HOTTEST 2018 Drones – Top 2018 Best Drones for the money. $50 to $1500. See each fly, camera quality, range, battery life, and more. A full overview by experts at Drone Camps RC.

Links to the Best of 2018 Drones below :

DJI Phantom 4 Pro : *Recommended for Professionals.
Use COUPON CODE: rc18off for discount.
DJI Phantom 4 “Obsidian Black” Combo : https://goo.gl/9MQRSH
DJI Phantom 4 White Combo : https://goo.gl/A3TUNC
DJI Phantom 4 Battery : https://goo.gl/Xc86Yi

DJI Mavic Pro – *Recommended for Pro to Hobby.
Use COUPON CODE: rc18off for discount.
DJI Mavic Pro 2 Battery Combo : https://goo.gl/zRJsvD
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo : https://goo.gl/hWpzJ8
DJI Mavic Pro “Low Noise” Propellers : https://goo.gl/NATb3c
DJI Mavic Pro Battery : https://goo.gl/U45Eq5

DJI Mavic Air : *Recommended for Pro to Hobby.
Use COUPON CODE: rc18off for discount.
DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo : https://goo.gl/WfP8kz
DJI Mavic Air 1 Battery Combo : https://goo.gl/MpZQn7
DJI Mavic Air Battery : https://goo.gl/Qznbtb
DJI Mavic Air Propellers : https://goo.gl/k2MA2s

DJI Spark : *Recommended for Hobby and close in shots.
Use COUPON CODE: rc18off for discount.
DJI Spark with Remote Bundle : https://goo.gl/2JnkMY
DJI Spark with No Remote : https://goo.gl/TeHiqC
DJI Spark Battery : https://goo.gl/rzSXMf
DJI Spark Transmitter here : https://goo.gl/Kqx3Vp

DJI Goggles for flying FPV with DJI Drones :
Use COUPON CODE: rc18off for discount.
Link here : https://goo.gl/zEVcXW

Attop XT-1 Mavic Clone Toy Drone, *Recommended for a Trainer.
Use COUPON CODE: rc18off for discount.
Link here : https://goo.gl/neGafo

DJI Tello Drone : 1080p Mini Drone.
Use COUPON CODE: rc18off for discount.
Link here : https://goo.gl/LdwKKc

Drone Landing Pad – *Like I have in the video :
Link here : https://goo.gl/6GXNth

Other DJI Cases, Accessories, Lens filters, Etc :
Link here : https://goo.gl/iWBZq2

Music by Biocratic
Track : Handsome People
Soundcloud : https://goo.gl/9j2ZX2

Other links to some of my hobby favorite radios, batteries below :

Justin’s Favorites :
1st Hobby RC Radio of choice : FrSky X10S below.
Link here : https://goo.gl/1fzx2V
2nd Hobby Radio of choice : Frsky TARANIS X7 below.
Black : https://goo.gl/yAgKMT
White : https://goo.gl/NVVGxC
New Blue Taranis X7S version here :
Carbon fiber X7S : https://goo.gl/CfPauy

My favorite race quad battery.
Tattu 4S 1300mah Lipo Battery here : https://goo.gl/4dbuKj

Economy priced 4S 1300mah battery here :

My current favorite 5″ racer quad props : Emax AVAN Tri-Props :

My drone landing pad of choice here :

My Fatshark HD3 Goggles of choice here : Use the code : RC18OFF

Economy $50 pair of googles that have two diversity antennas. Great for the price.

My favorite micro brushless quadcopter is the Emax Babyhawk :

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J Williams says:

Enjoy all of Your Video’s Justin …! I Recently Purchased a DJI Platinum & Look Forward to Getting it in the Air Soon . I Look Forward to Future Video’s of These & All the Others . I Don’t know Where You Find the Time …. But Thanks ….

Marmar Weekusk says:

Thank you this helped me decide on the mavic pro plat fly more combo. I never flown a drone but i need something thats portable and for travel. I wanna add it to my wedding photography or unique photo shots. Also just for youtube b roll. I’ll most likely try take a course and lesrn before i go out and just fly an expensive piece of equipment lol. The iso and the bigger sensor on the pro males more sense to. Me then the air so that was a factor

אדוארדו בורשטין says:

Exist a drone that can reach a distance of 500 meters and return, gps, camera, and with a value of 150 dollars?

tedcharp says:

I got the Spark and love it. It’s like playing hide and seek with the weather in Louisiana. If not rain the wind blowing 25mph. Great review video Justin thanks

Sean Corcoran says:

Great video! How come the Air footage looked so laggy? Is that something you find happens with the Air? that’s the only one of the four I don’t own.

Justin Clancy says:

Had the spark sold it for the Mavic Pro

Ray Keogh says:

I have never got more than 15 mins from the mavic air and I don’t use the prop guards.

NewQLar says:

Great video and recommendations. One quick clarification, the Mavic Air charger doesn’t charge batteries simultaneously but rather in sequence, starting from the battery that has the most charge to the battery with the least. Mic is a little close to your mouth on that one. Distortion makes is a little tough to listen but your content is great none the less. Keep it up. As for the reason why the props aren’t foldable – simply a matter of cost per prop. You do get more instant torque to the wing when you give more direct inputs that can be good in some cases and bad in others. I for one would’ve preferred a foldable. They absorb a little more of that torque and make the flight transitions all the more balanced helping the gimbal keep the camera steadier. I’m curious to see what the new Pro II and Spart will sport. Is a fixed wing a new trend for DJI? We’ll see soon enough in any case. Be well man. Take good care.

ADEL Samilin All Star says:

hello bro
im from philippines love to have drone but no money..do you have any drone your not using anymore?im so happy if you give me one

Carlovfx says:

I’ll never buy a drone with the battery on the bottom… PERIOD!

Drones and Electric Unicycles says:

Great review and comparison, I had 3 out of the 4 on my channel. I have not had my chance with the P4 yet. I ended up with Mavic Air for now, until MP2 is out.

Júnior Florêncio says:

Vcs tm drone para doação

MrAirtaz says:

How important is camera position? I would like a drone to where I can fly it above my property to check out mowing patterns, plan for future landscaping and things like that. Does it matter if the camera is in the front or on the bottom?

Zipman72 Zayn says:

I just bought the Dji Spark Fly More Combo and very happy with it .

allstar -J says:

Gonna buy one

Aka Neymar says:

If I knew the prices where £800+ I would not have clicked on this

JoeDoe_ Outdoors says:

Hey I really enjoy your channel ☺ Keep it up!

Sam Goodwin says:

I bought my first drone because of you 2017 best drone bought mavic pro Jan of last year just got phantom 4 pro now just waiting to see what’s next consumer drone will be thanks Justin

FalakZeb Khan says:

Hi , we are into making short comedy sketches for our youtube channel … which is the best drone that i can buy? Little confused … and will i get it at a more reasonable price in China than India please help!

Canadian Drone Network says:

Nice review  always liked DJI   just bought a spark like 41

Wheelin's flow says:

Can’t you hot spot it?

Sullevision says:

Awesome video very helpful greatly appreciated…this video got my like and sub ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

deggs meister says:

hey Justin, fantastic video as ever. could I ask what software you use for post editing of your videos? also in this video, what was the minimum altitude of the Phantom4ProObsidian when over the sea taking the sunset in? thanks

Mr. litbear says:

Getting dji mavic pro silver one i think cause i cant spell plantum like a regular word

Never_nerve says:

No xiaomi??

z8ty says:

Just curious if DJI is the only player in the “serious about drones” category? They need some competition if so.

Sungsoo Kim says:

I watched a wonderful video. I also shoot and train drones in Jeju.

Kevin Stone says:

I have the GoPro Karma

Longdraw 1 says:

I’ve only got one right arm. Looking at the yuneec drones with the wizard control. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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