; does it hold when it crashes?

James King says:

Thanks for doing another great video.

Neil Fraser says:

Would anyone happen to know the AMP rating on the flight controller Stu used?

andymouse123 says:

hi thereI have a QC 360 A1 a little drone, a toy really but I’m hooked no FPV but that’s where I want to go what would be the next step in your opinion I’m not to bad at flying the thing well compared to when I started first thing it did was take flight and attack my old dear! so what ya reckon bud?

Gavin Nunns says:

That thing rips! Way to much…or to little quad for my skills to handle 🙂

Btw it still had some echo in that room, I like to use acoustic wall panels they can make a huge difference and look pretty cool and artistic.

brayden carr says:

and what transmitter did you use

sp ts says:

i prefered the old wall 🙁

mpeterfin says:

Did the quad video footage look like that from your headset or was it just the lighting?

Matthew Bringle says:

iMovie or Finalcut?

brayden carr says:

what is the mqx speed

mark schear says:

built the RFX160, I got a say it’s the fastest 4in ever. Dys2205 2600kv,30a 4in1 esc,REVO F4 FC, 4x4x4 props. Holy cow,it’s almost unflyably fast.

ashingashinga says:

So this is the fastest frame you have right now?

Dennis Forbes says:

Hoping you can help, Just got my Twig the other day and I noticed when mounting the motors to the arms, the area where the wires come out of the motor does not line up with the arm itself, meaning the wires are not centered on the arm when they come out of the motor. Looking at your vid its tough to see but it appears you ran into the same problem, can you confirm this. Thanks! Also, don’t know if you saw my other question but curious what battery size you ran on the video.

MyDogAteMyHomework says:

whats with the quality.

Chuck D says:

Man, they need to improve the quality of fpv.

bradley hall says:

I like this drone would like to get one

G Bro says:

Wow, thats some great flying. Great job.

Matt Jones says:

I can’t see how people do not crash every time there is that horrible interference on the screen.

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