$35 Portable foldable drone with camera 2018 Review – 4K

Fake DJI Mavic Pro for $35 Review! A fake portable DJI Mavic foldable mini drone clone! The cheapest drone with FPV first person view. control this drone right from your smartphone. Cheapest pocket drone in 2018! This Drone is not 4K but its a great little toy good pocket drone, mini drone and it foldable! Not as good as DJI Mavic or parrot drone but for this cheap price it’s really not bad! This is probably the cheapest drone with the camera! Product name is Elfie by JJRC

Purchase Link for JJRC Elfie-
eBay – http://pintient.com/Ezy
Amazon – http://amzn.to/2nMPrnI

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Cook Book TV says:


buszero1 says:

It looks really unstable. Is that because you were playing with it? I’m asking because I’m wondering if you can actually get stable shots with the camera.

Cook Book TV says:


Mark evnue says:

Thats not 4K, don’t talk shit.

Zustin Gaming says:


Sweet Pea says:

4k vs 0.3

Lil Candy says:

lol its a ripoff of a holystone hs160 shadow.

Monsieur Qwertz says:

If somebody know cheap drone (under 50 dollars) for making videos from high altitude, type it

Mr Objection says:

wow, very cheap

Techno Rd says:

anyone one want to sell a drone contact me at 9128695566 i wanna buy

Lester Hartness says:

Why do people use the word clone in describing these toys that have no relation whatsoever with a Mavic?

Sean McConaghy says:

Would it be possible to put a small better quality camera mount to the bottom?

nob veun says:

I need

Arafath Nihaz says:

I bought it for 8$ in ebay

Muan Guite says:


Baking Recipes Manisha Mauritius says:

I’m disappointed! I was waiting to see it’s recorded quality not how you manage it. You’ve shown it too quick also, can it go slowly?

808 Kamakazi says:

They miss spelled selfie

Trevor Bond says:


FajarisInYoutube says:

Man it isn’t in lazada

Assasins Creed Unity says:


andrzej ok says:


DJ krish says:

This drone is $29.99

Exploration F says:

copied of the dobby, and the spark, not a mavic pro

Alex Timmins says:

its a zero tech dobby clone not mavic

Hani's Experiments says:

Hey this video is taken in 4K

Majestic7 Volume2 says:

Can it Go a mile form you nope

WisGuy4 says:

Also, you make a rather ignorant statement in your video, calling the battery design a “hassle” because the battery must be removed to recharge it.

There is a term for drones that have built-in, non-removable batteries:  bottom-of-the-barrel, cheap toys.  Anyone who knows anything about drones would prefer a drone to have a removable battery for multiple reasons.  First, it lets one buy spare batteries and be able to fly multiple times in a flying session/outing, rather than have to wait 45 to 300 minutes for a drone battery to recharge (note:  you will lengthen the life of your drones’ motors if you let them cool for 15 minutes between flights, rather than immediately popping a new battery in and taking off again – this advice is by YouTube drone reviewer Quadcopter 101, who, unlike RoyalTech, is actually an expert on drones.  Other highly knowledgeable, recommended drone review channels are The RCSaylors, Dustin Dunnill, Frequent Flyer RC,  Ready Set Drone and Soul Force Quads). 

Second, removable batteries can often be recharged by chargers that enable multiple batteries to be charged at once. 

Third, it is more convenient to have something that’s about the size of a pack of gum, rather than the full size of your drone, on your countertop, desktop, etc… while it is plugged in charging.

Marco Ramirez says:

I bought and crashed one in a small tree, then its now not working. Trust me, its crap.

moeshickenyay says:

Tomtop been two months, called PayPal, buy from Amazon so you can return it when it breaks.

Μανος yolo says:

Whits is the name of the Drone?

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