2017 GoPro Karma Drone Review – Why I’m Not Keeping It

GoPro Karma Hero 5 Bundle – http://amzn.to/2lGsxcQ
GoPro Karma – http://amzn.to/2mPPlbH
GoPro Karma Grip – http://amzn.to/2mPD47f
Hero 5 Black – http://amzn.to/2m5aTBq

Review and tutorial on the new 2017 GoPro Karma Drone. This is on the re-released version that “hopefully” no longer falls out of the sky. I haven’t had any issues like in the first release of the drone, no battery connectivity issues. It has also been brought to my attention that I neglected to mention the video quality of the GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition. I think the video looks excellent although may be a little unsaturated. The image sensor in the Hero 5 is the same that’s in the Hero 4 Black so if you have had the camera you should know what to expect. Enjoy!



Wandering Cloud says:

At least when you buy Karma, you can guarantee to have a good camera. With DJI – it’s a like throwing a dice- you never know.

Betty Brute says:

Love my Karma, The 30 day no questions asked return policy is awesome, good luck with the Mavic, they dont take returns after you fly it, and their after sales service I hear is pretty sketchy

Brad Wright says:

I had the tilted horizon issue with the Drone. Once I calibrated the Gimbal, the problem when away completely. https://community.gopro.com/t5/Karma/gimbal-calibrate/td-p/33812

Victor Goossens says:

what is the best price/quality drone i can buy nowadays, regards from Holland

VTC Drone says:

Well, for the first time flyer… I don’t think Karma is a good drone. Considering the Karma Drift being more unstable than that of Phantom 2. I flew P2 a couple of time and nearly crash them because of the confusion caused by the drift. Considering you are already a veteran drone flyer, yet you return the drone for the drift!

Anyway, in case you didn’t buy Karma grip yet. Try Sony X3000… And congrats on your choice to opt for Mavic. Hope to see more professional footage from you soon ^^,

Bushangels says:

A foldable phantom 3 with a fish eye 4K camera and >2 times the price.

Juergen Schroeder says:

Hi, thanks for the video. I am also upgrading from a Phantom 2. I most probably will buy the Karma. I like the entire concept and see it as a platform for the Gopro. I do not care about sensors or stability when hoovering. I agree with you on the missing follow me mode. This is really something I wish to have. Jürgen

Ty Torrance says:

great review and as someone who has a mavic pro and a phantom 3 4k the movement when hovering and no smart modes is an easy no purchase decision

Scott Thomas says:

I’ve done all the calibration and mine sits pretty still, especially without any wind. I’m going to test hovering more though however.

Eli says:

Mine stays in place, you need to calibrate the gimbal thats why your picture wasn’t straight, video quality on the Gopro kills the competitor and thats more important than anything, sensors would be nice but I read that these sensors don’t work well

Kengra! Media says:

Great video!

Andre Reynard says:

Beautiful forest area whats the location

RobsRC says:

i own the karma, the mavic a P4 and a 3DR solo the gopro footage hero 5 camera in 2.7k 60 fps linear mode blows the mavic footage away, and dont shoot 1080 on the dji its garbage. gopro wins again, bottom line is sensors are for people who can’t fly and to be honest give newbies a false sense they are in control..

mtmiller1210 says:

My Karma hovers in place just fine. I Guarantee if you took the Karma above the tree line it would have hovered in place just fine. When you hover that low to the ground surrounded by trees, you are most likely obstructing gps sats that are lower on the horizon. This will cause the drone to search around for those signals to maintain position. My P4 will do the same thing if I turn off the optical flow sensors and try to hover low and in a wooded area. It will move around 2 to 3 feet at times.

Jrayden Deschamp says:

new fav video!

Freddy Diaz says:

Great review. I just bought my Karma last week, (first time flyer) and love that it’s so easy to fly. Thanks for the tips on the settings, and the calibration. And the video you captured looked amazing! Enjoy the grip, and keep flying!

Joseph says:

Keep your chinese DJI crap

Karma Guy says:

Seemed like a fairly impartial view. However, you gloss over the versatility value of being able to remove the camera and gimbal, which also translates into $ value. Also, image quality on the Karma H5 is not even discussed. Again, this is fair and thoughtful review – just feels like you missed a few key value props of Karma’s. ☮️

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