2017 GoPro Karma — Is It Better? – Complete Review [4K]

The fallen bird is back! And I’ve been testing it for days. In this 28 minute video I’ll try to explain every possible question you may have about the re-released GoPro Karma. I’ve compared it to 2016 GoPro Karma, Phantom 4 Pro and other drones.

For complete in-depth review and complete comparison to DJI Mavic please watch the first part: https://youtu.be/-xmqthgCvxk

GoPro Hero 5 Black vs Sony FDR X3000r comparison: https://youtu.be/hMdVJPQDsmc?list=PL4wRmHlxpJVVeloBr2x-j1s-t_Y1DJtaw

DJI store: http://click.dji.com/Fz24rPg2xVMezMxr
GoPro Karma: http://amzn.to/2llxaNR
Sony Action Camera:
—Sony FDR-X3000: http://amzn.to/2jihs5c (no live view remote)
—Sony FDR-X3000R: http://amzn.to/2k5gXZL (with live view remote)
The mic on the Sony Action Cam
—Røde VideoMicro: http://amzn.to/2kIRJAD
Palm sized selfie drone:
—Dobby Drone: http://amzn.to/2kPvoUj
The mount between Sony Action Cam and Røde VideoMicro:
—Pedco UltraClamp: http://amzn.to/2lpncH9
Suction Cup mounts on the windshield
—Delkin DDMNT-Triple: http://amzn.to/2lpkYro
—Joby Suction Cup: http://amzn.to/2knuD1d

All 2016 Karma drones are being recalled: http://www.gopro.com/2016karmareturn

Other drone videos:
DJI Mavic Pro Review — Part 1/3: https://youtu.be/v7V5K_-0Un4
DJI Mavic vs Phantom 4 — Part 2/3: https://youtu.be/semSRD-mQ9U
OUTSIDE — Shot on DJI Mavic Pro: https://youtu.be/w7BLbn9nuLA

About Engadgets Article: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xmqthgCvxk&lc=z13dxjcjyvrahllhn04cd1uxxpvvtbobilo0k

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typhooonn says:

Horrible product. They shouldn’t even re-release it. It should die last year.

Seim Kuruc says:

Karma looks like a police drone.. So i repainted mine and made it awesome. check it out in my latest upload 😉

joblo1978 says:

Thank you for your honest and candid reviews. I can tell you invest a lot of time and equipment into your productions.

Tajuddin Baig says:

I like your acsent

Alex Byrnes says:

I don’t know, but I dont think he likes the karma, I dont know though

David Kothe says:

Iphone users is not the most high-teck people in the world 😀

Auldz Basunillo says:

OMG… You got my attention. I was sooooo tempted to buy this Karma thing for our coming road trip… but thanks for the heads up.

Joe McCorkell says:

This video is awesome! It’s good to see some hard truth honestly and humor on youtube!

TechnoBuffalo says:

Love this!!!

Bushangels says:

Watched it again, just for the ending…genius! LMAO

William Sheedy says:

You need to make sure that you are comparing the Karma to competitors in its price point; the Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Pro are not, and hence are an unfair comparison. In addition, I would advise talking about the good parts of the drone and the ways in which its imperfections don’t matter instead of trying to roast it the entire time. For example, nobody cares about audio when you’re droning unless you want to hear “ehhhhhhhhhhhhh” the entire time. And are sensors that important? How about discussing the negatives of sensors, such as why they make flying close to objects such as rock climbers (in my experience, the Phantom 4 couldn’t get as close to a climber as I would have liked) close to impossible? Also, the Karma comes with a convenient backpack and an incredible gimbal, showing that the Karma package is more than just a drone; it is a pretty solid filmmaker kit allowing for steady footage from the air, the ground, and even some miscellaneous mounts.

Yilin Lu says:


Mark Smith says:

Dubious music choice. Hate women?

David Britton says:

IPhonedo, Is all the music in this video yours? I’ve been looking for it on you original music sites and cannot find it.

J W says:

Thank You . I will buy the DJI

Enrico de DIOS says:

I really enjoy this review because I just purchased a mavic pro 🙂

darthbill68 says:

geeze I wanted a Karma so bad…because I like the detachable gimble and camera option…but the more I see the Phantom 4 pro does seem better, and the collision avoidance is very important…and this is the 2nd vid of yours about this I have watched…I love your reviews, even if they are swaying me from what I told myself I wanted…thanks…

Kamel Labiad says:

You are amazing and I love brutal honest people

Ng Tai Wei says:

I like your review!! haha

S.I.NO says:

Your content is awesome!

Mako's Adventure says:

Great review

Texownian says:

This SO looks like the Wilshire Blvd area where I lived “near Brentwood” (Santa Monica(Granville/Goshen)). Love your videos, good information while making one laugh.

Rithik Agarwal says:

worst review ever

G Gunawan says:

Fuckin’ love your review mate! It makes perfect sense and yet so bloody entertaining 🙂 So much more than a drone… oops… i meant to say … so much more than a review!

Jesse Newell says:

Yes but can it stay in the air without moving all over the place by itself? That’s really horrible for filming they say.

Rene Lopez says:

haha…i love that Karma song

Alex Espendez says:

I truly enjoyed your video. Funny and very informative. I subscribed ! To see more !

Syafiq Tan says:

One of the most honest review I ever watched

Mario Brighenti says:

How smart your review was, well done! You got a new subscriber!

dadonthetube says:

HAHAHA… 1:53… “Look what happened while Karma was gone for three months getting its latch fixed.” Good line bro.

Steven Hughes says:

Hhahahah brutal. So entertaining.

FuLLeFFekT1 says:

Watching again for the first time. Yeah, its that good.

teknobado says:

Abi biz seni ne hevesten beklerdik videolarini biraktin bizi :(:(:(

Jose Ignacio JUAREZ RUIZ says:


flurrywhite says:

Market forces will prevail…goodbye Karma.

Kaipo Fitisemanu says:

I’m still happy with my almost 4-year-old Phantom 3 Advanced. You can take a look at my most recent video. 2.7k is good enough for what I do. I’ll give GoPro one more chance to get it right before I invest in a new drone.

Ashish Patel says:

I purchased by karma dron

Frank Leppar says:

I don’t understand this review. The DJI P4 Pro is obviously a great drone… but it’s not even in the same price range as the Mavic or Karma. It’s like comparing a BMW to a couple Ford Focuses. Why not just review the Inspire 2 against the Mavic and talk about how much the Mavic sucks?

When you compare the DJI Mavic to the Karma, you have to consider that for the same price, the Karma has other features (back pack + gimbal) that you are buying with that money. Those features knock the Karma down another $300. So yeah, the drones won’t have the same tech… but that’s because you’re not paying the same price. It’s tough to compare a $500 drone to a $1000 drone.

The Mavic’s camera isn’t all great, the GP5 is very similar if not a little better. But a couple years from now you’ll be able to snap the GoPro 6 or even 7 into the Karma while the Mavic will just be the Mavic’s camera.

Finally, the big advantage the Mavic has and the only thing that really matters are the size, flight time, and resale. Great size for easy traveling with it, the flight time dominates the Karma so you can carry half the amount of batteries and fly further away from ground zero, and it will resale high because of all the hype when it’s time to upgrade to a new drone.

I think the Karma is a great beginner drone, while the Mavic is a step up in terms of actual flight. If you want a complete package that will be modular and upgrade over time, the Karma is the only drone that I know that has such capabilities.

IM Tqnk PVP says:

GoPro karma sucks

Christopher Baddeley says:

Defo ordering a dji mavic pro … exerlent review matey … thanks Chris from England

john Fernandez says:

I can’t afford it! can I have 1?

Lars-Göran Nordh says:

You just get better and better! Love watching your professional and entertaining reviews!

DimplePoji says:

i like the way he talk and sense of humor.. i subscribe at his 100th word spoken

William Armbruster says:

It is pretty bad but you also get a go pro hero 5 with the bundle

LEXPIX says:

Man that sucks. I was hoping they would have made some improvements.

Mario Hernandez says:

thank you !!!

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