2017 Best DJI Mavic Clone 8807HD Drone Review

This is an awesome flyer. The fpv feed was on par with what i have experienced this year. So don’t expect perfect connection but the video footage was great. Its flying characteristics where very fun. I like this one a lot as a sport flyer. The non proprietary battery is a huge pus and it also comes in at a great size of 900mah! Don’t pass this one up if your looking for a fun novelty DJI MAVIC look alike that’s worth your while.

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Sinius says:

I there anyway to keep this thing from drifting on the spot?

John Nelms says:

I got one of these and they are fantastic they handled just great I like the fold ability the flight time the charges very simple it’s a very nice drone to have but one problem I just got this new drone and when I turn the video on it’s upside down does anybody have any help please.

Pete Wolstencroft says:

Which is better this or the viseo

MrHookem330 says:

Is it a good flier

Ryan Pattyn says:

I just got this drone, when I ascend it starts drifting forward pretty quickly without touching anything which makes it almost impossible to fly since I’m a beginner. Do you have any tips?

Fouzaan Noble says:

Ordered the same one on WISH, can’t wait. Watched a few vids of this model including yours, and seems pretty awesome for some cheap fun.

Vid Junky says:

I can appreciate that there are features that you don’t like it often use but it would have been nice, since you covered everything else so well, if you would have included them or even just explained what they are or do. Thanks for the vid.

PK G says:

Which apps download

Daniel Ammons says:

Excellent Video Excellent Instruction I found this same Drone on WISH I am wondering if it’s the same one you have.

jairam shenoy says:

I expect a reply from you.
I have this drone and from my second flight, with in three minutes i am loosing control with remote and drone, i am pretty sure that it is not out of range, but still i loose the connection between drone and remote. Please help me anyone

ACAPPAS911 FromNASA says:

hi bro good video, this drone dont have home return??? Let me know plz thanks

Patrick Zayco says:

I would appreciate a 500-meter range because i want to use it to monitor my plantation. Will it reach 500 meters?

Man Of Survival says:

I’m gonna buy it

Cannacoennos says:

Unbelievable product for that price,i ordert it 🙂

John Luciano says:

There is a switch problem. Mine was bad. It would not stay on. I replaced the button with a toggle switch. Now I have a secure on or off .
Was quite easy to do.

Jepoy Cunanan says:

How to start the remote control

Marty Martinez says:

Appreciate the vid and time taken to explain the pertinent features.

Mika Tähtinen says:

Thank you for your video. It was helpfull. Any idea why my picture is upsidedown?

bobby long says:

For $30-$45 I bought one. It was my first drone and I’m glad I didn’t spend hundreds for my 1st drone. I have crashed this little 8807 sooooo many times. It’s a tough piece of plastic. I got it stuck in a tall tree and it stayed there, in the rain & weather, for over two weeks. It still works great. I bought another one while the 1st was still in the tree. I know some who just bought a Mavic and crashed the first week and had to send it back for repair. I have had the 8807 drop out of the sky and crash into trees and the side of my house, it just keeps going. For beginners, and for $40, it can’t be beaten. I enjoyed your review. I have bought a FEILUN with GPS, so I hope to see you do a review of it. It’s another drone under $100 that I hope turns out to perform great.

Gastronomia Popular says:

Especial Réveillon – Arroz Carreteiro – Fácil e Gostoso

Dean Daniels says:

Totally agree with you the style of these drones is great. I like the fold up drones.

Gary says:

Thanks! Does this drone have a micro SD slot?

Rabbi Shekelstein says:

What’s the range and flight time like?

Big drone flyer77 says:

Awesome bro I just dropped my mavic clone video of the eachine E58. There all fun bro, great job

ForgivenessSaveMe says:

Better than XS809HW?

Aleks Nedovic says:

Did you use an SD card slot inside drone (which is mentioned in the user guide) or you recorded via app? thx

Gary says:

Great Video! I have 3 choices and I cannot figure out which one to get, maybe you can help me. Choice #1 VISUO XS809HW Choice #2 8807HD or Choice #3 XiangYu XY017. Was that a black Lab I seen in your video? Our black Lab’s name is Molly she is a spoiled pest! lol

João Eduardo Fayad Milken says:

How did the video you shot from the drone’s camera go unchained? I have it too, but my video is stuck!

bobby long says:

In my opinion, and I’ve never owned a $1000 or $1500 drone, this less than $50 drone has more bang for the buck than the more expensive ones.

Dustin Robley says:

How is the auto land if it gets out of range?

DRONE MASTER- DJI code 2 says:

Looks so cheap and like a kids toys I will stick with my mavic

Ralph M says:

Great review man! Thanks for the details. Looking forward to more. Subscribed. Ordered one tonight!

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