HOTTEST 2017 Drones – Our list for 2017 Best Drones for your money. Expensive to affordable. Watch and maybe see a cool new drone you didn’t know about. This video has it all from the DJI Inspire2, Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic Pro, FPV Racers, Micro drones and the top Toy Drones. – Share with someone new. This is a great video for anyone interested in flying drones.

Directed and Filmed by
Justin Davis of Drone Camps RC

2017 Drone Buyer’s Guide Links :

Buy the DJI Inspire 2 here :

Buy the DJI Phantom 4 Pro here:

Buy the DJI Mavic Pro here:

Buy the DJI Phantom 4 here:

Buy the Yuneec Typhoon H here:

Buy the Yuneec Breeze 4K here:

Buy the ZeroTech Dobby here:

Extra Dobby Battery here:

Dobby Chest Bag here:

Dobby Props here:

Walkera Aibao “Gamer” Drone (White) here:

Walkera Aibao “Gamer” Drone (Black) here:

Lumenier Qav-X Charpu 210 here:

QAV-X Charpu 2017 – Full Review Video here:

Lumenier QAV-ULX Kit here:

Lumenier QAV-ULX Full Build Video and parts links here:

Buy the GB190 DIY “Xframe” FPV Racer here:

Buy the GB130 DIY FPV Racer Kit here:

Buy the Micro FPV JJPRO T2 here:

Buy the Micro FPV JJPRO T1 here:

Buy the Inductrix Fpv here:

Or Buy the Tiny Whoop Diy version here:

Buy the H35 Mini Trainer Quad (Inductrix looking) with no camera here:

Buy the Air Dogs Helix Sentinel FPV Drone here from Target:

Links and info provided by Drone Camps RC
for inspiring new drone pilots.

For more information on rules and regulations of drone
flying please see: http://www.knowbeforeyoufly.org

Happy Flying!

Justin Davs
Drone Camps RC

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Jason Diamond says:

great video… whats the track playing before and after?

Danny Stipe says:

nah the Up Air one is the best dji is a baby drone anyone can fly that

PTS CCTV says:

super count = off the chart!

Michael Moeller says:

This was a very very nice video. It provided very very very good information. Thanks very very much for doing it.

MonoTodd says:

I’m just curios as to why no mention of the SwellPro splash drone ? The only “Water proof drone that I am aware of @ the moment ?

Joe Davajon says:

Before you buy Mavic Pro, check their customer service! Over a three day period I spent four hours waiting on the phone for an agent! They did not solve my problemI. Had the Mavic Pro 8 days and it has never started up!

The youtube factory & laboratory says:

wich song did you use in this intro?

P.S. Is the quadcopter the most efficent drone in terms of shape? I mean, the ufo shape would be a great idea but I think the stability is the main problem like in helicopter without the backtail propeller. What do you think?

CWo3_Barry Harting says:

Well done, Thank you very much. Extremely well detailed information! Again, Thanks!

alex melville says:

what’s your headset cheif. tried all the names printed on it but nothing. cheers alex

samuel lubricant says:

I see an SRD 210 V-4 on the bench but you never reviewed it in the video?

Daniel Garrow says:

you know what fuck the FAA im an outlaw fpver

Mr.Logic says:

what about Diatone GT2 200?

Nate Rally says:

uh yea Gesture? flip off and point to ruin someones day

free lance says:

Can they avoid obstacles like cables, power lines, balloons … ?

Ratko Pavlić says:

Hey guys hello from Croatia…

Dan Luckins says:

as soon as i saw it I knew which of yours was the best, MAVIC!

Whipped99 says:

Thanks for the video. We’re just getting started with a Wallyworld special that is essentially an Syma X5C clone that’s found on Amazon. Im digging the DJI Mavick and those smaller micro drones at the end of the clip though. I think we’ve found a new hobby.

Dancing Candle says:

Does the Typhoon H have sensors all around it?

stringpullers1 says:

Any comments on the amount of noise this aircrafts produce? Which ones are the best choices if annoying people or wildlife is a concern? I didn’t find a “Drones noise chart” anywhere

Knowurself says:

someone willing to donate a drone. i really want one 🙁

Dr.Stanley Chase Sr. says:

Its a whole lot of fun  when you learn the ins and the outs .

Patrick Cameron says:

2017 drones are super and nice to watch

masterxeon1001 says:

you have talked me into getting into drone flying. Imma get that phantom and some of those itty bitty ones.

Madison Macleod says:

Thanks for the information! My dad’s health has been declining and this year for Christmas i thought he’d have a lot of fun if I got him a drone. Do you recommend any for under $100? Just for fun :/ … thank you

CK Drones says:

just subscribed! id love if you could sub to my channel and help give me tips on my upcoming videos

TechJedi says:

Great video.

gillscreekman says:

Great video feature!  I would avoid the term “cheap” as to the words “less expensive” It’s just my opinion that “cheap” speaks of bad quality of a product to whereas “less expensive” obviously speaks of range of price.  Still a great video!! Thanks for sharing!

John Hardin says:

Would you happen to know of an INFRARED camera that can be fitted to this drone to be used for intruder detection at night on industrial sites?

John Paul Low Seck says:

Dji mavic pro is nice little drone

The Ark says:

You didn’t review the parrot disco pro.

Chris Robinson says:

This was a great video — especially for a newbe like me. Some really cool stuff out there. Some of these less expensive racers look pretty good, but I don’t want to deal with Gearbest. My one and only purchase from them was damaged and they ignored repeated attempts to contact them about it.

darrin goodbrand says:

some cool drone’s

simon young says:

Have the OrbitCam here….very basic, bit tough to get the hang of. But when I do I imagine when upgrading the more advanced drone it will be a piece of piss getting used too.
1.5 hour charging time for 7 minutes play which is frustrating so can’t wait to upgrade for the likes of 20/30 min play and additional batteries etc.
All in all…….. I am addicted after a couple of days, serious craic.

Great video pal 😉

Modern Survival Sense says:

Surprise no mention of the P3 standard for $400 and under.

Brian Tunzi says:

All looks good , but what we need is 1 when the battery is low it will return 2 you and the controls most are just to hard to work with plz someone make it easy + with the control you want to see what it sees in real time …. thanks .

Abu Kad says:

so what would you suggest is the best aerial photography drone for a startup business?

John m says:

Thank you 🙂

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