Xiaomi Smart Home Products Explained

In this video I’m explaining several Xiaomi Smarthome products like the Gateway (base-station) and various sensors and switches like the motion sensors and light switches.
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Xiaomi Smart home starter set : http://bit.ly/XMF_MHSS
Aqara AC controller : http://bit.ly/XMF_AQ_AC
Xiaomi Powerstrips : http://bit.ly/XMF_PWRSTRP
Xiaomi Mi Rice cookers : http://bit.ly/XMF_Cooker
Air Purifier 2 : http://bit.ly/XMF_XAP

We’ll have a look at how to install these through the Xiaomi Mi Home App and how to set up automation rules that we can easily program.

This is the first of many Xiaomi explainer videos that I am planning to do. As not many of these products are available outside of China (yet) I think many people might be quite interested in seeing how Xiaomi is doing.

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Dhaval Doshi says:

Is this even available in India yet? Looks promising.

Tiago Fernandes says:

Best explanation I’ve seen so far, great stuff! Thanks

Charlie says:

Does the gateway connect to the Google mini over wifi

Ibrahim Family says:

Loved the review. Good overview. I’m just getting into the xiaomi home automation so looking for as much information as possible. Anyone know of a suitable UK plug adaptor that I can use with the xiaomi hub? Thanks

Alex Dominguez says:

While the Xiaomi MySphere 360 camera is a great piece of equipment the Xiaomi dafang 1080P Smart Monitor Camera is a great paperweight. Bought this camera about 2 months ago and to this day there is no way to get it to work in the US. I have followed way too many setup videos and nothing works. Xiaomi makes some good gadgets but some are not all that great.


Much needed channel to help explain the xiaomi stuff. With lots of instructions in Chinese, English speaking xiaomi channel is a great idea

Robin Zelders says:

I see dutch I press like

Tullece says:

I’m all about that Chinese Internet Radio baby, only reason I purchase Xiaomi products.

Eleutherorage says:

I’m willing to get some of these good goods soon , may i ask if the smart wireless plug works with stuff like air-fryers and rice cookers voltage wise ?

#Beastingmode says:

Hey Awsome content you have. Can you tell me wich software you use to make this kind off videos?

Harry Singh says:

is siri compatible with it ?

ahmetcan44 says:

One of the best illustrations I’ve ever watched. Thanks.

Michiel Schipper says:

Hi! Ik zie dat jij de app op Engels hebt staan, ik ontvang de push berichten nog wel met Chinese tekens, is hier iets aan te doen?

Alexander Leigh says:

hi. does it work with alexa?

Andrea Endrizzi says:

Great Video, very complete !

Moe Lover says:

NEED HELP!! I really want the xiaomi motion sensor..
But when I’m looking for it there were so many variants of this gadget @@ ? Aqara? MIJIA? Mi? Zigbee?
Do I need Base Station just for motion sensor to work?

donavan arulthas says:

Where is all the xiaomi fan boys

John Doe says:

The door sensor would send a notification on the phone in case the door is opened but is this notification in chinese or english???

I have mi air purifier with mi home app, even though the app is in english, all notifications are in chinese

Adrian Yueng says:

Do all these devices use battery?

Ishtiaq Mahmood Amin says:

The quality of your presentation and the patience of doing all the task and research made me subscribe. If I had a chance to endorse you to Xiaomi, I would


Can you use 2 base hub in the same network? to control multiple device separatly?please answer if you konw

Victor Öhrström says:

Could i use a google home device as “base station” or i need the base station anyways?

Kevin Marroquin says:

Fantastic thanks for sharing

Benedict Sy says:

You said that motion sensor can turn on or off lights, how? Should these lights be connected to a smart plug?… basically any appliances (Acu) that must be controlled by the gateway should have individual smart plug?

Thorrellius Maximus says:

This is a great video on Xiaomi Smart Home products. I’d like to know whether they can be controlled using Google Home? I used some Yeelights with Google Home.

Mark Kochendorfer says:

Can a scene or scenario send out an email or text message? How? Can a local time zone be selected? How?
Great video.

Han Auditore says:

Hi, sir. May I know where you get the icon of Xiaomi device? Draw by your selfs?

X says:

black mirror season 4 episode 1

Ng John says:

who is mifans here? comment on my channel/ here to tell!

TheChameleon2008 says:

Awesome video but can someone please tell me if its possible to controle the xiaomi smart gear on a extra phone? Like what if you have more people in the house? Can they all see the same scenes etc on their account in the mi home app?

Muhammed Marhuby says:

Do these wall plugs come in 3-pin British Standard also?

Barth Hofstee says:

i want too join you in xiaomi product testing 🙂 lets open a xiaomi store togetter 😀

Rohit Kumar says:

great video and good compilation of all Xiaomi products, good job!

Francisco Solis says:

Nice video. Is there anyway for integrate Xiaomi home devices with Google Home? Thank you.


small but big question. how far do other units such as motion sensor,door sensor work away from gateway? does it need to be line of sight or can be on separate home floors? reply much appreciated.cheers good work.

harringtonization says:

Great review. Your explanations were very clear with high satisfactory level

jonnyp says:

probably the best product presentation of any kind i’ve seen in a long time – XIAOMI if you’re watching you need to hire this guy RIGHT NOW!

ARocketScientist says:

What a comprehensive and complete overview. I wish you all the goodies and stuff for reviews from Xiaomi that they can possibly throw at you 🙂

I gonna go and buy some smart home stuff right now…

HGST says:

This video really helped me a lot to explain all these. I still got some questions – Why Xiaomi got 2 lines of smart home products – Mijia and Aqara? Whats the difference? Why some devices comes with Zigbee, some not? For example the Body Motion Sensor, I think one has Zigbee, the other one not.

Oat Thanupong says:

where can i buy xiaomi product in China?

Jerry Tesař says:

I really like the products they make, they are good quality and pretty cheap.. I bought some Yeelights and those are fine.. but what really makes me angry is that I can integrate only the lights with Google Assistant, if I want to add MiHome with switches and gateway, I am screwed.. also what I don’t understand is this Server location selection they have. Only Mainland China server has all the products available to be paired, other servers just have few of them. So first I added my lights to Yeelight app using US server, then I found out I can’t add them to MiHome to be controlled with a switch, because US server doesn’t support white lights.. so now if I choose Singapore server which has white lights.. oops, this one doesn’t have switches.. grr.. so only option is Mainland China server, which has all.. but wait… now even the Yeelight app can’t be controlled with Google Assistant.. Why the heck do they have to screw it up like that.. if they added all the products to all servers.. added Google Assistant, Alexa, IFTTT and Tasker integration directly to MiHome app it would be really awesome home automation system..

The Legend27 says:

is there also a option for the smart socket to turn off when you phone is done charging?

melancholy and love says:

Please answer, are these devices IoT?

jzizzles says:

Xioami just needs to break it into the US market. They will blow Amazon away! Just don’t sell on Amazon, because Amazon will COPY your stuff if it does well. Ask Nest!

Orlin Kunchev says:

No integration with Google Home… not worth it.

Adrian Yueng says:

Do all these devices use battery?

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