3DR Solo Smart Drone Review | The Good – Bad – Ugly & Tips

Adam from http://www.aeroworksproductions.com talks about the new 3DR Solo “Smart Drone”. The good, bad, ugly and first flight tips. More reviews to come when the Solo gimbal is finally released as well as “How To” videos.

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Ray Sample says:

Have you used the Gimbal yet? does it work as advertised?

giovanni sossi says:

how can you remove the information of gopro when you are recording? I mean the information of 1080, Wide, fps, the time, etc. can you help me please?

Sean Combs says:

Great Video. Learned a couple of things!!!

Good: Just purchased this system from BestBuy with 3 axis gimbal, extra batery, and 2 spare props for under $300. I had to install the new gimbal but it wasn’t hard at all, took 5 minutes.

Bad: New 3 axis Gimbal did not fix the Recording and Photo capture controls from ground for a Hero 3 (Unless I am doing something wrong). Everything I’ve read online says that it doesn’t work with the Hero 3 or the newest GoPro Hero. I’ve been recording video or setting to take pictures automatically every 1/2 to 3,5, 10 secs . In 15 minutes of flight per battery charge, there’s a LOTof pics to go through!

Ugly: Now I have to buy a Hero 4, which is twice the price of the Drone because it is “supposedly” the Hero version that does work with the system.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Stephen Oberlin says:

Has anyone taken stills via GoPro on timed shutter mode? If so is their a way to access the GPS data and tag it to the exif data on the images? This is a necessity for the type of work I am looking to do with the solo.

Tyler Tilbury says:

Would the sj4000 work with this or only GoPro?

Victor Oquendo says:

The one thing that makes me nervous about buying is the fact that keep hearing people loosing their DJI Phantoms to connection loss. last thing i need is to loos my Gopro and a drone. Thoughts anyone? Is this drop reliable?

Richard's World says:

Reasons to buy this… you can go to a store and buy it locally… if you have a Bestbuy store nearby. It looks more cool than the DJI, and maybe some of the “smart” functions.

That seems to be about it.

sfo sfo says:

Hey Aeroworks, is there a way to get a hold of you guys to ask some questions? I do appreciate you reviewing the Solo as I’m new owner of one of them. My biggest concern is you guys seeing this as an obsolete platform. What’s the best way to get a hold of it guys? Thanks!

A1pha8rav0 says:

i have a sjcam 4000, would you know if the solo is compatible with it ?

QualityIsNumber1 says:

Personally, I don’t like the non-retractable landing gear design. This limits the camera movement to strictly move up and down just like the DJI Phantom. The reason why they designed it this way is due to the landing gear which would get in the way of the shot.

If you want to pan the camera side to side you have to turn the drone itself. This makes it much harder to accomplish certain camera moves while flying in a different direction then the camera is pointing. This is because it interferes with the direction the drone is going when it is flying. It is better to have the camera movements and flight movements separate to give the pilot more control. The other reason is that the camera gimbal is much smoother and makes a more stable camera move than using the drone to maneuver the shot.

However, DJI’s Inspire 1 does not have this problem due to its retractable landing gear and full 360 degree gimbaled camera system. What DJI and other drone companies need to do to take it to the next level is to add a second camera on it so that when the camera is pointing in a different direction the other camera can see where the drone is going. Then of course they should add censors to enable it to automatically see and avoid obstacles to make the drone smarter. Especially when using autonomous features (like “Follow Me” etc). So it is less likely to crash. I think that the ultimate single user control setup for flying the Inspire 1 would be to use it with the Oculus Rift (motion tracking video goggles which enable you to see and control the direction the camera is pointing by moving your head).

Kelly L says:

Ordered a drone from 3DR but keep on ordering missing things. These products are not for amateur. Please be careful.

GoMiGman says:

What a piece of junk!  The biggest let down I’ve ever spent so much money on!

Paul Saunders says:

How often do you suggest calibrating the solo. Once after you buy it or at regular intervals?

See Mee says:

can the 3dr solo work with yi 4k? thanks

el3usis says:

Do you need a cellphone connection on your tablet? How does the live video feed communicate between your gopro & tablet? Cheers

Saad Hafez says:

Customer service rates right down there with Comcast! My unit has been returned twice and has spent more time in the air with FedEx than I have had flying it! Opt for a Phantom unit or wait for the proposed GoPro drone hopefully sometime next year!

Tamas Kispal says:


3DR Solo is 499$ on BestBuy with Gimbal, 2 Batteries, extra Propellers!!

Quick2000 says:

Why do we have smart phones that can go for a day or more on a charge but these drones cannot go past 20 minutes or so?

Kirsty Loreen says:

I read somewhere that this drone has problems with the gps and video if there is no wifi. This might be a really stupid question, so please bare with me as I am a tech idiot and looking into purchasing this for my boyfriend. If you’re outside with no wifi is there a problem streaming the video and navigating the drone? I read a review where someone said something similar to this.

david ringler says:

I have had 3 iris.s and know a lot of people who have them and never ever once did I see it need to be autotuned!. All I ever saw what happened to those who autotuned there iris had nothing but problems! Especaily new to multirotor people or those that came from dji!. Autotune is for custom builds to get you in the ballpark!.Unless you know pixhawk let settings alone on iri DO NOT AUTOTUNE THERE IS NO NEED EVER!

Bill Somrak says:

As I mentioned to someone on a FB group, who was touting the “new low price” of this POS, now at $399, I said I wouldn’t buy one for $39.95. I might buy one for $3.95 to display as a classic FAIL I don’t think you can chalk up thousands of flyaways on an improperly calibrated IMU. 3DR is LEAVING the hobby drone business, and retailers are trying to DUMP this thing as fast as they can, recouping as much as they can before the bottom of the market for this thing hits. Perhaps, some time in the distant future, these might become highly prized, much as a pristine EDSEL or PINTO is sought after at “historic vehicle” shows.

Bob Craig says:

First comments negative, about a strap, and paint job? Who does this company really represent?

Kenneth Wilson says:

why is the GoPro upside down?

dayanj says:

Only reason I was thinking of going for Solo was orbit and other auto flight modes. Now DJI is introducing those features with P3 Standard and coming to P3 other models soon. What’s your opinion?(if we disregard the customer service comparison). I want to trust 3DR but feel like DJI might be better on GPS hold etc than 3DR?

George Kenner says:

Got my Gimbal and it does not work with the HERO3+ Silver….. to me this is the UGLY…they said it would work with all the Hero3+ models.

Taino Indio says:

thanks good video

Jeremy Simpson says:

Best Buy is liquidating their stock of these for $299 so not a bad deal for something that once cost $1,600 lol. I’m getting one just because they are so cheap. I don’t care that 3DR isn’t going to make more or continue with this model/line. Hopefully I get a good one

BungsViet says:

thorough review. Very professional and nice to get a point of view from someone who has been into RC for so long and not just recently, and not just a tech reviewer.

DreamRust says:

great, ty

mike poret says:

What a bunch of cry babies, this is my first drone and I love it!! Almost bought a phantom 3 but I chose solo. I’m having so much fun with it and I don’t have a gimble or go pro yet.


xiro xplorer VS traxxas aton what is a better deal /quad?

NeighborGreg says:

So where is the updated review with the gimbal? Had mine for a week now, and it is just as good as my DJI if not better as far as ease of use…. Not sure what you mean by a big letdown…

Bill Gerety says:


Antho B says:

one of the best looking drones in its class but i think its too expensive being that DJI is leading the market

U238Gu says:

Made in China?

Adrian Castro says:

so i keep hearing gimbal. um, what is that? lol. and um, is it worth buying now?

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